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For Better Or Worse, Tyler Perry’s sit-com centers around two of Perry’s favorite characters from the big screen- Marcus and Angela. Marcus and Angela were first introduced to the world in Tyler Perry’s blockbuster hit feature films… “Why Did I Get Married”, and “Why Did I Get Married Too”.

For Better Or Worse is a not-so-subtle situation comedy that follows the zany and sometimes tumultuous relationship of the lovesick couple. Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White are back to reprise their roles in the half-hour show. Michael plays Marcus, an ex football player turned sports commentator who owns his own sports talk show. Tasha Smith also resumes her role as Angela, the edgy and outspoken wife of Marcus who is dedicated to her husband, children, and marriage. The show also follows the lives of those who Marcus and Angela call their friends. There is Joseph, Marcus’ best friend and business partner. Joseph is left devastated by his breakup with long-time girlfriend, Leslie. Tired of waiting for a proposal from Joseph, Leslie has moved on to bigger and better things while staying focused on her career and her undying friendship with Angela. Keisha, Marcus’ ex- continues to cause a world of trouble for the group of friends and colleagues. And Jennifer and Todd are still as crazy as ever.

For Better Or Worse is ground breaking television, and is one of the biggest TV shows movie mogul Tyler Perry has ever produced. The sets, high fashion, and the strikingly good looking cast come together to create a truly sexy and provocative half-hour of television. Viewers will experience a fresh approach to the traditional sit-com format that will provide all the elements of well-crafted storytelling and the raw intrigue of reality TV. For Better Or Worse explores the controversial and joyous moments associated with marriage and dating in a 21st Century world. And like always, viewers will leave with life changing messages that have become a trademark of the Perry brand of entertainment. Don’t miss the next Tyler Perry hit… For Better Or Worse.

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  • Niece Michigan

    Love the show, but really tired of Keisha and her drama. But she do act like some of the women nowadays all that DRAMA. Please write something different next week that doesn't involve Richard and Keisha.

  • PJ

    What is happening with the writing the past few weeks?! The story lines, acting...it's awful. I want to continue watching, but this is painful.

  • Dee

    I love Tyler Perry and what he represents. I'm a big fan, but this show is driving me bananas. I keep watching the show and hoping things will get better, but tonight's show is the final straw. Keisha's antics in episode 3 14 are ridiculous. It is too much. Please get rid of Joseph, Leslie, Keisha and Richard. I hate these characters. They are ruining the show. I think the idea of the show is good. I love Angela and Marcus. I even like Jennifer's character, but I almost hate the other characters. It gets worse for me by the week. I'm done. I still love you TP! I just don't like this show.

  • Shel

    This thing with Keisha is really getting out of control. It's getting to the point where it isn't even funny anymore and is getting unbearable to watch. Please do something with Todd.

  • Deborah San Diego, CA

    I have been watching this show since it started and have always thought it was a little too silly for me but I have kept watching it. This new season is a little more than I can bear so I have deleted it from my weekly recordings. Angela's character has drastically changed. She's gone from one extreme to the next as far as her relationship with Marcus. She went from being loud and not trusting a bone in his body to being overly whiny and sappy. Is there no happy medium? Leslie's character has become confused and indecisive and Todd is just totally ridiculous. He used to be funny but now he is just irritating. All the other characters seem to have remained the same. I enjoy most of Tyler Perry's work but I guess I am at a point in my life where I cannot deal with the extreme silliness. I started with House of Payne and The Browns. But after a while, they got to be too much and I had to stop watching.

  • Ariel Providence, RI JWU

    Love your shows so much! EACH AND EVERYONE! Its definitely hard to pick a favorite. God Bless you.

  • Larry Lenexa, KS

    Tyler, I enjoy your work and as well as the storyline in FBOW. I think the show would be better off not portrayed as a comedy and agree with the comments to kill the laugh track. I can watch an entire show without laughing. I strongly recommend you either get rid of Jennifer and Todd or re-write their story lines. Since I record the shows, I fast forward the parts with Jennifer and Todd. These segments are too long and not funny at all. I enjoy the relationships and situations created with Marcus and Angela, Joseph and Leslie/Chris, and Keisha and Richard. In regards to Keisha's role, there are women out there that live up to that reputation. No it's not flattering but it is reality. For too long us brothers have beat the drum that you paint us all as dogs. That too is not flattering but in many instances that is a reality too. So I am fine with equal time.

