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Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor, the new situation comedy by writer and director Tyler Perry is a wonderfully fresh show about a middle class family, and their daily joys, struggles, triumphs, and fumbles. Hattie Mae Love (Patrice Lovely) lives in the simple home that she and one of her husbands bought some time ago. Linda (Kendra C. Johnson) her daughter, splits her time between Hattie’s home and the apartment she sometimes shares with her on-again off-again husband, Lionel. Danny (Andre Hall), Linda’s son, is his mother’s pride and joy. He is young, handsome, smart, and looking for a job. After graduating from college, Danny finds himself on his grandmother Hattie Mae’s sofa. Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr.), the uncle, through his late brother’s marriage to Hattie Mae, is an ever-present thorn in the family’s side. Like old luggage, they can never seem to get rid of him.

In the first season of this comic tale, Hattie Mae has had enough of grown people living in her house. She puts her foot down and shows the toughest love there is by sending Linda and Danny to the door. Danny moves in with his friend Sam, and Linda eventually helps out down at Hattie Mae’s Love Train Diner.

The Love Train is an old locomotive car converted to a diner that serves up all of Hattie Mae’s old recipes. It is the neighborhood hang out spot that, along with great food, serves up a whole lot of fun. As Linda and Floyd commit to help Hattie Mae with the family business, blessings abound. Soon the customers multiply, and so do the laughs, the drama, and the love of a very comical family.

With the help of Danny’s new roommate Sam (Jonathan Chase), Danny soon lands a job at an internet design firm. Danny proves to be a star there. However living and working with Sam, a 30-year-old who is trapped in his teens, will prove to be more of a nightmare than Danny could ever imagine. As the parties get wilder, the women get crazier, and Danny’s young life becomes a humorous tale of dodging fanatical friends, and eccentric family members.

Nevertheless, Danny begins to excel at his new position when the Chicago office sends the beautiful Marianna to take over as boss of the Atlanta office. Marianna quickly falls in love with Danny’s work ethic and virtuous character. As a close knit team and family, the young twenty & thirty something’s embark on a number of adventures that go along with being young professionals in a contemporary & technical society.

All in all, Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor is a collection of stories that warm the heart, provoke thought, and always serves up a heap of laughs. Through all the changes, there is one constant, and that is the universal language called Love. It’s all about love.

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  • Joyce Pa

    What in the heck does, " shut your mouth but keep on talking" mean?

  • Sue Califonia

    Love Thy Neighbor is not funny at all. I don't love "mama Hattie", she just grates on me like nails on a chalkboard. The humor is so low I can't imagine even children finding it amusing. So much for Oprah and her tasteful programming.

    • sherry seidman United States #1848546

      This show (Love thy neighbor) is just so bad. I cant understand how is made it on to the O network. or any network for that matter. Ms. H is the most annoying character to hit the airways. Ms. O what were you thinking?


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  • sonya Griffin Louisiana

    You stole my idea of Momma Hattie from me, but it she was called Momma Rattie! You hacked My computer and my cell phone and stole my dreams from me with the help of Lamman Rucker! Vengeance is the Lord! Now, give my check you thieves! Oh Tyler Perry is voodoo witch and Lamman Rucker too! They both tried to kill me to cover up their dirty works by using witchcraft! Vengeance is the Lord! Crooks! Lord have mercy on them! Oh,and also Love thy neighbor as you love thyself was on wallpaper too. It is Ip collecting time! Go to Jail Tyler Perry and Lamman Rucker for Hacking my phone and computer!

    • Unas Atl #1853836

      uhh you know Mamma Hattie was created by the actual person who plays her like 30 or 20 yrs ago ?

  • Charli U.S.A.

    I Like all Mr, Perry's work . I do not like this one not funny just not what I am used to and the grandma reminds me of Steve Erkel never did like him.

  • Mandy Houston

    The lines are funny but the acting is too forced. The lead character over does it big time. I suggest getting the writers from Payne, Browns or Better or Worse. I've taped every show but they're painful to watch.

