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From prolific, writer, director, producer Tyler Perry, The Haves and the Have Nots is a new television drama that follows the complicated dynamic between the rich and powerful Cryer family and the hired help who work in their opulent mansion set in Savannah, Georgia.

From the outside, the Cryers are the enviable face of success and wealth, but behind the veil the family’s dysfunction threatens to destroy their world of privilege. Cryer family patriarch Jim Cryer (John Schneider) is a powerful judge whose double-life, including tawdry affairs with high-priced escorts, puts his family and political ambitions at risk. His wife, Katheryn Cryer (Renée Lawless), is the ultimate matriarch portraying a loving and dutiful wife, but she is willing to do anything to protect her family’s status. Their son Wyatt (Aaron O’Connell) is a troubled angry jock who cares little for his own image and finds himself in and out of rehab. His sister Amanda (Jacyln Betham), a struggling law student, tries harder to live up to her parents’ expectations, but unknowingly has befriended a scurrilous young woman, Candace Young, with the power to ruin the entire family.

Hanna Young (Crystal Fox) is the Cryer’s maid and the matriarch of her family. Despite having no money, she has found other types of wealth through religion and virtue. She prides herself on her dutiful son Benny (Tyler Lepley), the glue who helps keep the family together. Hanna does have one dark secret, however, her estranged daughter Candace (Tika Sumpter)—a manipulative opportunist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Other characters in the series include the Cryer’s chef Celine (Eva Tamargo), their wealthy friends Veronica (Angela Robinson) and David Harrington (Peter Parros), and son Wyatt’s rehabilitation counselor, Jeffery Harrington (Gavin Houston).

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  • Kym Washington, DC

    It took awhile for me to get into #HAHN because at first the acting was so BAD. I am happy I stuck with it, because the acting has improved (still has room for improvement), but the story line is the bomb. Worst actors - Jeffrey, Benny, Wyatt and Quincy's sister (where on earth did they find her???). Best - Candace, Veronica, Jim, Katherine. Middle of the road - Hannah and David. I predicted Amanda would be the one to leave the show when that happened. Jeffrey, Benny and Wyatt are improving, it's not painful to watch them anymore. Again, the plot rocks! I agree that the seasons are way too short. Either I missed the finale or clearly didn't know it was the finale. Me and some friends kept waiting for it??? I say get rid of one of the other shows - none of which I watch - and focus more on this one. Lastly, why aren't the most recent past episodes available ON DEMAND? Is that an OWN issue?

    • AB #2182222

      You can watch HAHN (including the finale) on-demand with the OWN app avaible on iPhone + Android. Just go on Oprah.com/own and the details are at the top of page.

    • Dominique Lashay Yancey 2700 felicity drive cincinnati,ohio #2183034

      what are you talking about benny is fine and also is jeffrey did you see jeffrey stabs quincy

    • Gretchen Ft.Pierce,Fl #2183973

      Certainly did! I haven't missed 1 episode. of course Candace made Jeffrey out to be the bad guy but he freaked and ran. Had trouble driving Quincy's car because it was a s**** shift!!

    • GRETCHEN CLAY Ft.Pierce,Fl #2183975

      didn't know I messed up on the word s**** shift

  • Marietta Toledo, OH

    I love all of your work. Well, I don't like "The Manns Family". Sorry...it's just not funny. Maybe its for the kids. But I love everything else. My favorite is "If Lovin' You is Wrong". Oh my goodness! I also love "The Haves and The Have Nots", but the g** stuff really makes me want to change the channel, but I get the age we are in. But that doesn't mean I have to agree. Thank you for all your work. I love the madness of your mind. Lol One question: When are you going to start your own "Netflix" that is geared towards us? Streaming movies for us. They are missing way too many movies of ours. I see that just from watching Bounce TV. Just an avenue to generate money without too much effort. I'd drop them in a heartbeat! Thank you for sharing your art. Love you for it. Wishing you nothing but joy, peace and love.

  • Nicole Kim The Blogger Melbourne, Fl

    This series really brought me back to soap opera days like it was before Reality Tv came in and gained so many followers. Unfortunately I do not have cable right now. That's why I would love to be able to get this show on DVD. The writing is just good and it keeps me wanting more.


    I love this show. The story is a thrill a minute and I only wish there were more episodes and can't wait for the next season. The cast is superb. I have been a fan of Crystal Fox since she was on In The Heat of the Night. The others were unknown to me but they are so professional. Love all of them (even when they are mean).

  • Kamye Converse,TX

    I truly need you to tie up some loose ends and move just a little faster next season........love the show

  • Henry Texas

    I think next season Veronica gets pregnant with Twins by Benny!

    • Mayra Sacramento, CA #2182769

      It would be hilarious if Veronica got pregnant from Benny, and Blondie got pregnant from David. Lol!!!

    • Dominique Lashay Yancey 2700 felicity drive cincinnati,ohio #2183212

      If is benny baby then you know hanna will get mad going off and saying all that c*** she always be saying, but if there was a fight between hanna and veronica who will win?

    • gennie hughes Columbus georgia #2184703

      can't wait for season 6 to start...love this show

  • G Rawlings Shreveport, LA

    The past season of "The Haves and the Have Nots" left me cringing - too much blood and guts. I have watched from the beginning , but this was the worst. I do not know what is coming, but without improvement, I will have to leave the show. I always enjoyed the show, but not this past season.

    • Stephanie Georgia #2181248

      I totally agree. I've waited foe each season and haven't missed an episode however this last season had me scratching my head. Just who does Tyler Perry have writing this mess? Are they ALL on crack. So done.

  • Nicole Stubbs South Korea

    Mr. Perry I love your work and this show is definitely one of my favorites. Will you consider putting this show on dvd? My husband and I are both military serving overseas and we missed this last season. I know soap operas are not normally put on dvd but hopefully you will consider making an exception. Thanks for all you and God bless.

  • barbara powell North Carolina

    I want to hear from you Mr. Perry so I will know its really you and not just some typing for you. Pay attention to my other email and comments and get in touch about my invention. When i discovered this I was on the verge of dying.

  • Franny austinnan Tenn.

    I love Benny. He is so fine.my fav charActer...I like they mama too ... She is a hard worker

  • Cucelia Rose Bedford, OH

    Tyler Perry, I am just crazy about you. You are definitely an inspirations to many of us and I thank you very much for all the laughs, as well as all that you've given of yourself to others is truly a blessing. Will you consider putting all the seasons of The Haves and the Have Nots on DVD for purchase. A lot of us would appreciate that very much! I love that show. It is definitely a winner! Congratulations to you and thanks again!

  • Lena Evans Flint,Mi.

    Someone by the name of Lee Evans commented back in 2013 that it is a disappointment to see a so called law student try to become a success by prostituting themselves and blackmailing and extorting their would be mentors. Gotta agree with you Lee! There is no easy road to riches and success! The Candace character is indeed pitiful because she worked for nothing ..........

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