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  • Stephanie estrevol Florida #2203746 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr Tyler perry my my adopted my please I beg not ignoring my text please send it to you.i explain my self please I being for so long about that please

  • Katrice Georgia #2203744 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, I'm in aa very difficult situation that I couldn't have predicted last year this time. I'm a middle aged mother of 2 boys. I've worked in the human services field, primarily foster care, all my adult life, since graduating college in the early 90s. I've actually worked since the age of 15, so I'm used to working in a field that I also love. I was injured 4 years ago but continued working, often in a great deal of pain but started receiving spinal , hip and knee injections. Last year, I finally had the first reconstructive surgery and took about 3 weeks of sick leave to have it done. When I returned to work, I immediately realized that some things had changed, I really should have taken 3 more weeks to recover and continue physical therapy but I was committed to getting back yo work. I was wiping out physically by mid-day and struggling through the rest of the day in pain and arriving home, after a long commute, totally exhausted from the pain. I couldn't walk up stairs to the bedroom for many weeks, so I'd sit in a large chaise couch to sleep, still waking up, throughout the night, exhausted and hurting. Because my job involved so much travel during the day, this was a continuous cycle but my doctor said I was getting less functional, not improving. I'm still receiving spinal treatments, working toward another surgery in the future, but haven't been able to work since late November and am waiting for disability benefits to be approved, with a hearing scheduled in October, yet my attorney says it will likely be continued for 4-6 wweeks right off the bat, so no guarantee when that will be approved. I had been saving money, following a plan that suggests having an emergency fund of at least 6 months living expenses, so that's what my boys and I have survived on all these months since then. I am now at a critical point, where next month is frightening. We live in a modest rental home but the rent is expensive, especially when there are no funds being replenished. I am in dire need of financial help. I know it seems odd to make a request like this online but I was told that you had a foundation , so I reached out in a last minute attempt to preserve our ability to make it. I can provide all the documentation needed, including from my attorney, medical records and work history. I'm specifically asking for help with a few months living expenses until my disability benefits kick in. I would be most grateful for your consideration. I've tried to refine this letter and make it less long winded, but I apologize if it still is. Warmest Regards, M. Katrice

  • Carol Jacksonville #2203743 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, I love the new show. Too Close To Home. Reminds me of another show, but I want mention it. I would love to work for your family work place. I am a creative, artist, energetic,and love working with wonderful,talent people. What sight do I go to for a job posting sir. Keep doing great things. You have a heart of gold. Bless you& your family, C.M.G.

  • Jacky Nairobi #2203741 » Posted in: My online family

    Jambo!!! Mambo? That's Swahili for hi. I watched good deeds and have since followed my instinct to live my life in my terms.How are you?I made choice that now affecting r\ ship with mother.I feel sorry but had to do this!!! Karibu kenya!!! Thought you had project with kibera people. Cheers. Please keep writing motivational speeches too. Wish I could chat one on one or talk to you. The ending of deeds was .... Well just hope my mum comes around soon to idea I'm grown up woman and I'm responsible for my choices. Achieng' Kenya.

  • Acquanitta Patterson Wauwatos, Wisconsn #2203740 » Posted in: My online family

    Greetings Mr. Perry I would like to speak with you privately on a project. I would rather not post it in this Leave a Comment Post. I know that you are a busy man, but at some point you have to at least have time for a 15-20 minute call for a person. I am a citizen and watch a lot of you plays, movies etc. And I need for you to do this project for me....and no one else can do the project the way it is needed to be done. But I promise you once you do this project.....WOW! So I shall await your reply, and hopefully it is not from one of you assistant, but from you. And if you try to contact me during the week from August 28, 2016 through September 3, 2016, I will not be available due to supporting my family for a medical major issues ( kidney transplant). Each person in life deserves a chance to tell their story, and mine is of GREAT MEANING, TO HELP SOMEONE ALONG LIFE JOURNEY. I thank you in advance for your consideration to this matter. Have a bless day! Kindly regards Acquanitta Pattertson

  • Brigitte Young Atlanta, Georgia #2203739 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning! First and foremost, God bless you in all of your endeavors as you continue to build your wonderful empire. I just relocated from New York to this area recently and after 34 years of employment, I am starting over. How would I go about seeking employment opportunities within your establishment? I have administrative experience as I have worked in the only maximum correctional facility in New York State for Women. I would appreciate any guidance you have to offer. I have a great resume with great skills and I am very loyal. Thank you for your time and anything direction you can give me.

  • LaTRicia Miami #2203738 » Posted in: My online family

    -Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, out of all of your accomplishments in your career, I'm most proud of you for the focus, priority and success that you have invested into your Health and Wellness. I'd love to continue to keep you and your staff fit and healthy by becoming the director of fitness at your studios. I've spent the last 20 years of my life dedicated to guiding, changing and teaching diverse individuals how to live healthier lifestyles the right way. I have a m***** degree in Exercise Science, I'm a certified exercise physiologist professional by the gold standard organization ACSM-CEP, I'm also a certified yoga instructor, certified stretch therapist and a license therapeutic massage therapist. I'm athletic, I'm a Vegan, I'm passionate about helping people and I'm honest & loyal, I'm THE COMPLETE PACKAGE. I'd love to become apart of your team/family and add balance, health, fitness and wellness to your organization. I believe that our greatest success is taking care of our total health in mind, body and spirit. I look forward to hearing from you and adding longevity, good vibes and health to your organization. God Bless! LaTRicia "TR"

  • Harmony Love Columbus, Ga #2203737 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler, First, I love, the Love family of Love Thy Neigbor for obvious reasons being my last name is also Love. I feel like these are my people! Speaking of Love Thy Neigbor, what happened to Phillip's children? I was looking forward to see how the blending of these two families would turn out. Do you plan on bringing them back to join Linda, Phillip, Little Baby Danny and new Little Baby? Thank you for Love Thy Neighbor. My sisters and I just love, love ,love them and have love thy neighbor Friday night sleep-overs so we can enjoy the show together. Keep the Love coming!

  • Sylvia Grace George #2203736 » Posted in: My online family

    Thanks for making it possible!

  • Desiree Connecticut #2203733 » Posted in: My online family

    I just want to say thank you TP God Bless you

  • Hey. #2203728 » Posted in: My online family


    • Your mind has thoughts #2203732

      Want to share

  • i enjoy going to the play all alone. United States #2203717 » Posted in: My online family

    But i wish you were there waving and i would see and meet you there waving and come sit down beside me aha.are i would see you and come sit down beside you o Lord Jesus Christ thanks..what is happening what must i do. Again.next.wishing i know whatever however please let me know.whenever.see some of YOUR friends there.got to hug on one.it's a Friday night.and it's the weekend.baby..la awe okay o man.

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