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  • Boitshepo Ursula Schulz Gaborone,Botswana #1997151 » Posted in: My online family

    It's 23:49 my time and I just watched your interview with Oprah next chapter. I just wanted to say I love the HUMAN being that you are. I struggle with having faith...holding onto God...getting lost in the not knowing your purpose. But somehow the times I have listened to you. I don't see the "tyler Perry" big producer TV mogul. I see the HUMAN being wHo is sending a message of faith belief forginess kindness joy hope truth.... So thank you for being that to me. And bringing the laughter is a bonus. I hope that I can one day have that faith in myself and trust in God... Blessings...

  • PAMELA NIGERIA #1997150 » Posted in: My online family


    • Ty #1997166

      Hi tyler perry i really love haves and haves nots please put it on back at December

  • Elbre Norman Jacobs South Africa #1997149 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler I like to invite you to South Africa to come and do a conference.We really need men like you to uplift the spirit of your fellow brothers and sisters.Hope this message speak to your heart. Thank you for every story you road and play, may God bless you more and more. With love from South Africa, Cape Town.

  • Ora Richman West Memphis, Arkansas #1997148 » Posted in: My online family

    Good evening Tyler! I watched the new episode of Love Thy Neighbor and I enjoyed it. Linda had sex with Phillip and told him to date other women. That doesn't make her character look good. Why would she officially make it out to be a one night stand? A woman can't play hard to get once she have given up her valuable goods. That was nice of him to serve her breakfast the next morning, but I am assuming that he still wanted to be with her after the fact. Now that she made love to him, her character should be a little more flexible. Another thing, a woman can't have sex with a man, then tell him she only want sex when they are married. How you start a relationship, that is how it's going to end. I don't want sex right now, it's not a vow I made, it's just something I don't want to do. As I mentioned before in previous posts, I'm looking for a cuddle bug right now, someone that I can cuddle up with at the beach, the movies, or at home on the couch. I want to take my time and get to know someone, relax and have fun. When a man mention sex to me, it pushes me farther away, even though I know it's in his nature to ask. I'm at a stage in my life where I want to take my time. #Justsaying

  • Narene Stokes kansas city, missouri #1997147 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello, Mr. Perry: My name is Narene, I am hoping you can help me with a tragedy. My son Ryan was killed last year July 28, 2013 early Sunday morning here in Kansas City, Missouri. He was killed right after the Treyvon murder and now in between the Michael Brown killing. When I heard the killing in Ferguson, Missouri it opened my grieving wound all over again. I am reaching out to you because you are so inspirational and give strength to me and my family. I am not looking for publicity but, justice and peace to the killing of my son and no weapon young black men. I am hurting with the other mother's of these senseless killings from the one's that are to protect and serve. I know it's across nationwide but, when it hits home it's so hard to breathe swallow. Please, if anything can you keep us in prayer with giving true inspiration to this madness. My baby boy was 24 years old with a lot of life.

  • Robert United States #1997145 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry I'm ready!

  • Lily Moody Hickory,NC #1997144 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, I am always blessed when I view your plays and movies. I am always wondering if you will add an "ongoing"show to help survivors of domestic violence and/or abuse. Obviously, this is a passion of mine. You have made such a great impact in the community. Why not continue with supporting women on a global basis as it pertains to empowering women who are dealing with traumatic events? Your input and insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you do! We love you Mr. Perry!

  • Victoria Nigeria #1997143 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear tyler perry,I want u to hv petty on case nd approve of helping m as God leads u,but I knw God will surely driect u to help m am an orphan nd all alone w** my daughter as am typing am down.I want u to help m to come to America to give a life pls am pleading for help .God bless u.

  • Wanja Ndung'u Los Angeles, CA #1997142 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, sharing A PROVERB FOR TODAY: A life of faithfully serving and obeying God allows Him to place us in a position to be consistently blessed, is the meaning of Prov.28:20.

  • shazaelarabi ksa #1997141 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi,Tyler my name is Shaza Iam 36 african woman from Sudan live in Saudi Arabia single mom mother of two children their father leave me and went China when my second son was 57 days now he is 12 my children are not go to school because we have not legal documents Isent my message over 1000 times to mama Oprah and Istill sending please please please Tyler help me you and mama Oprah to live in America to find chance of work and good teaching to my children.

  • Sandra Atlanta, GA #1997140 » Posted in: My online family

    I am the Vice Queen of The Dazzling Darlings chapter of the Red Hat Society in Atlanta. If it is at all possible we would like to take a tour of your studio. Please let me know if that is possible and what procedures to follow. Thanks

  • Dana Nashville, TN #1997138 » Posted in: My online family

    [5 of 5] Lastly, I still feel that the audience’s laughter feels like it’s inserted clips, or something (of course, even when they are, the viewer shouldn’t be able to pick up on it, instead should feel that the audience is laughing at that spot because I’m laughing at that spot too). And, it can affect the flow of the character’s lines (or how we PERCEIVE them) and natural timing. As you know, a simple insert or editing, etc., can most definitely affect the tone of the show. Normally, it’s not a big area of critique, I know (just pray for me). Sometimes, it can be more pronounced if there are other kinks within the show…just can’t quite put my finger on it. Whew! I guess that covers all the bases; don’t beat me down (smile). Again, PLEASE know that we do want them to be a hit and EXTRA successful. And, yes, I know that your mind is working a million miles a second, and there’s no way in the world that everything can be caught or fixed or taken into consideration. We just wish Love Thy Neighbor much love and accomplishment. Take care and be good! [SO SORRY FOR THE LENGTHY POST OR OVER STEPPING BOUNDARIES...JUST WANT JOBS LIKE THOSE TO KEEP GOING. YUP! LOL]

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