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“If Loving You Is Wrong” is the new dramatic series created for television by writer/director Tyler Perry, premiering this fall on OWN. “If Loving You Is Wrong” is the compelling story of several women from very different walks of life. Although the group of ladies has been dealt different circumstances, there is one thing that binds them together, their children. Each woman is either a mother struggling to raise their kids, or a woman trying to conceive, while finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Like so many women in middle class neighborhoods across America, Perry’s characters often find themselves combatting every social ill plaguing society as they fight unending adversity to have a career, well-adjusted children, and a man who will be at home when they turn the key each evening.

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  • Belinda Cognitive learning tools

    Animal Behavior - in essence to instincts ..if loving you is wrong is Awesome! !

  • Howie Kemper Johnson City, TN

    Tyler, you are simply amazing. I loved the premiere and me, my family and church family are now gonna be glued to the TV every Tuesday night. We love you and keep it up. Also, we hope to see Love Thy Neighbor come back for another season very soon because we love Mama Hattie and the other cast members to death. And we definitely can't wait to see The Haves and the Have Nots come back in January...we are SOOOOO ready for that show to come back and see what Candace would be up to with Jim this time.

  • Okesha Brown Rodriguez Landover, MD

    Mr. Perry you are simply amazing. You are so on point with these shows and how people are out here doing things without regard for anyone else. Keep it up!!!! May God always to continue to bless you in everything you do. You are my inspiration.

  • Browneyez Sacramento CA

    I know this is a good show like Have n Have Nots but how do I watch!? We got rid of any type of cable there is and only have Apple TV and Internet and u can't watch shows on OWN

  • Ila Simon Houston, Texas

    Wow this is better than The Haves and Havenots I do believe. I will be glued to TV on Tuesday's to watch. Thanks Tyler u got another great one.

  • diana cyrus hinton wv 25951

    u need to play ur movies on tbs I don't get own

  • Thelma Gates Kennett, MO

    I tell you Tyler you are just awesome. I love it and waiting for more, until I wait for the haves and have nots

  • laurie United States

    mr.perry the show was great. i watched the show twice. i can hardly wait until next week. i am hooked already.

  • Sheila Burris Jacksonville,Fl.32225

    Tyler, you did it again!! You have me hook,line,and sinker on "If Lovin' You is Wrong" , just like you did on "The Have and the Have Nots", absolutely love both of these shows, keep it up, we'll all be watching what you come up with next #1 in my book..thank you for entertaining us again..

  • Synovia Itsonsys United States

    Itson the show was awesome, making me want to see more and more! Everything U put your hands on turns to Gold, U are a keep the Great Shows Coming!

  • Trenice Gray Sterling Heights MI

    Single moms club Meets desperate housewives!

  • Jessica Wilcox Texas

    I knew from the start that you were a genius. You always make me feel like I know the people in your movies, or at least wish I did. This show leaves me wanting more, more, more!!!!!! You are the best, keep it coming love. J

If Loving You Is Wrong - Tuesdays @ 9/8c on OWN