Communities come together in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis


It’s been nearly 3 months since Covid-19 began to wreak havoc and take lives across the US. In the days and weeks following its appearance, families and communities have been forced to deal with the unbearable realities of loss, unemployment, lack of child care, hunger, and an overrun healthcare system. Even in the face of all of that, there are quiet, unshakable heroes out there doing incredible work to care for those of us who are most vulnerable and exposed.

The Perry Foundation has partnered with all of these quiet heroes in New York, Georgia, Texas, and California to help them give light and hope to those in need of assistance, and we’d like to continue to encourage help, hope, and patience during this unprecedented time in our communities.  It’s the power of those very communities that can truly affect change for the better.


Future Foundation


What started with 15 fourth and fifth graders nearly 20 years ago serves more than 500 students today in grades 6-12—with 100 percent of the students who have completed the program graduating from high school. With the new demands brought by the pandemic, Future Foundation helps feed students, as they always have, and help deliver the technology needed to learn remotely.



African Services Committee

New York

Founded in 1981 by Ethiopian refugees to give a helping hand to other newcomers, today African Services is a multi-service agency based in Harlem and dedicated to assisting immigrants, refugees and asylees from across the African Diaspora. Because of fear arising from issues surrounding legal status immigrants are often unwilling to get medical help they need.



New Image Emergency Shelter

Los Angeles

New Image provide shelter, supplies, meals, nurse assistance and much more to homeless families and individuals in need during this crisis who may otherwise have nowhere else to turn.



The Bowery Mission

New York

As The Bowery Mission cares for an increasing number of their most vulnerable neighbors during the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, they remain committed to the health, safety and well-being of all. Those who are experiencing homelessness don’t have the option to “stay at home” to avoid risk to themselves or others — so The Bowery Mission is reliant on friends like you who choose to give generously.



God’s Love We Deliver

New York

Our clients are at the greatest risk for COVID-19, many being elderly and all living with underlying conditions and severe illness that make them especially susceptible to the coronavirus. As God’s Love continues to maximize capacity, including the delivery of non-perishable food items, your donation is critically important.



Action Ministries 


As Action Ministries continues to comply with government regulations and CDC recommendations to contain the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are also deeply concerned about the impact social distancing has on helping, serving, and meeting the needs of our many neighbors, friends, and loved ones who are homelessness and hungery. Donate now and continue to fight hunger and house neighbors—especially during this unique time when our clients, residents, and friends are at highest risk.



Minnie’s Food Pantry


Minnie’s Food Pantry (MFP) has witnessed first-hand the severity of the corona virus and the detrimental impact it has on our communities, even those individuals who may have not come in contact with the disease directly. From hours and wages being decreased to small businesses experiencing less and less clientele, school closures, and stores running out of basic necessities and vital food components, the need for your financial assistance is more vital now than ever!



Meals on Wheels Atlanta

Meals On Wheels Atlanta (MOWA) was founded in 1965 to support seniors struggling with poverty, food insecurity, and social isolation. Over more than 50 years, they have grown from a small soup kitchen to an organization serving nearly 347,000 meals each year throughout the Atlanta area. They have also expanded their program offerings to respond to other critical needs in the community.



Finch Elementary School


William M. Finch Elementary School is a neighborhood school located in the southwest section of Atlanta, Georgia. The school strives to maintain high academic standards for all students. The climate of the school is open, friendly, and inviting, which nourishes, nurtures, and captivates the greatest potential of the students. As a Title 1 School, Finch Elementary provides food and shelter for many of the families within the student body. During this time with so many suffering so much it schools like Finch rely on the kindness of other to make sure the students can continue to learn and stay safe.



Caring For Others


Caring For Others, Inc. is an international Human Services organization that seeks to eradicate poverty through feeding, educating, clothing and housing individuals and families around the world.



Atlanta Police Union

The Atlanta Police Union is working hard to ensure that Health Care workers have the support and safety equipment they require.



Covenant House Georgia

For over four decades, Covenant House has helped transform and save the lives of more than a million homeless, runaway and trafficked young people. We offer housing and support services to young people in need – currently reaching 74,000 youth every year.



Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

The City of Atlanta is fully engaged with federal and state partners to coordinate a safe, urgent and rigorous response to the COVID-19 health crisis. The full effort of their dedicated team, including those appointed to the Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force, is focused on ensuring the well-being of all Atlantans.


Please help, and remember that even the smallest donation can change lives, even save lives, when given to those who know where it will do the most good.

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