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  • Neal Valencia, Ca #2203271 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, I always have and always will support you. I enjoy all of your work some more than others of course. I'm happy and proud of you for expanding your horizons, because that means your still growing which means the best is yet to come from you. Great job with your new show "Too Close To Home." Good for you working both networks! I ain't mad at you!

  • Kimberly Wilson Westport, CT #2203270 » Posted in: My online family

    I would like to invite everyone, Administrative and Artistic Staffs of Tyler Perry Studios to my musical one-woman show "A JOURNEY". I am co-producing and performing my original play at the 5th Annual Atlanta Black Theatre Festival this October. The invitations will be in the mail. Please do not discard them. If you're not interested in attending, please share them with a church or community member. My efforts are to reach out and share my story, our story. As always, in asking, I ask for and welcome your prayers and blessings. Thank you.

  • Rose USA #2203269 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler, I was doing a follow up mtg with on 5th floor at the VA....a study about depression and etc...right?? when I was asked a question....she said..."do you smell smells that others don't smell"?...and immediately my mind went to THAHN.... that scene......when that nice little nosey white lady (first of all) was walking her dog with the lease and no dog...apparently the dog had passed away....then she asked Hanna if she smelled that smell...Hanna said no!...she replied it might be gas....could it be gas...she asked!!! when I saw that I said hmmm tyler perry, what dat all about....then to l*** the icingt off the spoon......the dern nosey white lady had a picture of the cat (dude) that was inside candaces house....I said what!!!! who does that...the chick actually had the pictures in a folder...devolped....WHAAAAAAAT....I was like tyler perry what you doing boy!!!! and then it hit my cray butt!....thanks Mr.Perry for introducing all elements of human living...I thinks that is real....some kinda real indeed...as a matter of fact honey! I especially love how you played the poor aging and ailing pops last night in TCTH....dorca...what he name???? or somebody it was....by that time I was doing something else and listening more to the show...but evidentally the father has dementia and alzheimers disease...and was fixing blow that boy of his head clean off..I was cracking up!!! Lord...He blinked out there of a moment....but his son simply and very calmly played him right on back to his world and all was well....I see you introduce themes that affect us all....enough about you tho...PEOPLE...PLEASE IF YOUR PARENTS HAVE BRAIN DEAD DISEASE....don't challenge them by frustrating them to think, stuff that they can't remember...thats the whole problem...THEY CANT REMEMBER...so just follow along on their level....love them on their new level and stop tryna make them stay on yours with your crazy stressed out self any ole way!!!! Good work...sonny boy....we's proud...!!! real proud!!!! (will you have a cameo roll up in the white house at any time you think?)

    • :-) #2203281


  • Lucille Haugabook #2203267 » Posted in: My online family

    I watched Too close to Home as I promised you I would. It is wonderful, just loved it. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless you.

  • Stoner Studio City, CA #2203265 » Posted in: My online family

    Watched TMZ's coverage on your critics 'in a bunch' for you doing a mostly white cast show. Mr. Perry, you GO and allow God to extend the borders of your territories and your mind. You will be blessed and bless so many, which is your assignment. Praying for you!

  • Robin North Carolina #2203264 » Posted in: My online family

    I just want to say thank you for being you and Medea. My husband lost his job a few months ago and it was hard to stay up beat, he is in his 60!and finding work was hard.any way we would watch one of Mrdeas movies and laugh. You made a hard time just a bit easier for Us. Thank you so muchyou lifted us up.my husband was able to find work and we are getting things straight now. May God bless you

  • Cecilia Detroit #2203263 » Posted in: My online family


  • Cyn Watching OWN #2203262 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, Remember the quote "A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for. Albert Einstein Keep your great ship moving. Cyn

  • Harry Martinez Linden,NJ #2203260 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello this is a high school friend of mine that is in need of a stem cell transplant because she has MS. She tries to go thru the bank for the Loan and got denied. She was diagnosed at 24 yrs and now she is 32yrs. She scheduled a date of November 7, 2016. But since the bank denied her she is gonna try to push back till she gets enough money up for operation. If there is anything anyone can do to help. Pls try and help my friend. There is a video on her Facebook page that will explain everything. Please can we try to help her. Thank u and have a great day.

  • CAROL #2203259 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr.Perry I am so happy for you with that new show which I watched on Monday was there a part two on Tuesday and was it on OWN also. If there was a part two on Tuesday I could not watch it because I was watching the HAHN. you keep doing what you are doing . You are bless I have seen all your shows on TV and all your plays. Why don't you put LOVE THY NEIGHBOR ON FOR A HOUR instead of a half hour.I think they are great in fact all your people are some could actors and actress. I will be watching TO CLOSE TO HOME.

  • Michael Coleman Reno, Nevada #2203257 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, This is Michael Coleman. I am a musician who's currently working throughout the west coast. I am writing you in regards to obtaining permission to submit some music to you for future projects you're developing. I'm using this format because I have tried all the other avenues to try to submit my music to you. You can also go to www.soundcloud.com/musicolewmichaelc and listen to some of my tracks. I truly hope you can take the time to check out my music and respond. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Michael Coleman

  • Key az #2203256 » Posted in: My online family

    I'm check out what Regina King gone do tonight...

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