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From prolific, writer, director, producer Tyler Perry, The Haves and the Have Nots is a new television drama that follows the complicated dynamic between the rich and powerful Cryer family and the hired help who work in their opulent mansion set in Savannah, Georgia.

From the outside, the Cryers are the enviable face of success and wealth, but behind the veil the family’s dysfunction threatens to destroy their world of privilege. Cryer family patriarch Jim Cryer (John Schneider) is a powerful judge whose double-life, including tawdry affairs with high-priced escorts, puts his family and political ambitions at risk. His wife, Katheryn Cryer (Renée Lawless), is the ultimate matriarch portraying a loving and dutiful wife, but she is willing to do anything to protect her family’s status. Their son Wyatt (Aaron O’Connell) is a troubled angry jock who cares little for his own image and finds himself in and out of rehab. His sister Amanda (Jacyln Betham), a struggling law student, tries harder to live up to her parents’ expectations, but unknowingly has befriended a scurrilous young woman, Candace Young, with the power to ruin the entire family.

Hanna Young (Crystal Fox) is the Cryer’s maid and the matriarch of her family. Despite having no money, she has found other types of wealth through religion and virtue. She prides herself on her dutiful son Benny (Tyler Lepley), the glue who helps keep the family together. Hanna does have one dark secret, however, her estranged daughter Candace (Tika Sumpter)—a manipulative opportunist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Other characters in the series include the Cryer’s chef Celine (Eva Tamargo), their wealthy friends Veronica (Angela Robinson) and David Harrington (Peter Parros), and son Wyatt’s rehabilitation counselor, Jeffery Harrington (Gavin Houston).

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  • Diane Fl

    This is my favorite show on TV ! Can't wait till May. Thank you for writing the show. I have never left a comment on a show before but this one is special.

  • Kathleen thomas Ardmore pa

    Everyone keeps talking about the show. I started DVR it on the 12 the episode but I didn't want to watch them till I saw the first. Ive been searching for 2months trying to find out how can I see the old episodes starting from first episode.

    • MJ FL #1939346

      Hi! Check on OWN on Tuesday nights (from 7-1a.m.) they show reruns episodes from last season and this season of The Haves And The Have Nots. Btw, check your local listings for the correct times. In your area. I hope this helps. Peace....MJ

    • LaTonya Adkinson Atlanta, GA #1940239

      If you have Xfinity, they have the first 21 episodes On Demand. I'm mad because they haven't put the other ones on there because I just became a fan yesterday and I can't find the later episodes before the finale.

    • sherns st.lucia, caribbean #1940345

      watch it on letmewatchisthis

  • Rainbow Chatsworth

    I absolutely love this show. I hate when it goes off. I hope it stays on forever.

    • Renee Greenville, SC #1939918

      I love this show, it's the best soap opera OWN. I hate that season 2 went off. I rushed home every Tuesday night after work so that I could catch the beginning. I can't wait for season 3. Tyler Perry you have got it going on with all of your scripts. I want to congratulate you and tell you to keep them coming. And to everyone out there that watched both seasons and want to talk trash about it. If you thought it to be so horrible why did you watch both seasons. I love it and can't wait for May.

  • zion 105 kelly dr waxahachie,Tx

    I think that Candace's son should come in the show and his name should be Aaron and he should have beef with Veronica and he should also want revenge on the cryersfor wyatt running over Benny

  • Jesse Pittsburgh pa

    When in May does it start back up

    • MJ FL #1938981

      On Tuesday May 27. Peace....MJ

    • ShagNasty United States #1940788


  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    I don't get the OWN channel where I live.

  • Aliyah LA, CA

    Where can I see full episodes online?

  • kim ny

    what website can I go on to watch the full episode of the haves and haves not?

    • sherns st.lucia, caribbean #1940353

      you can watch it on letmewatchthis, that where i watched all the episodes, hope this helps


    The Season Finale, was very disappointing, well corny!! Considering all that happened in the second season, I was looking forward to a real bang bang ending. Everything was pretty much predictable. Hopefully next season will make up for it.

  • Shayne s.

    It's all going down! returning in may the haves and the have nots gets even more complicated as Candace situation reach another level. Kathryn and Hanna's relationship is on edge, Benny is in new care treatment, Wyatt is on arrest point, and Amanda's last encounter with the professor stunned viewers. It's too darn hot!

  • Brittney Taylor Gadsden, Al

    I just love the show being a full time wife, mom, student, and step in mom to my 17 year old sister after losing my mother, to lung cancer last year. I needed a good pick me up and I found that in this show it gave me something to look forward to during my pregnancy, and after I delivered. That Candace is a piece of work I tell you, you either love her or love the way you hate her, and that is the character that is most talked about and all I can say for Bennie is "Poor Bennie," he just can 't win for losing. I admire Hannah for her role it just hurts to see her hurt even though people say its just tv but its the type of tv that pulls you in so deep that you talking to the characters knowing they can't even here you . But Tyler Perry, " Really did it this time," the people that live in my town absolutely love him and wish we could have him come down so we can let you know how much we support you and love your work .

  • Jennie Washington United States

    Tyler this is a great show, I ready need and would really love an "audition", really I'm serious ; ) sincerely, JeniCe'

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