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  • Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirt, Jehovah!!! A SHOUT OUT #2008132 » Posted in: My online family

    Thank you Holy Trinity!!!

  • L us #2008131 » Posted in: My online family

    Dem too, under one tent; definately an Israelite move. Lol, good for you. Just blew you one. Again, be well.

  • Nefertiti Atlanta, Georgia #2008130 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello, I'm not sure if you really read these comments but im just going to take a leap of faith and assume you do. My name is Nefertiti and I'm wondering if you have any advice for my boyfriend who is struggling in his faith to become a movie producer. While first and foremost I take this to Jesus, I do believe that the Lord blesses us so that we may be a blessing to others.He has had a dream about what your studio looks like, although he doesn't know where it is nor has he ever been there as strange as that is, that's what drove me to reach out to you. He sincerely believes that the Lord will allow his dream to come true.He loves your movies, and is inspired by your faith in the Lord he's always quoting something spiritual you've said about your journey from scratch.If you have any advice price or no price I would love for you to help me to help him figure out where to start. Youre an awesome icon ...thank you for your time and I hope you have a blessed evening.

  • Tammy Dyer Oxford, Georgia #2008129 » Posted in: My online family

    My mom will be turning 75 years old and love herself some Tyler Perry. We are having her a surprise birthday party October 17, 2014, if you are not busy do you thing you can make a personal appearance and make an old woman's wish come true? She would have the same reaction you had with Stevie Wonder and have to pinch herself.

  • Edith C. South Carolina #2008127 » Posted in: My online family

    I was wondering if have any suggestions on how to get my 8 year old daughter into the acting/ modeling business. She is very excited about doing this!!!

  • Hey "My Love" ... #2008125 » Posted in: My online family

    How was your "Day"? ... How "Brite" did you shine your "Light"?

    • Hey My Love #2008128

      My day was great! I had to walk around the block briskly a few times... lol thrid time around my neighbor came running out, looking out of breath, trying to catch me...lol... hollering "what's wrong!" Gotta love those neighbors who especially pay attention. I was so funny. I made me smile. Light was imparted today. Did I shine my Light? Yea :-)

  • Arletha Mannis Clear Lake, IA #2008124 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mister Perry. Thanks for all of your support. You are awsome! I have an idea and with your brilliance you are the man for the job. Every Friday my grandbaby brings home a book. She is 3 years old and is attending a Head-Start program. Challenge businesses across the country to match your donation of "30 New Books to public libraries" (I read it below and think it is a brilliant idea), to include public shcools. Can you imagine the impact it would have on the lives of children? Just a thought!

  • Irvina Calvert Davenport, IA #2008122 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, I would like to send you a copy of one of my twenty plus books that I've published on Amazon. Com. It a sure page turner.

  • elsie catchings United States #2008121 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr Perry, My name is Elsie I am a nurse and you are my inspiration. My husband passed away in January and every time my daughter is sad she watches your series. Thanks for all you do. I am a team captain for this year's American heart association heart walk please donate for a good cause our team website is Http://collierheartwalk.kintera.org/Lifesavers please go to this webpage to donate. I called the studio many times already to talk to someone about this but I have not been able to get a reply. Thanks Sir, Elsie

  • Mae Atl, GA #2008119 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, How's the Jesus in you responding to the Jesus in me. Had a splendid day with the kids. They were in rare form, absorbing everything they were being taught, taking initiative and singing and performing classroom tasks. It is great to see kids make connections and build and grown and thrive. It was like a WOW! day with the kids. I am still trying to get my financial information completed to go back to college and all of a sudden can't find my tax returns. i used them about 2 weeks ago, but I had a new air conditioner unit installed in my apartment, the other one quit working and I had to move a lot of stuff for the maintenance people. I keep things like that in a specific file and I can't even find the file. Just something to get me distracted and make me think I will not get everything done on time. It's amazing to me how you can put something down and you are the only person living here and can't find it. Just say a little prayer for me. The Holy Spirit is saying my co-teacher may not come in tomorrow. Her son was sick today and had to go to the hospital. So, now I get to do a lesson for tomorrow for the three groups we have in case she doesn't show. The word says be always ready to give a reason for the hope we have in him, that others may see why we believe as we do. He goes. Have a great night. God Bless!

  • theresa Trinidad and Hi Tyler Perry, i love your moves, your moves really help change lives and make you think about your own life, thank you. SO i will like to see a move about blacks and Latinos they have so much in common and yet they don't even realizobago #2008118 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler Perry, i love your moves, your moves really help change lives and make you think about your own life, thank you. SO i will love to see a move about blacks and Latinos they have so much in common and yet they don't even realize it, They both love family family comes first and don't mess with their mammy's, and so much more it will be ''FUN''. and shin a light in there minds to see how how much they have in common and i think people will really enjoy it, tell me you think about it. Theresa or believe 101.

  • Art n Soul fl #2008115 » Posted in: My online family

    Like to get your support on my campaign to bring art programing to the youth, well you help?

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