  • Wanda Conyers ga

    Tyler are you going to release for better or worse on DVD and if yes when and what channel do for better or worse comes on now with comcast as my cable provider

  • mel

    The last few episodes been terrible . I don't want to be negative but the show is going in the wrong direction. I don't understand why they trying so hard to make this sitcom a comedy it's over kill with that awful laugh track. Every time someone speak there goes the laugh track smh I thought the Leslie/Chris/Joseph story line was great but they killed before it really started. now for better imo has become unwatchable..

  • betty wolfe fort wayne, in

    i love the show but the laughter track is very annoying. i dont need it to tell me when i should laugh. show should be filmed in front of live audience. i like todd but think a little less of him is best. i do love the leslie/joe story line as well as richard standing up 4 himself.

  • Tabitha Palmer Virginia

    Also I do want to say that I do like your work but I'm very hurt how you are portraying black women in this show. It's not funny to portray us as lying scheming vengeful women that would go so far to get money we would lie about domestic abuse and send a brother to jail over something trivial as money. There are enough black men in jail that have been wrongly accused or imprisoned by races not of our skin color and it's disgusting to and to portray a black woman falsely accusing her husband of a crime. African Americans as a people are divided enough as it is. Also I hate that you portray Angie's employee as ill educated and dumb. It's not just black individuals that watch this show whites may watch too. Thus for you to portray black women in this light is horribly misleading to others outside our race and plays into all the stereo types and misconceptions of black women. I must say as a black woman I am truly disappointed as to how you portrayed us. Sitcom or not it's not funny it's not cute and I'm not laughing.

    • Beejcee Missouri #1889189

      Preach Sister Palmer! I agree 100% with everything you said!

    • KeKe Guyana #1890134

      I disagree with you, he is being realistic and showing us Black women in different ways, educated, uneducated, single moms, arrogant, gold digging, etc the list can go on and on. But its time for us as women to realize that its not just men are the target.... other shows have white women as sluts, prostitutes, gold diggers and dumb.... are we here to say that white women should be stereotyped as this and not us black women? i love this show, and the reason i keep watching it, is because i understand it and can relate to most of it, some black women do behave like this and make it harder for other black women like myself. The truth of the matter is, most of us women just hate the idea that he is putting the truth about us out. Im educated, but i too can be loud and arrogant, I have trust issues with my husband, i envy some women who are lucky enough to grip a man with money.... i accept this and i am trying to change. its your choice to watch or not. but to say he portray us black women wrong in any way was just wrong. there are characters in there who are strong, like being a single mother and trying to raise ur kids right, and having your own job and being independent, but yet you looked for only the negative to pull out. however it is your opinion, and this was mine.

    • Beejcee Missouri #1890535

      With all due respect Ms. KeKe, there is no reflection of me on this show. I watch it for entertainment and I am not being entertained. I am a flawed indvidual like many of us are, but we are NOT all represented as black women, on For Better or Worse, sorry. All educated women do not appear or mistook for weak (Leslie) all single mothers are not loud (Jennifer) just for starters. All self-centered women (Keisha) are not gold-diggers.

    • Tabitha Palmer Virginia #1896398

      If you can identify yourself w Leslie or any of those other characters then you have serious issues and if you are married you won't be for long and if you are single then that's why you will probably stay single. I'm thankful I can't identify with any of those characters that's probably why I have been happily married for 10 years and counting .

  • Tabitha Virginia

    I think the show is overly exaggerated and not realistic. It's like they actors are trying soooo hard to be funny and it has the polar opposite effect. Take a lesson from the comedy lets stay together they take the smallest as well as the most complicated subjects that people can relate too but realistically portray the emotions people feel and live through in there relationships. I think it's great to have a spin off show from the movie Why Did I Get Married but the theme of the movie was a drama portraying the depths of marriage complexities from the most basic experiences to to the hardest life experiences. Therefore the show would be better off kept as a drama thus maintaining the depth of the original characters Angela and Marcus and marriage. I have been married for a little over ten years and trust me marriage definitely has many fun and funny moments but also it's complications of twist and turns and the struggle to overcome them together which results in making the marriage stronger. It's not as shallow as the show portrays it to be.

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