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“If Loving You Is Wrong” is the new dramatic series created for television by writer/director Tyler Perry, premiering this fall on OWN. “If Loving You Is Wrong” is the compelling story of several women from very different walks of life. Although the group of ladies has been dealt different circumstances, there is one thing that binds them together, their children. Each woman is either a mother struggling to raise their kids, or a woman trying to conceive, while finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Like so many women in middle class neighborhoods across America, Perry’s characters often find themselves combatting every social ill plaguing society as they fight unending adversity to have a career, well-adjusted children, and a man who will be at home when they turn the key each evening.

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  • Karen Murrells Inlet SC

    Last night was the first "If Loving you is wrong" episodes I have seen, was this the first one ? I loved it, if I have missed any where can I go to see them....my new favorite show.


    Yes, Yes and Yes to mom > Maxine she shoul nuff deserve it. The show tonight was (inhale, > let me catch my breath, pick my jaw up, and breathe. ) >OFF THE CHAIN . You hit so many points like > the man who stocks his baby mama, while married because his view on life at the moment is sex only. He on a power trip. No disrespect to anyone, not my character at all. But Tyler your just keeping it real this is reality as we see it to day. And the young brother who dipped chocolate in the snow as if he'd died and went to heaven. >Being with a white woman. Or the independent hard working single mom who feels she been doing it this long without any help, another two months ain't gonna make a difference. Unless he comes in and sweep me off my feet like Cinderella then he's not good enough. Now if a man not trying to move in your place, eat up all your food, while you take care of him. Give him a chance if he show signs he care about you and your kids. Great show tonight Tyler. I love how your keeping it real. You are so up to date. Talking about what really goes on behind close door. Not only are you exposing some truths this is bringing about a healing i b many peoples lives. Facing their demons causing them to think twice, and count up the cost. Before you indulge in anything while on your journey through life. Proverbs ch 3 v5,6 Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not to thy own understanding. But In all your way acknowledge Him > God and he shall direct thy path give it to Him give it to Him. Go head, Go Head, Tyler I C > U :)

  • mys

    You have go e too far

  • Trena Sandy Springs

    I must say I'm happy for you success and helping OWN network but I'm having a hard time with some of the characters. Some of it is a little unbelievable to me. The people I relate to the most is the single working class mother who is the manager and her son's daddy. The black guy having a affair with the white lady and he is his best friend is a little too much for me and the cop is way too much especially going around in neighborhoods got everybody scared of him and how you got the black guy scared of him and he tells him he is a girl is too much. No matter how bad a cop is they ain't coming up in a black neighborhood by himself and everybody scared of him and he talks to everybody disrespectful especially black people. Please if you say this is the real world and all the hostility between cops in the black community this would go down differently and you know that cop would be a target to be shot and everybody wouldn't be scared of him.

    • Beejcee Missouri #2006068

      I agree with so much of what you are saying. Thanks.

    • jai Florida #2006138

      I agree with your post wholeheartedly....I was looking forward to this new show, however it is a bit disappointing.

  • Precious Williams LA

    Tyler Perry, you've done it again!!! Shows like "The Haves & The Have Nots", & "If Loving You Is Wrong" are truly reminding me of the days of "Knots Landing", "Dallas", & "Dynasty!!" Is it me or does both shows remind me of "The Family That Preys" & "The Single Mom's Club???" Let me start off by saying KUDOS to the casting (It's great seeing "Aidan Devane" again. To the die hard "All My Children" fans, you know what I'm talking about! Also, it's great seeing "Otis Williams" from the "The Temptations movie")!!! There are so many characters that either excite you, p*** you off, or you kinda feel sorry for!! For example, Eddie, this man is the TYPICAL JEALOUS & ABUSIVE EX who refuses to let go (he wants to have his cake, & eat it too). Esperanza (kudos to keeping the same actress in the character as in "The Single Mom's Club" cause she's really good), she's the ex wife who so desperately wants to move on, but lives in constant fear of Eddie's manipulative scare tactics! Julius, is the boyfriend that makes Esperanza happy, but as long as Eddie is in the picture, that will NEVER be the case! Alex & Randal are engaged in a torrid affair that's bound to have some SERIOUS consequences (the unexpected pregnancy, the secret vasectomy, the stalker-like lover who can't move on, & the "oblivious" spouses MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT). I said "oblivious" cause I'm almost certain that Marcy, Randal's wife isn't as "in the dark" about Alex & Randal's affair as we think she is (she's hip to what's going on, she's just keeping her cards VERY CLOSE). Don't get me started on Kelly!! Kelly is the typical "I'm so in live that I'm choosing to see what I want to see" type of girl!! Someone should buy her the book "He's Just Not That Into You," it would save her a lot of heartache!! Then she BOUGHT A HOUSE, & WITHOUT TRAVIS' FINANCIAL HELP???? Then we have Natalie, a single mother striving to make ends meet WITHOUT any assistance from the children's fathers, EXCEPT, Luscious, with whom she shares a son!! Luscious is a real stand up guy, who I think may want to rekindle a romance with Natalie, but she's been hurt so many times in the past, she may be reluctant on falling in love again! Like I said before, Tyler Perry, YOU DID THAT!!

  • Jai Florida

    Perhaps someday with a future project Tyler Perry will choose a big-boned gorgeous woman like Natalie to be his significant other, as opposed to the lovely petite women he chooses that appear more like his daughters next to him due to his size. I think it would be awesome and more believable, but of course it may not draw the crowd he is seeking. Come on Tyler, give us something with a serious looking, madly in love African-American couple that has it together with a happy home...something the 55+ crowd can appreciate.

  • Shantrese Calera, AL

    Can we get some Positive black TV? Give our little boys and girls something to look up to and strive for....like the Cosby Show. Yeah, you don't want to be like them but it was something most black families waited for each week to watch as a family. Give me something I can watch with my family as a whole.....me my husband and 5 kids......waiting!

  • Ms.Jemison Alabama

    I am disappointed...they aren't "acting" natural. In my opinion need to look at For Better or Worse and see how natural it flows. Hopefully it will get better over time. Always supporting though just giving my thought.

    • pcf new york, by #2006595

      I am a little disappointed in this show the actors are not very convincing. The actor who plays the crooked cop is better in his role in the haves and the have not's. I hope this turns around in your favor. The story line is a little weak. The brother who's sleeping with his best friend's wife is passive

  • Janie Sciotoville, Ohio

    Watching your new show tonite. I love it!

  • renee florida

    Randle character is to obvious. He looks guilty. Make him less crazy looking too. Other than that I love the show

  • Tanisha Mcgriff South Carolina

    Tyler Perry have done an excellent job again!!! I love the new show!!!! If Loving you is wrong....I loved Tyler from the beginning great job once again!!

    • Melissa Butler-Lopez Pennsylvania #2005899

      Love the show too, but have a question for you.....are you any relation to Patricia McGriff of Jacksonville, FL?

  • Valerie United States

    Another great success keep up the awesome Job!!!!!! ATL team rocks

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