    • feeline #1842760

      He needs fresh writers. The writing on the other shows weren't that great and took a while to catch on. Some of the scenes are over the top and the son really needs to take acting lessons

  • Delaitre J. Hollinger Tallahasssee, FL

    Mr. Perry, Love Thy Neighbor is honestly the funniest, most hilarious and enjoyable show I've seen in a long time. It is awesome and I pray it stays on the air for many years to come. Mama Hattie is a riot and I always make sure I tune in every Wednesday. The actors and actresses are great and very interactive on social media with the viewers. This show will be a blessing to all who watch it. Stay encouraged!

  • Russ United States

    I love and respect Tyler Perry but this show just doesn't do it for me House of Pain - good. Meet the Browns - funny but Love Thy Neighbor is just bad. Sorry but that's how I feel I haven't laughed yet

  • Susan Johnson Indianapolis, IN

    I love Tyler Perry's work, but am having difficulty enjoying the new comedy show with Mama Hattie and the rest of the cast. I have noticed that sometimes, the time it takes one character to answer/react to something said creates a gap that affects the effectiveness of the come-back; the outcome is not funny. Another thing I have noticed is that the acting, especially Mama Hattie's is over worked. I attribute that to the probability that certain acting techniques used on stage, may have to be modified for TV. If I were to watch the show live on stage, I would probably find it irresistibly funny since, as you know, the movements and expressions (and makeup) for a stage have to be more emphasized due to the fact that I am watching the scene from a distance, whereas on TV we have close-ups, and our behaviors can be detected with minimum effort. This is just my humble opinion.

    • Tarashal Patton #1844602

      I love all the shows. Hattie is so funny especially when they thought she burn down that restaurant. Love Tyler Perry.

    • A Hattie Mae/Patrice Lovely Fan DC #1844751

      Hattie Mae is one of the best breakout characters from the Madea series. Madea works because there is only one Madea and no variations. The Hattie Mae character of the Madea Gets A Job is the best. The fact that she had such a colorful life before she ended up there at the home makes her a more endearing person. Her personality gives us a peek into her past, which leaves the door open for endless story possibilities. Character assassination is the reason why most spin offs fail. The audience loves and identifies with the character on a particular show. One of the most successful spin offs from a hit show was Frasier from Cheers. Why, because the audience loved the character Frasier Crane so when they did the spin off It was about Frazier Crane the psychiatrist and not just a vehicle for the actor Kelsey Grammer. Now, with that said no actor other than Kelsey Grammer could have made Frasier the success that it became. It was his mannerism and the way he interpreted the character that brought him to life just as Patrice Lovely has done with Hattie Mae. Hattie Mae storyline should be completely different from the House of Pain. Patrice Lovely playing Hattie Mae as sassy and still sexy with a side of quirk from Madea Gets a Job is one of the best character interpretations that have hit the tube in a long time. They both need a stronger theme and not just a vehicle. That also include the cast as well. A great cast makes for a long running series. Its all about Hattie.

  • ponnie anderson springfield. mo.

    Love love love this show so funny I have watched them over and over and still am so hooked can't wait for it to come out on dvd. I check my OWN channel every morning to see when they will be on and shout Hot diggity dog! Keep up the good work wonderful cast love you Tyler Perry. ME>

  • Kimberly New Orleans

    I would see Tyler around and he was a very quiet gentleman, never thought all that was going on in his head. my family had a clothing store and in Gentilly Scott's Casuals. He was very to himself and quiet like me, boy you never know. keep up your wonderful work Tyler love your haters and keep doing what God wants you to do and that is tell stories with meaning , love and truth. If you need an extra funny person call me.

  • Victoria

    I love Mama Hattie but you have put her in a maternal box. She was so free and open in your plays and I just loved that but on the sitcom she seems restricted. And Tyler, you are a great writer and a great song writer. How about putting that to work on a strong opening instead of the one you are using which is really not up to your standards. Love Patrice and Palmer Williams, Jr...so talented...but please let them shine in what they do best. They do seem restricted. Maybe we might need an hour instead of a half an hour. You might want to consider dropping some of your cast. You might be over casted by about 2 characters. Work in progress..I know....thanks for all you do.

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