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For Better Or Worse, Tyler Perry’s sit-com centers around two of Perry’s favorite characters from the big screen- Marcus and Angela. Marcus and Angela were first introduced to the world in Tyler Perry’s blockbuster hit feature films… “Why Did I Get Married”, and “Why Did I Get Married Too”.

For Better Or Worse is a not-so-subtle situation comedy that follows the zany and sometimes tumultuous relationship of the lovesick couple. Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White are back to reprise their roles in the half-hour show. Michael plays Marcus, an ex football player turned sports commentator who owns his own sports talk show. Tasha Smith also resumes her role as Angela, the edgy and outspoken wife of Marcus who is dedicated to her husband, children, and marriage. The show also follows the lives of those who Marcus and Angela call their friends. There is Joseph, Marcus’ best friend and business partner. Joseph is left devastated by his breakup with long-time girlfriend, Leslie. Tired of waiting for a proposal from Joseph, Leslie has moved on to bigger and better things while staying focused on her career and her undying friendship with Angela. Keisha, Marcus’ ex- continues to cause a world of trouble for the group of friends and colleagues. And Jennifer and Todd are still as crazy as ever.

For Better Or Worse is ground breaking television, and is one of the biggest TV shows movie mogul Tyler Perry has ever produced. The sets, high fashion, and the strikingly good looking cast come together to create a truly sexy and provocative half-hour of television. Viewers will experience a fresh approach to the traditional sit-com format that will provide all the elements of well-crafted storytelling and the raw intrigue of reality TV. For Better Or Worse explores the controversial and joyous moments associated with marriage and dating in a 21st Century world. And like always, viewers will leave with life changing messages that have become a trademark of the Perry brand of entertainment. Don’t miss the next Tyler Perry hit… For Better Or Worse.

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  • Nika

    I used to really enjoy this show and I am glad to see I am not the only one confused. I definitely agree that Richard should not of hit Keisha. But why isn't it being addressed that she putting her hands on him first. First she receives a very unrealistic (in my opinion) settlement and she has now continually harassed and berated this man. You are really losing me Tyler, I will be so glad when this storyline is done and over with.

  • Monica Houston Texas

    I've never heard of getting 100% in a divorce settlement that's Surrender not settlement. Now Keisha took everything from Richard It wasn't right for him to hit her, but come on what did she expect? The man felt he didn't have nothing to lose. Texas? No Kids? She'd vwalk away with zip. He keeps everything he had before They got married. Anything they had after the I do's is up for grabs but everything he owns including what he had before he Said I do to the Queen B? Here in Texas? Absolutely no way You don't get rich behind divorce here. And there certainly Is no entitlement just cause you was a wife. I'm waiting for Keisha to get hers

  • Byron

    This show is so confusing. I don't understand why Todd did not explain to everyone that Keisha put her hands on Richard. Why does that seem to be okay? While I agree that a man should never put his hands on a woman to inflict pain or injury, a women should be held to those same standards. This used to be one of my favorite shows. Now not so much.

  • Shannon Fulghem Lees Summit

    I used to LOVE this show. Couldn't wait to watch it. Keisha's character is horrible. The way she treats the others on the show is a shame. Unless this direction changes I will no longer be able watch it. Most black people that I know don't act the way you have these characters behave.

  • mrraheem Lawrenceville, GA

    Keisha doesn't own 1/3 of the company She only owns 1/2 of Richard’s 1/3, which is only 1/16. Marcus owns 1/3 – and Joseph owns 1/3. Richard used to own 1/3 of the company. now Richard only owns 1/16 and Keisha owns 1/16, which equals 1/3. You put all that together and it becomes 100%, So the three guys own most of the shares in the company. Keisha only owns 1/16 of 100% - not much when you think of it. So why does she have so much power? And plus, do you really think these man didn’t have a Lawyer who handles all of their legal issues who would have protected the company from Keisha’s lil power, but let’s not forget – it is TV – Haha, and Keisha’s corner is funny - lol.

  • kay Los Angeles, CA

    Yeah Angela!!! A new baby - that will show Keisha that Marcus and Angela are MARRIED with CHILDREN I love you Marcus and Angela!!! Show folks how to stay married - you can argue and disagree and then makeup - its called communication - that's how folks stay married I wish that someone taped all the times that Keisha taunted and pushed Richard - so that he can sue her behind and get his stuff back. But truthfully neither Keisha nor Richard can let stuff go - that's how people really get hurt. I wish Richard had done more to Keisha because he is going to jail without proof that she provoked him. Please let someone come up with tapes on her actions - please

    • Carolyn Stephens Texas #2150231

      Point Blank, there is know way Keisha should have gotten all that she has from Richard. Richard had all of this before he married Keisha so I don't understand how she can be awarded, by the judge what Richard already had when he married her. This is very unrealistic. He should be able to take her back to court and get all that belonged to him before she came into his life.

