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  • Tonia Castille Burleson, TX #2168485 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Morning Mr. Perry. What I am wanting to know is. Is it okay to bring a 5 year old to your play that is being hold here in TX on March 12th? Or is he too young? My son Jabari is a big FAN!!! Once you meet him you will have a FAN :) He loves him some Madea!! He love your Cartoon (Madea's Tough Love) and many other plays that he sings along with his sister. Also when you do your plays do you offer any Meet and Greets when buying tickets? Thank you for this opportunity and cant wait to see you in March.

  • Sandra #2168484 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning Mr......where does satan come from as his job is to roam the earth....God just freed me from a situation that taught me to be "fulfilled" in my current status as His Child at ALL times. God tries and tests you in your current status to see if you are LOYAL in your heart to HIM and HIS word. He wants to know Do You Love Him? (John 21:15)(His intent.....to prove you)....... I just failed a test dern it!!!! HE remained silent and because I talked during the test...(and boy did I run my big mouth!!! geeze) I failed!!! He proved to me that I have not been listening well....it also gave me a 1st hand understanding and insight into just how wicked and deceptive the human heart is. Jeremiah 17:9. The enemy of GOD..... his job is #1 to disprove God within your heart...(he knows God doesn't judge our actions but rather our heart...which is why I have come so far in life with HIM I believe) HE knows what GOD looks at when HE looks upon us all.(Our Heart) and he wants HIM (God) to see himself (satan) there...the s***** IS a something else aint he??? (generally speaking) he is HIS (God)dark side in the earth realm.....only.....!!!! In that HE literally keeps GOD with a job to do daily...when Jesus said it is finished that part of the story ended and HE took HIS rest but GOD...Lord our poor GOD..... has yet to complete HIS work. See satan can do no more than GOD allows!!!! in the beginning...I say the beginning, GOD created everything that was created, and thus as the story reads HE created the HEAVENS and THE EARTH...in the beginning darkness (satan) was over the face of the deep (satan)...AND.... Gods Spirit moved over the waters. God created the very first addition and division problem...For He adds to (increases) and HE divides (adds a thing by itself to get more from itself)...(read it) He (God) never subtracts. Satan subtracts...he goes after those on Gods list and begins to do what he does best and as he subtracts away he is actually checking them off his list...(*****but Gods Spirit hoovers over me*****).... ( he (satan) says i got you... and check!...Next!!!!)The earth was without form and void...Satan has no form (what does he look like?)and truly he is void of GOD and JESUS in whom life can be found.....such that when GOD spoke...and said Let there be Light...the darkness was exposed and yet.....COVERED and it did not disapear! (good saw good in everything but the night) and the darkness (Night) and the Light (Day) God called the first day (2 and 1)=3 and not 2-1!For while we are on this earth we will have to suffer through the night...oh but when that day comes!!!! so the next time you are faced with a unusual situation....know that it is #1 satan roaming the earth looking for you....and #2 God has allowed him to!!! TEST TIME..

  • Carly Auckland, New Zealand #2168482 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler Perry. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your plays and movies. I have been following you over the years and it has been such an amazing journey. They have been SO inspirational to me and my walk with Jesus. They deal with real life issues, and I think they are absolutely AMAZING. Because I am in New Zealand, I have had to buy and download off the internet lol but it has been worth every penny and second of my time. I hope and pray, that one day you can bring your one of your plays to my little country. Thank you so much. God bless and Godspeed :) Carly Fan from down under

  • Mrsbutter Newark NJ #2168476 » Posted in: My online family

    Today's Daily Inspiration "Live today with the confidence that God's love for you is beyond any love that we know and allow nothing to bind or limit you. Lord, thank you for loving me so much." Random Daily Inspiration "When you lift your consciousness above the darkness, you will understand that the life of Christ is the only enduring life. Lord, teach me to see You in my neighbor."

    • Good Morning! Amen, #2168480

      A love that surpasses all understanding.........Be blessed

  • Kayron S, Philadelphia PA, #2168475 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi my name is Kayron I'm a African American male I live in Philadelphia I'm 20 I will love to work with you please reply

  • @}}~~~ I Love You.. #2168473 » Posted in: My online family

    Always @}}~~~ Forever

  • Valerie Mohammed Spring Hill, Florida #2168471 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry. I want to say first that I love you and all of your shows. I've been following you for a long time and I must say you truly inspire me. I know you receive a lot of messages from your fans on a daily basis and it takes time to go through all of your mail. So with that being said I will try not to take up too much time. I am contacting you because I have a story to tell but it's not just any story, it's a story regarding my son and the rare disease that he has. A lot of people do not know about it and to be honest, I never heard about it until he was diagnosed with it in October 2015. I would like to share my story with you and I was hoping that you could help spread the word about this silent disease. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to use to contact you, but it's the only one I've come across. I hope to hear from you because I really want to put my story out there. Have a blessed day.

  • M.H #2168470 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning.

    • Gm #2168472


  • Susie C. Horne San Diego Ca #2168467 » Posted in: My online family

    I HAVE A STORY TO TELL... Hello Mr. Perry I hope this doesn't sound strange but God has been telling me to tell my sTory. He then led me to you. In hopes that you actually read this message and reach out. Now I'm no one special, however the story is my own in which I have been told to tell. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you, then maybe you might. I hope to receive some sort of contact so I could tell you a little bit more.

  • Harold D. Edmunds Sr. USA #2168465 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry, How are you today? How is your family? Think about making daily Madea cartoons. The cartoon could come on everyday. Each show would teach children a lesson. like don't steal or listen to your parents. The show would be a hit just like F** Albert. Take a look at my new book How To be a Man. It is a self help book for men. I give men advice regarding sex, marriage, divorce, baby mama drama, etiquette, work and education among other topics. You can read a review on Amazon.com or my website harolddedmunds.com. Maybe you can write a review for my book. Think about writing your autobiography. It would be a bestseller. Keep up the good work, Sincerely, HDE

  • Amanda #2168463 » Posted in: My online family

    I would like to know how can I get the rest of the episodes of House of Payne after season 10 when Calvin gets shot?

  • ....jumping.. #2168461 » Posted in: My online family

    ....catch me.

    • Good Morning ! #2168464

      This reminds me of a story (excuse for accuracy) was it Dr. King that used to place his baby girl on top of the refrigerator and she would jump into his arms. (Well a co-worker used to also) How reassuring to have confidence & faith in another. Never doubting they will be there for you. Always a secure place to land. Arms awaiting. Embrace enhanced. Kisses welcomed. Warmth appreciated. Love overflowing. He ain't heavy...Good Morning

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