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“If Loving You Is Wrong” is the new dramatic series created for television by writer/director Tyler Perry, premiering this fall on OWN. “If Loving You Is Wrong” is the compelling story of several women from very different walks of life. Although the group of ladies has been dealt different circumstances, there is one thing that binds them together, their children. Each woman is either a mother struggling to raise their kids, or a woman trying to conceive, while finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Like so many women in middle class neighborhoods across America, Perry’s characters often find themselves combatting every social ill plaguing society as they fight unending adversity to have a career, well-adjusted children, and a man who will be at home when they turn the key each evening.

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  • Denise Hillman Mount Vernon, NY

    Hello Tyler If loving you is wrong is a very good. Show. I love the ending when Marcy found out about Pepper. Keep up the good work. I am sure this March is really going to be hot.

  • Nisha

    I love this show, it took me a minute to get into it but when it got to the end of the season it was really good!

  • robert askin


  • pam randleman nc

    Love it and can't wait til the new season comes on!!!!!!!

  • Debra Cooper tx

    I will tell you I never got into this show to the marathon of it came on and now I cannot wait for the new season come on I am dying to know what happens

  • Mariah

    Love this show!!!! Can't wait til March!!!!!

  • Mr John UK

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  • Cheryl Gross Raleigh, NC

    I started watching this my cousin, last season. NOW, I am hooked. The show gives an insight to what is really reality in so many areas.. I can't wait till next season, starting in March. I am on the edge of my seat!!

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  • Mary Wisconsin

    I am enjoying The Have's and the Have Not's. I also enjoy If Loving You is Wrong. I see some comments by others that seem to dislike both shows an all I can say is It's called "ENTERTAINMENT", not reality.

  • Mrs Leisha

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