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“If Loving You Is Wrong” is the new dramatic series created for television by writer/director Tyler Perry, premiering this fall on OWN. “If Loving You Is Wrong” is the compelling story of several women from very different walks of life. Although the group of ladies has been dealt different circumstances, there is one thing that binds them together, their children. Each woman is either a mother struggling to raise their kids, or a woman trying to conceive, while finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Like so many women in middle class neighborhoods across America, Perry’s characters often find themselves combatting every social ill plaguing society as they fight unending adversity to have a career, well-adjusted children, and a man who will be at home when they turn the key each evening.

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    I am thrilled that "If Loving You Is Wrong" will return on Sept 6th...my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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    This new season of If loving you is wrong on September 13 will be good if Tyler Perry would not take to long to get to the point like he does with all his shows but overall I like all of his shows keep up the good work.

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    love this series , can;t wait till it returns , i also like the fact it repeats on own in case i miss parts of it .

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  • Julia Jackson Georgetown DE

    This program is excellent. Nice end for the season. I can't wait to see the next season.

  • Michele Savino ATL, GA

    I learned from this incredible drama, a valuable lifel lesson. I observed, the real danger of drawing a negative conclusion, perhaps based on past experience. Or, what it "looked like" but without the facts. When Kelly assumed the woman at Ramsey's house was a threat. It caused her to act and say things, which may alter her relationship with Ramsey. So dangerous.

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