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  • Thomica NJ #1946958 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler Last night me and my daughter (my series watching roley) were looking for new episodes of the haves and the have nots (because we are newbies and wanted to start from the beginning). But we've been waiting for weeks to finish this season. We are on the episode where Hanna just confronted Cathrine at her sons bedside and she looses the battle in court. Why are next episodes not airing ondemand???? Now a whole new season is about to start and I still can't catch up! I'm looking EVERYWHERE to buy it. I'm feeling jipped and anxious!!! What's up????

  • Mz Lawrencville #1946955 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler, I am here to ask you a favor, a chance, grant a wish, answer a prayer. Not for me, but for someone near and dear to me. If you can find it in your heart to gift him with a job I would be very appreciative. See, his circumstances are not normal, and he is finding it difficult to secure work here. I have no problem asking, because I am humble and believe in the power of pray and perseverance. I wish I could do more, and I will continue to try, but I also see so many of our young are not offered the help we had when we were young. I thought I would give you a try. I love what you do and your unexpected charity. I know God is real, in my life and yours. I don't take it lightly, or play with it. I just trust and believe. If not you, if there is anyone out there reading this...then you too. Looking for an Angel so I can keep my son off the street, so that he has a chance, so he can someday help someone else. We have to lift up our young...we have to, or we have no future. Thank you all. Thank God!

  • Jai Washington D.C #1946954 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler, Hy Tyler. My name is Jai and I'm from Washington D.C. I can only imagine how many comments, or letters you receive. I know I will just be ecstatic if you just get to read mines:). I'm 20 years young and a single mom . I had my son when I was 18yrs old. My ultimate career goal is to become a nurse . I also sing. I've been going to school for nursing but I recently had to put that on hold due to me not being able to afford going to school. I want nothing more then to make something of myself so that my son won't want for anything. No I don't have a car, sometimes I go without new clothes, and I still stay at home with my parents. My main focus is to remain focus, but it's extremely hard when I can't complete my number one goal . School is everything to me and it's the key to my success. You can never stop learning . It really tears me up that I have to miss semesters because I can't afford it. Thank you In advance if you take the time out to read this. Feel free to we Your are definetly an inspiration.

  • Marie louise Small-town, MD #1946953 » Posted in: My online family

    My Dear Tyler Perry, I will start by glorifying the name of Jesus Christ for He is hiding you under his Rock. My name is Marie LOUISE and I really need you to send me an email it's important. May the fire keeps on falling on you in Jesus Name my brother. Stay blessed ML

  • Treceia S Taylor United States #1946952 » Posted in: My online family

    Im trying to get into the television and film industry but I dont know how, I want to be an Actress on TV and be a star, but just dont know where to start...I just need Tyler or somebody to show me the way and Im willing and ready to work hard to get to where I want to be. If working in the studio is the way to get started so I can learn about everything, then I want to do that...right now im just an striving Entrepreneur, I have several small businesses that I have going on but nothing that is getting me anywhere, and my fulltime job, Im a Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of New Jersey Cerebral Palsy...it just pays the bills, thats why i have several other side, small businesses, like my own Tax Office(seasonal), and Im a Passion Party Consultant. Please help me by leading me in the right direction of what to do to at least start...I live in Delanco, New Jersey, but Im from Texas. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Treceia Taylor

  • Elizabeth Perry United States #1946951 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler Perry, You are truly an inspiration to me. A couple years back I tried to do a video submission for acting. I desired it be an actress but I never took it so seriously. Lately, it has been heavy on me to truly pursue my dreams. I have had a rough year, like you I have been homeless and at one point was sleeping in my car. God has been so good and gracious unto me, and realizing before how much I took life for granted I feel more ready than ever to follow my dreams. Being that you went through the same thing I went through is there any advice, help, anything you could give me? I would truly appreciate it. There is a spark of faith and hope that I have that never allows me to give up on my dreams. I want to thank you because though you don't know me at all, you are an inspiration to me because you are a living witness to never give up on yourself, God gives beauty for ashes.

  • Shadia Originally from Brooklyn Reside in nj #1946950 » Posted in: My online family

    Nothing much to say other than god has a specific calling For each and every one of us !! I thank god for the many Different outlets , & a broad and open mind thank god for My brothers & sisters who pave the way for our generations Talents.. I thank you tho for keeping me & my family Entertained , for showcasing those characters people Only hear about ! God bless you on this journey I'm thankful & so very proud of our cultures , Ambition and perseverance ! Thank you for not giving up on Dreams and aspirations ... Until That day when I sit down with you ... Stay humble & keep tearing Hollywood up we love you !!!!

  • Dennis New york #1946948 » Posted in: My online family

    I just want to say that i really enjoy your work and all that you do for your community. I want you to continue to keep making us laugh with your comedic genius. I would like to know are you going to bring any more of your live plays to New York anytime soon. Again, thank you for the entertainment that you bring us all and you just continue to stay bless and always keep the faith

  • Courtney Solomon Detroit Michigan #1946946 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler I went to three Target stores in the Detroit area and they did not have your movie madea's neighbor from h*** one of the workers told me it never came on the truck that was Tuesday now here it is Thursday and it's still not there.... So I finally drove to Walmart I was able to buy two

  • Katrina Green Bensalem Pa. 19020 #1946945 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi, I am a single divorced adoptive/fosterparent. I have been ostracized by my family since I lay in the hospital for five years alone. I did what my mom said "don't tell the police what really happened to me", I didn't and yet she still hates me. I have written two books both are unbelievable but true stories. I have always enjoyed your films and find solace in the many stories told. I love God, after being in church over twenty years seeing people literally dying in the pews, I have reason to believe most churches are "Stuck on Stupid". The only way leadership cannot see the pain people are in is because of the blindfold they have placed on their own eyes!!! I would like to submit my books to your organization only I do not know how. I have recently re-entered college at the age of 54 (shh!!!) don't tell anyone I said that I will deny it until Jesus come!!!

  • playing cards SC #1946944 » Posted in: My online family

    Rummy 500!!! Chilling with my sister!

  • Andreanique Johnson Nassau,Bahamas #1946941 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi. My name is Andreanique johnson, 25 years of age have one son. Am writing to you in regard of a job at your bahama home. Please all i ask is for you to help with a job so ican better provude for my son and I. I hope you could find it in your Thank you and God bless you.

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