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Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor, the new situation comedy by writer and director Tyler Perry is a wonderfully fresh show about a middle class family, and their daily joys, struggles, triumphs, and fumbles. Hattie Mae Love (Patrice Lovely) lives in the simple home that she and one of her husbands bought some time ago. Linda (Kendra C. Johnson) her daughter, splits her time between Hattie’s home and the apartment she sometimes shares with her on-again off-again husband, Lionel. Danny (Andre Hall), Linda’s son, is his mother’s pride and joy. He is young, handsome, smart, and looking for a job. After graduating from college, Danny finds himself on his grandmother Hattie Mae’s sofa. Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr.), the uncle, through his late brother’s marriage to Hattie Mae, is an ever-present thorn in the family’s side. Like old luggage, they can never seem to get rid of him.

In the first season of this comic tale, Hattie Mae has had enough of grown people living in her house. She puts her foot down and shows the toughest love there is by sending Linda and Danny to the door. Danny moves in with his friend Sam, and Linda eventually helps out down at Hattie Mae’s Love Train Diner.

The Love Train is an old locomotive car converted to a diner that serves up all of Hattie Mae’s old recipes. It is the neighborhood hang out spot that, along with great food, serves up a whole lot of fun. As Linda and Floyd commit to help Hattie Mae with the family business, blessings abound. Soon the customers multiply, and so do the laughs, the drama, and the love of a very comical family.

With the help of Danny’s new roommate Sam (Jonathan Chase), Danny soon lands a job at an internet design firm. Danny proves to be a star there. However living and working with Sam, a 30-year-old who is trapped in his teens, will prove to be more of a nightmare than Danny could ever imagine. As the parties get wilder, the women get crazier, and Danny’s young life becomes a humorous tale of dodging fanatical friends, and eccentric family members.

Nevertheless, Danny begins to excel at his new position when the Chicago office sends the beautiful Marianna to take over as boss of the Atlanta office. Marianna quickly falls in love with Danny’s work ethic and virtuous character. As a close knit team and family, the young twenty & thirty something’s embark on a number of adventures that go along with being young professionals in a contemporary & technical society.

All in all, Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor is a collection of stories that warm the heart, provoke thought, and always serves up a heap of laughs. Through all the changes, there is one constant, and that is the universal language called Love. It’s all about love.

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  • TERINA east woodcove street

    I love this show miss.haddey is so funny but i really love all the charater's on Love thy Neighbor!

  • Isabel MA

    I've been watching the show since it started because I'm a Tyler Perry fan. I found that is very funny and lots times I couldn't stop myself from laughing so hard my family was asking me what I was watching. The writers have their own way of making you want to watch more and the actors are doing great. Can't wait to see where this show will go!!!

  • Rodney Pensacola

    I am warming up to the Haves and Have nots, Love thy neighbor has poor actors. Many, especially the young female- seems like she is reading off of a cue card. her delivery is not genuine. The main character OMG-way over the top-I thought the same of Brown, but grew to like him. I will continue to watch. Oh, last nights show was predictable and just CORNY= health inspector comes back because he thought the daughter was HOT---come on now, he barely inspected but stated many violations-------we gotta do better....... So my grade Haves and Haves Nots 7 out of 10 but growing--I think we get the fact that the brother and sister are brother and sister----they say it too much---it is not reallll Love thy neighbor 4 out of 10 ill keep watching

  • Pamela Beaumont, Tx

    Tonight was my first night watching the show, Love Thy Neighbor; I really enjoyed the show and will continue to watch it now that I know what channel it's on. I have yet to see the other new show, due to the fact I just found the channel, but I will be watching it. Good job Tyler Perry, you rock. I enjoy all your shows especially House of Paynes, and Meet the Browns. I have collected almost all of the eposodes of both . God Bless you

  • Vanessa Hudson, OH

    I love both shows...the "Have & ..." as well as "Love Thy..."! I think people with a great sense of humor, and who like laughing will love "Love Thy Neighbor", and if they like drama then they will like the "Have And The Have Nots". I love both laughter and suspense so I like them both! I even upgraded my service, because the package that I had did "not" include OWN...I tell you these cable services find a way to get us!

  • Flossie Atlanta, GA

    Love thy neighbor is by far some of your best work. I thought the actors would need some time to perfect their roles but they are wonderful. It is a super funny show. Thank you.

  • Joyce Pa

    What in the heck does, " shut your mouth but keep on talking" mean?

  • Sue Califonia

    Love Thy Neighbor is not funny at all. I don't love "mama Hattie", she just grates on me like nails on a chalkboard. The humor is so low I can't imagine even children finding it amusing. So much for Oprah and her tasteful programming.

    • sherry seidman United States #1848546

      This show (Love thy neighbor) is just so bad. I cant understand how is made it on to the O network. or any network for that matter. Ms. H is the most annoying character to hit the airways. Ms. O what were you thinking?


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  • sonya Griffin Louisiana

    You stole my idea of Momma Hattie from me, but it she was called Momma Rattie! You hacked My computer and my cell phone and stole my dreams from me with the help of Lamman Rucker! Vengeance is the Lord! Now, give my check you thieves! Oh Tyler Perry is voodoo witch and Lamman Rucker too! They both tried to kill me to cover up their dirty works by using witchcraft! Vengeance is the Lord! Crooks! Lord have mercy on them! Oh,and also Love thy neighbor as you love thyself was on wallpaper too. It is Ip collecting time! Go to Jail Tyler Perry and Lamman Rucker for Hacking my phone and computer!

    • Unas Atl #1853836

      uhh you know Mamma Hattie was created by the actual person who plays her like 30 or 20 yrs ago ?

  • Charli U.S.A.

    I Like all Mr, Perry's work . I do not like this one not funny just not what I am used to and the grandma reminds me of Steve Erkel never did like him.

  • Mandy Houston

    The lines are funny but the acting is too forced. The lead character over does it big time. I suggest getting the writers from Payne, Browns or Better or Worse. I've taped every show but they're painful to watch.

    • feeline #1842760

      He needs fresh writers. The writing on the other shows weren't that great and took a while to catch on. Some of the scenes are over the top and the son really needs to take acting lessons

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