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  • crystal h. Fl. #2156815 » Posted in: My online family


  • it's bed time #2156814 » Posted in: My online family

    Good night sweet sleep too wow it felt good all the sleep too wow love sleep good night peace and love me to you

  • Velda G. Myles Colorado Springs, Co #2156807 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry, my name is Velda and do I have a story for you. I first contacted you about 8 months ago with a hook called Intoxicated by Amber. It had not yet been published so it was just like the millions of other story ideas that come your way. But like Ms. Iyanla says, "I did my work." I got my story published and have been doing mybown publicity. I am happy to report that my book has over 8 million likes on ebay. I have close to. 100,000 likes on Goodreads. I still can't sky how I knew it would be successful, I just knew. I also know that it is the kind of story you would be interested in. I'm thinking stage play or major motion picture. I look forward to speaking with you.

  • Darlene Monts Philadelphia #2156806 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, I am a Spoken Word Artist/poet and I am offering my services to you. You may want to have a poet working for you and I am her. People have compared me to Maya Angelou but I don't compare myself to any one. I am a unique being: so, Mr. Perry, if you need a poet check me out on Focal Point the TV show I host and Open Mic the show I am doing spoken word poems on. Thanks Darlene Monts from Philadelphia

  • L W #2156801 » Posted in: My online family

    Godnight,Sweet Dreams Mr Perry,And Everyone Here Tonight.Happy,Happy, Birthday Tomorrow For Aman,May The Lord Bless You And Your Family.love you.♥♥♥

  • Its a quiet night Lovebug #2156799 » Posted in: My online family

    And my family is all back home. My mind can be at ease. Thank you Jehovah and Jesus and please watch over Tyler and my online family! Got nothing but love for you baby(Five Heartbeat song)....I just love that movie! So Tyler I am hoping you surprise me soon with a new movie. Hope you do another one for the kids! A kids movie with you coaching a team. What do you think???

    • Well time to lovebug #2156803

      Watch more movies and eat chocolate and ice cream lol...I can't help it. I craved something sweet!...I will behave starting tomorrow! Gn!

    • Hey. #2156809


  • lisa king Alabama #2156796 » Posted in: My online family

    I just wanted to say that this 2015 was a blessed thanksgiving day for me and my siblings for the 1st time in 25years we were together in 1 rm celebrating any kind of holiday we were separated in the foster care system back in 89 my dad had joined us and it would have been complet if my mom had joined us but i was truly happy that God had made away for us to connect.

  • Rachel Everhart Indianapolis, IN #2156795 » Posted in: My online family

    My website is Beyondmylife.org. I was a victim of domestic abuse and lost everything, including access to my children in my fight to become free from domestic abuse. I traveled to LA and then to Houston after I lost everything. God started me over in Houston, TX. I learned to believe in myself again, learned to let go of what I couldn't change but Houston also helped me believe in my calling that I stand by today. I help others get free from domestic abuse/abuse in ways that I feel many others don't offer. I help them learn common sense, but also help them know that life exists on the other side with Jesus Christ. I met many people who helped me along my way. I moved back to Indiana after a year and a half. the Lord showed me this was my home. Nothing in me wanted to come back. I lost everything here. Everything that I loved was gone. HE showed me I had to face my fears to really overcome what I had lost in order to show me what I had gained in Him. This is where Madea stepped in to help me. I had a vision on my 16 hour drive back of Madea. It made me laugh and it made me cry. It helped me believe in me. This is my vision: Madea got sick in the beginning of the movie. She had a heart attack. She was taken to the ER where they performed CPR on her and the staff was working hard to save her. She coded and the show went to her meeting God. She stood before God and Madea, in her argumentative humor, told God she wasn't ready. She argued with Him as she argues with everyone in her funny way. God was like Morgan Freeman in 'Bruce Almighty'. She was hilarious and I was laughing in my car because she believed she was right. God told her He would spare her life, but she had to first come back as a guardian angel. She laughed and said fine. She threw a fit when she found out it was a white girl wrapped up in domestic violence (Me). She started arguing again and throwing her Madea weight around and she finally agreed because God knew her answer before the conversation began. She came down to my life and was not happy. She was mad and yelling that she had to be a part of my life...the life of a white girl. She soon saw that my life was a living hell. She soon fell in love with me. She saw that I was lost everything. She helped me with my decisions and helped me to overcome what I couldn't understand. She helped me to laugh and even helped me when I cried. She was there for me til the end of the my stay in Houston and traveled back with me to Indiana to set me on solid ground. This is where she was able to depart and go back to heaven to God and His decision to send her back to earth to live again. The movie ended with Madea being resurrected on that ER table and brought back to life. Her life was never the same. My life was never the same. Her life saved mine and brought me life, laughter and peace with her presence. God knew that her presence would eventually save mine.

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  • KeYunna Taylor Melvindale, MI #2156789 » Posted in: My online family

    Greetings, First and foremost, I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits and health, with an open mind and a cheerful heart. My name is KeYunna E. Taylor, founder of the non-profit organization L.O.V.E. I am a published writer, mother of 2, born and raised in Detroit, MI. I am writing you today to both introduce and invite you to be a part of one of the best youth empowerment movements Detroit has seen. The growth and revitalization that has taken place in Detroit over the last few years has been inspiring! I wish to contribute to that rebirth by investing resources and opportunities in our youth and their communities with an innovative mission, love. L.O.V.E is Ladies/Leaders Of Victory and Empowerment. L.O.V.E will be two resource centers for young women and men, age 13-19, located in the city of Detroit. The L.O.V.E centers will double as a resource center and a music studio; offering personal care needs, an Internet lounge, mini library, an information hub, spiritual guidance/mentoring and a fully equipped music facility. This facility would allow its participants to not only sing and play instruments but write, produce, mix, edit, record and engineer their own music. It would take Fine and Performing Arts to a higher level of creativity and into an area of music that is often over shadowed. The music program would be free to participants and incorporate a volunteer program that would allow youth to contribute to the revival of their own communities. As L.O.V.E, at this moment, is only a dream in my heart I am reaching out to my community leaders, local journalist/media, philanthropist and other non-profit organizations to help bring this vision to fruition. If you would like more information feel free to contact me. Yes, monetary donations and sponsorship is necessary for a venture such as this but I am also seeking your voices to spread the word, offer advice or perhaps you can reach the people and organizations/companies that I cannot. I am seeking my village. I appreciate your time and consideration and I hope, that if nothing else, this letter inspires you to plant the seed of your dream as this letter is mine. Namaste, KeYunna E. Taylor @gmail.com

  • Dontisha James Kentucky #2156784 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello my name is Dontisha James and I am Author I wrote a book in 2012 and published it this May of 2015. It's a great story and based on true story too, lots of people have read my book and said that I was brave to tell people my story but I say it's by the grace of God that it was wrote and published. It's called Unconditional Love is Hard to Find but the search was never mine. If you can read get the book and let me know what you think of making it a movie please let me know. You can purchase the book on Amazon.com or I can mail you a hard copy to your studio. Hopefully you received, this email and my book in the name of Jesus.Be Blessed Tyler Perry and know no matter what storms come your way God is always with you. Thanks Dontisha James

  • Christine Monty On the road #2156781 » Posted in: My online family

    This Christmas movie you tube

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