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For Better Or Worse, Tyler Perry’s sit-com centers around two of Perry’s favorite characters from the big screen- Marcus and Angela. Marcus and Angela were first introduced to the world in Tyler Perry’s blockbuster hit feature films… “Why Did I Get Married”, and “Why Did I Get Married Too”.

For Better Or Worse is a not-so-subtle situation comedy that follows the zany and sometimes tumultuous relationship of the lovesick couple. Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White are back to reprise their roles in the half-hour show. Michael plays Marcus, an ex football player turned sports commentator who owns his own sports talk show. Tasha Smith also resumes her role as Angela, the edgy and outspoken wife of Marcus who is dedicated to her husband, children, and marriage. The show also follows the lives of those who Marcus and Angela call their friends. There is Joseph, Marcus’ best friend and business partner. Joseph is left devastated by his breakup with long-time girlfriend, Leslie. Tired of waiting for a proposal from Joseph, Leslie has moved on to bigger and better things while staying focused on her career and her undying friendship with Angela. Keisha, Marcus’ ex- continues to cause a world of trouble for the group of friends and colleagues. And Jennifer and Todd are still as crazy as ever.

For Better Or Worse is ground breaking television, and is one of the biggest TV shows movie mogul Tyler Perry has ever produced. The sets, high fashion, and the strikingly good looking cast come together to create a truly sexy and provocative half-hour of television. Viewers will experience a fresh approach to the traditional sit-com format that will provide all the elements of well-crafted storytelling and the raw intrigue of reality TV. For Better Or Worse explores the controversial and joyous moments associated with marriage and dating in a 21st Century world. And like always, viewers will leave with life changing messages that have become a trademark of the Perry brand of entertainment. Don’t miss the next Tyler Perry hit… For Better Or Worse.

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  • Theresa Illinois

    I used to enjoy For better or Worse. You lost me with the Keisha storyline. What happened to Todd's baby.

  • Kim Middle River md

    The person playing Leslie is an horrible actress. That noise she makes "ugh" after every statement is annoying. Putting her with all the other strong actors and actresses really brings the show down. Also, get rid of the "laugh track". It sounds very fake.

  • Mary Magnolia,Arkansas

    Tyler, Loved your show I use to watch it all time, but since Keisha get away with everything. I cannot watch it anymore. I have a friend who say she don't watch anymore because of Keisha. Also I have five sister who love your shows and,they don't like idea of Keisha get away with everything. It really not fair

  • jeanette florida

    Loved your show until this season. The Keisha storyline is stupid. It is way too far out of the realm of possibility and is not funny. Please tell whichever writer is mad at his wife to get over it and move on. I cannot watch anymore. As soon as Keisha is mentioned I turn it off.

    • Erika #2140972

      I agree & have turned the channel.

  • India Florida

    From the first season, the writers started on this unrealistic story line with Keisha and the writing has gotten worse ever year. I really like the show but find myself starting to dislike the show because of the stupid unrealistic not funny story line. I just can not sit through another episode with this foolishness.

    • Larry Connecticut #2109445

      The show use to be very good when it started out. The storylines drag on. Leslie and Joseph should have married by now. What happened to the kids? Keisha storyline is so far-fetched and unrealistic. The laugh tracks are so nerving, Really? I had stopped watching the show and came back 2 shows ago and its just ridiculous. The only show that has some potential of TP's is The HATHN. All of the shows contradict whom Mr Perry professes to be. Sex, violence, all negative stereotypical shows!! These shows do not reflect positive changes for Blacks or any race !! Oh the days of yester-years---Good Times, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Cosby shows which had comedy with real life story lines. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY I GUESS?

  • Millie D North Carolina

    Come on Tyler. Let's do something with the Keisha character. Put some reality in the show. It's becoming stupid. How can she always throw up the 'call my lawyer' line and the business me have no comeback on that. They act like wimps.

  • Janet J United States

    the Keisha story line is not realistic..no one marry for only a year and receive that much alimony and everything that he has worked for..so the realism is not there..just tired of that drama.

  • Bree North carolina

    I really don't like the Kisha story line. I thought this season you would come back with something worthy of your viewers time. Why can't Angela and Marcus sue her and get back all the money they gave to her for child support. I am really not interested in the whole Kisha MESS and will absolutely will find something else to look at on Friday nights. Do you care?

  • Andrea Philadelphia, PA

    I'm sick of the Keisha storyline as well. I'm done after this season if something is not done. It is beyond crazy and farfetched at this point.

  • marlene United States

    Could you please send Madea to get Kisha together. Omg she need a thumb to the back ooh of the neck squeeze tight, choke a h** please Madea get Kisha

  • Cynthia Shreveport,La

    I have to agree with ALL of the comments regarding the storyline with Keisha. Everything is unrealistic and becoming violent. My husband and I am returning to going to the movie on Friday nights.

  • Kristy Oklahoma

    I am so sick.......and I am so done with Keisha. Get rid of her!!!! I was done with her last season when she was mad at Richard about her daughter. That was her fault that girl didn't know who her real daddy was. Out of everything I'm so sick and done with her. Someone needs to dial 1800 choke a hoe.

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