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Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor, the new situation comedy by writer and director Tyler Perry is a wonderfully fresh show about a middle class family, and their daily joys, struggles, triumphs, and fumbles. Hattie Mae Love (Patrice Lovely) lives in the simple home that she and one of her husbands bought some time ago. Linda (Kendra C. Johnson) her daughter, splits her time between Hattie’s home and the apartment she sometimes shares with her on-again off-again husband, Lionel. Danny (Andre Hall), Linda’s son, is his mother’s pride and joy. He is young, handsome, smart, and looking for a job. After graduating from college, Danny finds himself on his grandmother Hattie Mae’s sofa. Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr.), the uncle, through his late brother’s marriage to Hattie Mae, is an ever-present thorn in the family’s side. Like old luggage, they can never seem to get rid of him.

In the first season of this comic tale, Hattie Mae has had enough of grown people living in her house. She puts her foot down and shows the toughest love there is by sending Linda and Danny to the door. Danny moves in with his friend Sam, and Linda eventually helps out down at Hattie Mae’s Love Train Diner.

The Love Train is an old locomotive car converted to a diner that serves up all of Hattie Mae’s old recipes. It is the neighborhood hang out spot that, along with great food, serves up a whole lot of fun. As Linda and Floyd commit to help Hattie Mae with the family business, blessings abound. Soon the customers multiply, and so do the laughs, the drama, and the love of a very comical family.

With the help of Danny’s new roommate Sam (Jonathan Chase), Danny soon lands a job at an internet design firm. Danny proves to be a star there. However living and working with Sam, a 30-year-old who is trapped in his teens, will prove to be more of a nightmare than Danny could ever imagine. As the parties get wilder, the women get crazier, and Danny’s young life becomes a humorous tale of dodging fanatical friends, and eccentric family members.

Nevertheless, Danny begins to excel at his new position when the Chicago office sends the beautiful Marianna to take over as boss of the Atlanta office. Marianna quickly falls in love with Danny’s work ethic and virtuous character. As a close knit team and family, the young twenty & thirty something’s embark on a number of adventures that go along with being young professionals in a contemporary & technical society.

All in all, Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor is a collection of stories that warm the heart, provoke thought, and always serves up a heap of laughs. Through all the changes, there is one constant, and that is the universal language called Love. It’s all about love.

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  • Maria Arlington , Texas

    I have nothing but love for Tyler Perry and all that he do but I must say the Have and The have Nots have me truly intrigued. However I am not feeling Love thy Neighbor at all. I am not feeling the role of Mamam Hattie. It's as if it is forced. I feel that there is to much content in a 30 minute comedy. The actors need to work on their acting skills just a little bit more. Lionel should be brought back to create some kind of drama and comedy his character was quite good in acting. as well as the lady who plays his wife. As for the rest I am not impressed. I think this show still has a chance if Hattie can tone it down or get another role for her to act unlike the guy on the House of Payne it just does not come natural for her. Hope I was not too harsh but that is the truth in my opinion. Still have nothing but love for you Tyler Perry

    • michael miami #1840646

      im a fan of tyler perry"s work but by far this "love thy neighbor" show is garbage.It is so so unfunny to the point that I don't know who to feel bad for,oprah or tyler perry.its overly fill with unnecessary laugh tracks that is warrant by after every dialogue of one of the actor lines that becomes just redundant.the laugh track in it self is so now passé and old school.tyler I know that you are a busy man.but some more thought needs to go into this "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR" show.now that other show that you have on own.the "HAVE AND HAVE NOT"sitcom is just splendid.it had me not even wanting to leave and go to the bath room for fear of that I may miss something.Great work tyler.

    • Margaret #1840937

      Tyler I agree with Maria's comment. In general I am so impressed with your work, and also so very proud of you. Love Thy Neighbor on the other hand left me very disappointed, I believe the script is good, but the acting is extremely bad, it is almost as if they are reading the script in a play. The characters acting these parts are not convincing, I understand that it is comedy, but it should still flow. The young lady playing Hattie's daughter, breaks off her sentences, instead of allowing them to flow. The lady that plays Hattie, is like she is reading a script and she is not in her role. Actually none of these characters are ready for TV, they appear to have a play mentality. NOW, on the other hand The Have and Have Not’s...Excellent, I am so impressed with this show, this is the best TV show that you have created, excellent, excellent, excellent. The cast that you chose each one of them is perfect for their role. The character Candace played by actress Tika Sumpter, certainly makes the show, her acting skills are so alluring you actually feel that it is real life and I feel so consumed with her character. She is so perfect for this role, and she has done an excellent job with it. This show is my favorite show on TV as of today, and I can’t wait until Tuesday to see the new episode. Thank you for this show Tyler. The other show please consider changing the actors, for more professional ones. Not trying to be rude, just being real. Thanks again for all the work you do.

