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“If Loving You Is Wrong” is the new dramatic series created for television by writer/director Tyler Perry, premiering this fall on OWN. “If Loving You Is Wrong” is the compelling story of several women from very different walks of life. Although the group of ladies has been dealt different circumstances, there is one thing that binds them together, their children. Each woman is either a mother struggling to raise their kids, or a woman trying to conceive, while finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Like so many women in middle class neighborhoods across America, Perry’s characters often find themselves combatting every social ill plaguing society as they fight unending adversity to have a career, well-adjusted children, and a man who will be at home when they turn the key each evening.

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  • makeda payne

    i waitin fa season too i want too see pappa baby daddy

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  • Louise Japan

    March 2015? I don't have the patience to wait to see the next season TP & Family lol. Then again, I've probably heard it wrong in the video attached. I'm just a rudie pooh viewer that's opinionated lol. But I've been seeing comments on the OWN and TP website and I'd like to say this: no one is writing comments about the maker of General Hospital, One Life To Live, All My Children, et cetera when it comes to "quality" tv shows that was being viewed during those popular times. I used to watch soaps with my mom and granny all the time during the summer and thought how crazy they were BUT when a new version of soaps (which I perceive TP shows such as these) there's an issue and level of disrespect to a certain community. Chile please! I love your shows TP! Here here. You figured it out! #winning

  • samantha Seychelles

    Im so loving this series, there are issues related to my life. will there be season 2??? I cant wait to see what Marcie will do to "Peppa"....

  • Marti Boston

    Tyler Perry's best!


    Season 2 spoiler: Alex weds Randall, after leaving her husband. Only Randall can meet her needs. Brad is crushed..destroyed even. But picks himself up and moves to another town with his two children. Marcie gets a job offer in New York and leaves...never to return. Alex and Randall now live hapilly ever after raising their bundle of joy...called Alerandall.

  • Samantha Tx

    When is the next season?

    • Lisa Louisiana #2051462


  • Mechelle Rex, Ga

    OMG I want to watch last season. I have been trying to find a Marathon or on DEMAND. I cant get it no where. I caught a few episodes and I LOVE IT!! I record the reruns but they are out of order on DirectTV. Please tell me how to watch the entire season in order. Thanks, I LOVE YOU TYLER!! Mechelle

    • Anyah simmons kissimee #2051985

      hi mechelle um if you go to the official site you could watch every episode

  • S.nelson Detroit

    I love this show because it goes into details about life ,and how no mattaer what a person has or lives we all want love. However depending on what your idea of love is determines who and how you love. Mr Perry the show truly hits a nerve.Great Job

  • Bernadette Ruthenburg Mutare, Zimbabwe, Africa

    I loved the sitcom If Loving You is Wrong. It has a number of lessons to be learn't because it's based on reality. I cannot wait for the next episode, unfortunately I only watched up to the part when Marcy screams out Alex, Alex and Randall slams the door so she can't get out. You did it again Tyler, Well done.

  • Katina Raleigh NC

    My husband and I absolutely love this drama/sitcom/series. I was surprised that my husband was just as much into the show as I was. We cannot wait until the new season!! Great Job with this one Tyler!

  • Sarah Hot Springs, AR

    There is just something about If Loving You Is Wrong that has me glued to the television! I love the show! I can't wait for new episodes and would love to know when the new season will be? It is rare that I ever see a piece of your work I don't love. You are a true talent and I appreciate that real life stories you bring to the screen. Much Love to you Mr. Perry!

    • shawna Jamaica #2048583

      When season will be out?

    • shawna Jamaica #2048585

      I meant to say when season 2 will be out?

  • Kiaya Alabama

    I can not wait until the new season! I have been waiting since the credits rolled. I know it will be even better because I am STILL sitting on the edge of my seat from the last episode. You are a genius!

    • CluadiaMorgan alaska #2052569

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