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  • I get overwhelmed #2203715 » Posted in: My online family

    When I think about all that Ive been through and how God keeps blessing me. Falling in love with life.

  • Ora Richman Little Rock, Arkansas #2203710 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler! I am about to do another good deed, I am about to take a homeless man in. One of the homeless ladies that stayed with me done moved on. I love doing good things for people and I know that I will reap the good I have sown. Everyone that comes to know me says I have a heart of gold. Love you Tyler and God bless!

  • David posey Missouri #2203709 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi I'm David and me and one of my friends love u and we have an idea about a madea movie u should make that would make millions contact me at no one steals my idea

  • They have these heart beat #2203708 » Posted in: My online family

    Rings where you can feel your partner's heartbeat anywhere in the world. I want me and the honey to get these for wedding rings. They're called HB rings by Touch.

  • Elder Betty S******** Pleasant Grove AL #2203707 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry my family and I just watched your play Tyler Perry's Class Reunion after watching it several times before. It was hilarious and rich in spirit. Forgiveness is a must for people to have if they want to make it to heaven! My daughter and i have constantly discussed Madea, Big Mama and Eddie Murphys female character would be great in a movie together. God bless! We love you! The S******** family

  • M.H #2203703 » Posted in: My online family

    Thank you so much, Perry. Goodnight

  • My mom gave me all of her #2203701 » Posted in: My online family

    Treasures. They have no monetary value at all. Her favorite cubic zirconia earrings and a necklace thats turning colors from the beauty supply store but I realized these are her favorite things. It was funny because she gave it to me and said im going to give you this in case something happens she dont want nobody taking her stuff. I thought it was cute i said okay ill put it in a safe.place, and I did. I took her like to Houstons for her birthday because i felt she shouldnt be alone. Later she says, you know the only time ive ever been to a fancy restaurant in my life was when you took me and the 1st time id ever been out of town, ever was when you took me, the 1st time she wore something expensive was what I bought. I was really taken aback by that. I never knew that and never even thought about it. Expensive was a $100 dress, that I thought was a bargain so when U bought it I was thinking this is nice and the price us good. I had no idea how it would make her feel, all of those things. I.had no idea would . To be honest i never thought that deep about it at the time, I was just maki ng plans or buying her something she needed for an event. So i was.kind of shocked. Who knew? Mom is not emotional, never said I love you, was just not the nurturing type, at all. These are the things that will live with me forever but the strange thing is I dont know how I feel about it. I really had not thought about that. I never knew that what I thought of as a chore was affecting her so deeply. So that keeps running through my mind.

  • Marc Mansfield, Ohio #2203700 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Mr. Perry I know your a busy man and get lots of email daily, but I would like to tell you my story, and Pitch a movie idea. I have been hold on to for a long time just need help and I don't know where to start. I love your plays and movies so I feel like you would be the best person or family to try and start with I'm just a young man that grow up all over Norfolk, Va in a unstable home growing up with a single mom so yes life has been hard but nothing I can't handle if God think so then I know so. no I get not get my high school diploma so I moved out of my auntie house and moved to Mansfield, Ohio a lot of people asked me why and I always say to get my life together I just turned 24 (on the 22nd of August) I am enrolled in to adult education program to get my GED and I have a few GED tests coming up next week and I tell u that to let u know that even though I had it rough growing up I am determined and self-motivated and ready to win and be successful in life. Thank You

  • Spoon & #2203699 » Posted in: My online family

    Sleep kind of a night........:0

    • Me and the hunny #2203706

      Was just saying we need this. We both had a long exhausting week.

  • What to do #2203695 » Posted in: My online family

    I have always been there for my mom, helping her and taking her where she needs to be, checking up on her. Now my kid is out of the house. I have the opportunity to leave the state. What ive been.dreaming about my whole life. Was not able to do it because of the custody agreement with my kids father. Now I have the opportunity to leave. If i stay here I feel like i will slowly die inside. I hate living here everyone who knows me know it and has known it for years. Now, my mom is older since ive always been there im the only she trusts and feel comfortable with. She'spanicking at the thought of me leaving, seriously worried and panicky about who is going to take care of her or me not being close by. What to do?!!!!

    • There are others #2203696

      Who can help. And they are very reliable. She only wants me to do it. Im feeling some kind of way about that, a little resentful but having a guilty conscious about it, too. Im feelung some type of way about her being so attached to me now when I can finally start living peacefully, well I dont like it because she was a very detached parent when i was a kid and needed her attention. I love her but feel like when can I just live, Ive been taking care of her my whole life. But the truth is if I leave and something happens to her, that would really tear me up. And, she is very adamant about not wanting any else to help her. Everybody keeps saying she's not going to deal with nobody else but you, even though they want to do it. She gets very angry and keeps looking for me .

  • Chanel Trent Bowie, MD #2203692 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mister Perry, my name is Chanel Trent. I am an actress and I love all all your movies and Plays. I am in Bowie state university I am a senior this year, and I was wondering if I was to move down to atlanta after this year if I could come and meet you. Then maybe you can see that I have some sort of potential talent and cast me in 1 of your plays or tv series, but if not then I would be honored just meet you and tell you how much your place have influenced my writing how much it influence my monologs that I present to my teachers and tell you that keep doing awesome work that you do don't let no one tell you otherwise. I have a learning disability and a speech disability but your movie and plays have taught me not to be ashamed of what I have. Chanel Trent

  • Parker Los Angeles #2203688 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello! Tyler just wanted to ask for some encouragement to keep moving forward because I step out on faith and left everything behind. Now I am in a space that God has called me to, but this place is something that I have never experience to this max. Anyway, just want some encouragement and thank you for all of your shows and movie that help me to heal and help me to encourage others. God bless...

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