  • Iris Johnson Dallas, TX

    Okay Mr. Tyler Perry, first of all, I would like to know just who is doing the writing for this show, because it appears that they are all over the place. I know this show is suppose to be a dramatic sit-com, but why does the story lines never tie in together? During this season, you have shown the Marcus has a daughter that has proven to actually be his, then the next week, there is no mention of her. Now this week, you have shown Angela to be pregnant in the 1st episode, then in the second episode directly following that one, you show her with Marcus and her friends getting ready to watch a movie with a glass of alcohol in her hand, seriously?? I am beginning to hear so many negative comments about this show and that is a shame because it really is a great show!! You have so many storylines that you can follow up on and blend in together to make this show so much more enjoyable and entertaining.. Please do yourself and your fans a favor, in your next season shows, please bring Marcus's daughter back in as a regular, show more of MJ, follow up on Angela's pregnancy (Which should really be enough for the whole season)..show some of Jennifer's kids from time to time, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do something different with Kisha's character!! It is sooo irritating how you have her treating Richard and the rest of the guys at C-Sports!! No body who owns a third of a company should have that much power. And if you were trying to make a point about a man not hitting a woman..I agree with that 100%..I have never been hit nor disrespected by any man that I dated or married in my entire life, but I also have never provoked a man to disrespect me either. I guess you see it as okay for Kisha to poke this man all upside his head and talk to stupid to him and that is NOT a form of abuse? If you are going to play the "Abuse" charge, at least be fair about it. I don't condone Richard for hitting Kisha, but I must say, I cheered when he did!! He has been taking ALL the abuse from her for far too long..You could at least make Kisha's character show a little more compassion toward Richard. You really do this show and your fans an injustice with her character.. One more thing, I would like to stress, is PLEASE if you must have an episode with Joseph and Leslie getting married, please make it brief..Leslie's character really is not that believable either and she is irritating as well.. I am not sure if that is due to the fact that she can't act very well, or the character that you all have her portraying. Make her character a little bit more realistic please...Thank You!! Oh and by the way, please keep Angela and Marcus' maid - I JUST LOVE HER!!!!

    • Tammy Connecticut #2147006

      Thanks, you summed this up very nicely, except for Leslie. Actually Leslie's character is very good. Its just off centered because of who she is friends with. As for Keisha's part, too unrealistic. She keeps slapping Richard on the head, really and him not to do anything!! No one deserves to be hit. Men as well as women should not be abused. No he should not have hit her, but come on? Why did she even get anything? She was the one caught with another man in the ATM booth. Why wasn't this bought to light? Her role is so off key in all areas. Why wasn't Marcus & Angela suing her for all the money paid for a child that was not his. Really so many unrealistic things concerning Keisha's role period. If its to keep her part in the show there could have been many other avenues!! But her role is so UNREALISTIC! Why so long on Leslie & Joseph's marriage. Yes why aren't the kids shown on a regular basis? And it is really off key with shows going all over the place. This show was so good in the first few seasons then it really headed down!!! Better writing/Writers before u continue to loose people watching.

  • Shining Light MD

    Dear Tylet... This season of For Better or Worse is much too short. I love this show and look forward to each Friday night when it airs. Tyler, it's time for Keusha to pay up. Everything that she took from Richard, MUST be repeated to him---in FULL! Also, the future episodes must show Keisha being humbled and being forced to earn s living for both her and her daughter. She needs to be on non name brands; to shop in Walmart, Target, Ross and even Goodwill. She must also be made to sell all of her name brand clothes and shoes to Consignment Shops in order to pay Richard back. She had to return Richard's car back to him and his house. In addition, she longer had any connections with C-Sports...she no longer had part ownership. She also loses Keisha's Corner and her fans when they discover how Coniving she is, Keisha is the Abuser of Richard .,, she laid her hands on him several times and hurt this man to his soul. It's time for Richard to be vindicated . Soon is not fast enough! Thank you, Tyler . I love you! It's time to make things right.

    • Shining Light MD #2146948

      Correcting my typo above: Keisha must return everything to Richard that she has taken from him.

    • Kay #2146957

      I agree with you Shining 100%

  • Glo United States

    I am a woman and I don't condone any kind of abuse, woman putting her hand on a man or a man putting her hand on woman. Keisha has been very abuses toward Richard, shes put her hands on him several times, if a person continue to get verbally and physical abused eventually someone gets seriously hurt or killed. Keisha role is to much, she has come into Richard work play n taken over. Always telling the men they have to do what she say or she will call the cops, ( she only has 1/3 ownership in the company) majority has rules. Keisha is out of control. Beside all that I love your shows and movies.

  • Sheila Evans St. Louis mo.

    Mr. Perry are you saying it's ok for a women to hit a man! Because in this episode thats, what it's showing she was steady making him Fill like wasn't a man and keep dogging him when he's down I'm not saying it's ok for a man to hit a women but the why she's treating Him it's no right!

  • drea69 quincy, fl

    I think this show is sending the worst message to men and women. Verbal abuse is no worse than physical and Keisha is guilty of both. I would never support a man hitting a woman but this woman has put her hands on Richard more times than I can count. Come on Tyler Perry! I'm sitting her watching these women talk about how it's not right for any man to put his hands on woman. What about the reverse. That assistant sat right there and watched Keisha hit Richard in his face several times. Is that not considered assault? I usually ride for everything Tyler Perry but I don't believe this is a show I can support anymore.

    • Kay #2146958

      I was thinking the same thing - I just said that I wish Keisha hitting Richard and verbally abusing him was caught on tape. As a matter of fact - that caught on tape should be on TV for EVERYBODY to see

    • drea69 #2146959

      That would be nice. Or at the very least the young man could speak up on Richard's behalf and tell what he saw. When Angela and the gang got to the station the only thing he said was that Richard slapped Keisha! Made me mad.

  • mraheem Lawrenceville, GA

    And oh, right, like Terrie said: we never see mj… I don’t think I’ve ever seen MJ, Dominique has faded away, and the new found daughter Pam, was nowhere around for this new episode, and now…Angela’s pregnant? Is this baby going to be an invisible child too? Please bring in the kids into the family, let this show be about seeing our children grow up in a good middle class family, who gives back to the community. Leave your audience feeling real good and full of laughter, after they watched the show. and oh, yeah…please bring in live a audience, that fake laugh machine will never work. We will always know it’s fake! I like every character in the show-except Keisha, please redirect her character.

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