    • Margaret #1840994

      Tyler, I am watchinhg love Thy Neighbor at this moment, one thing I wanted to add, why on earth do you have the audience laughing after each sentence? As well as the poor acting, that is also equally annoying.

    • GaryS Tampa #1846856

      Though I do enjoy Love Thy Neighbor, Miss Hattie must be the worst character on TV. She has the most annoying loud voice to the point that you cannot even understand her dialoge. Why must she constantly press her l*** together and twist her mouth, is that her way of portraying an elderly character. She over acts her role to the point of being annoying and ruining the show. I enjoy everyone else but Miss Hattie is just plain awful.

    • Brenda North Carolina #1849638

      Well Said

    • Donna stinson Clinton, Md #1856976

      Margaret, you have said it for me and I agree, thanx, hopefully Mr.Perry understand we want to suport this show, but having a hard time connecting with some of the characters.

    • Beauty-Queen Planet Earth #1861104

      Gosh! I've only seen the clips & I thought this show is cheesy. It has potential though. I remember HOUSE OF PAYNE had to be revamped before it became successful so I hope that's the case for this show. Mr Tyler Perry, I'm a bit concerned that you put a Latina woman in a place of superiority over a Black woman. I know that was not your intention but it comes across that way when Drew is longing to be like her. Just a thought. I'd love to see more women of darker skin on television, it would be a welcome change for all races. Btw, I have Latina ancestry so there's no hate in my comment. I thought of this relative to that video of children who are shown Black dolls & lighter skinned or white dolls. Television has given us the power to make a difference. Please, let's do all we can.

    • DeBorah WashingtonDC #1951697

      I love all your shows but Love thou neighbor is kind of hard to watch I am not really loving the way Dany and his group come across As winey little kids but i watch because shoot its a Tyler Perry show

  • Sherry Silmon Dallas, Tx

    Love Thy Neighbor is a great show. I would like to see more of Hattie's character from the play. Overall, Tyler is so talented and blessed.

  • Quentin Tucker

    Hey Tyler, It been a while, you good :-). Congratulations I can't believe that two brand new shows beat the record last night applause for you. Its real funny how folks, critics and celebrities talk about you and saying all kinds of stuff, but I don't see they behinds breaking a records on the opening night two times in a row :-). Last night was historical, I couldn't stop laughing between Mama Hattie and Floyd. At the beginning of the first episode Love Thy Neighbor, Hattie was so jumpy. She kinda reminded me of Curtis from House of Payne how he wanted everybody out of the house. That'll be funny Curtis and Mama Hattie, just the thought of it they got so stuff in common it's ridiculous. This is a show that should last forever. I can't wait for next Tuesday and Wednesday, lord knows. God Bless you Tyler, your a big inspiration for me, fools that need to get some sense, and people around the world :-). Have a blessed day, talk soon and love ya my brother from another mother :-). Quentin

  • JRoc85 Louisiana

    "Shut yo mouth, & Keep on talkin." Love Thy Neighbor on a scale of 1-10, I will give it an 8!!!! Hattie Mae, Floyd, & Sam were TOO FUNNY. The characters "Danny" and "Marianna" were dry in their comedic delivery, & just weren't holding my attention (hopefully, these 2 will improve in future episodes). Overall, enjoyed the debut, looking forward to seeing more of "Love Thy Neighbor." Kudos, Tyler!!!

  • Lynette Houston (USA)

    Hi Tyler, I love this brand new show, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. It is so funny. I am so glad that I now have this show to watch during this summer. Hattie and Floyd are my favorites. I also hope that HOUSE OF PAYNE comes back on. Will it? No matter what, I love all your work, Tyler. Thank you!!! Smile.

  • Jennifer CT

    Loved the show can't wait to see the next episode.

  • tatianna 5122 n marvine st

    cool tv show and it means something to my life

  • Darlene Hill Pontiac Michigan

    Mr.Tyler Perry, you are truly amazing I couldn't wait for Love Thy Neighbor to air. It was over the top funny I couldn't stop laughing. You are number one as always. All the actors and actresses were killing it. Tyler keep up the great work you are totally on top. Love your work will always remain a fan. Fantastic! Another job well done. Love you

  • myrna johnson st.joseph,mo

    You did it again. I am so proud of you. I plan on watching both new shows for along time. May Jehovah keep you in his loving care. Lol

  • Dottie Chicago

    Tyler, is it just me or does Ms Kendra look like she could be a young " Oprah Winfrey" , they certainly do favor each other!

    • J** Kentucky #1836767

      I was saying the same thing when looking at the behind the scenes of Oprah's surprise visit. The two could literally pass for sisters. Amazing!

  • Antonina Te'o American Samoa

    Talofa Tyler Perry, you are amazing writer and it's such a great motivator to watch your shows that inspires our generation.sincerely your Samoan fan

  • sherri sjc

    thank you Tyler Perry for making us laugh, the show is funny! I will be present every Wednesday to get my laugh on. just love miss Hattie.

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