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  • Linda Daniels Charlotte,N.C. #2182908 » Posted in: My online family

    I enjoy the play it made my day. I miss going to them on my birthday but I were glad you did bring madea on the run to charlotte. I wish I could gotten your autograph.

  • M.H #2182907 » Posted in: My online family

    A Temporary Fix.....Since you like cars..... I know you do cause you're a star..... Let my price reject you..... Then pull you back from what you been through.... Your credit was no good.... Now you have money to look under the hood...... Now check me out on your nice TV.... No commercial interruptions to allow to fully see..... Now turn me up on your radio.... Hands free ignition, motor running and ready to go.... Eyes wide open and its almost time for your new show..... You and the dealer has made the deal...... Now you're driving off fast on your new four wheels.... Something is keeping you from listening and watching yourself..... The car is satellite/cable ready and no remote on the shelf..... Uh oh, is your car engine burning?..... That's okay you're listening to me and learning..... I'm trying to show you some new kicks....... So when I walk from the bottom you'll know I ain't ........ A TEMPORARY FIX

  • Today is wisdom Wednesday .... #2182901 » Posted in: My online family

    U got some ?

    • Word To The Wise #2182903

      Use it before you lose it!

    • Ok #2182904


  • Andrea oregon #2182898 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler Perry I have some concerns on your TV show If loving you is wrong has taken a bad twist for me it seems everyone that is black on the show is being PUNK by white people. Is this a new norm? Even for better for worst is crazy with Keisha taking everything that mans has. I have all ways watch your shows. I have had to fly to other states to see your plays because that how much I love your plays your energy and always loving to see our people advance . I have past by your studios In Atlanta I have all ways follow your success .

    • Zola #2182922

      Hello, I agree that it is too negative. TV occupies a vast amount of time of African Americans and I think it should be adding to our constructive existence. I look at the Italian immigrants who came to America as peasants. They built their own system to educate their people about Italian culture and about language. They produced funding for education, they got educated about politics and starting occupying judges seats, became a part of the American cabinet, senators and developed their own wealth Now they support the growth of Italian patronage to flourish even more. I forgot the most important factor, they came here with a strong basis to flourish the moral and social values of respecting their parents, elders and to do better. Can we build a culture that says we strive to do better. I am just tired of the same old cycle of violence, and encouragement of it. Show us as building an empire and keep that structure moving to higher heights like the Italians.

    • Sherlene Stevens Union City, GA #2182934

      Great discussion and viewpoints, you two. I believe Mr. Perry tries to please his TV audiences. Do you believe the "majority" of said audiences would appreciate your viewpoints? We have to meet people where they are; then, focus on better productive reasonings. Do you believe his story lines would be most appropriate on BET than OWN? If so, why?

  • M.H #2182897 » Posted in: My online family

    Let Me Count Your Ways..... I love if you have a missing leg..... And the other one decorated with your favorite football team for women to beg...... What about the one's with a glass eye..... You can see me in one for you not to see me cry..... Born with no arms.... Come here baby I'll keep you from harm..... All these beautiful men with great hearts...... Missing some pieces but fills your cart..... They give love for days...... So many imperfections but what's great.....LET ME COUNT YOUR WAYS

  • M.H #2182894 » Posted in: My online family

    Why do I just lovemen with a disability? They are just so sexy to me so beautiful!!! Aaahhh!!

  • Hello.... #2182893 » Posted in: My online family


    • ;-) #2182895


    • tanya badgett newport news, va #2182896

      My message is to Mr Perry I first want to start off by saying you bring a smile to my face even in the darkest of days as your movies or TV programs are always hilarious but with meaning. I am probably late in knowing about this Brian on Fire Movie, which a friend has just bought the book to my attention as I am the parent of a 20 yr old daughter whom has been thrown into what seems like a lifetime of turmoil, which started Oct 25, 15. My daughter a leader and honor roll student tri athlete community volunteer all through middle and high school was a college student full academic scholarship at a private college here in Virginia. Virginia Wesleyan College, Two years in a row received the Va Sheriff's Assoc Scholarship, On Sept 19, 15 her College Dean Called me with horrifying news and by Oct 25 the night my Loving Daughter turned into a Demon I had never seen before tried to Strangle me while trying to drive her home to safety, has been hospitalized three times in two months and is now in therapy and on medication trying to heel from what none of us understand or even know why it happened to her, Diagnoised with Bipolar type 1, schyo affective, depressive depression at some point diagnoised psychotic. Wishes to express to all those suffering from this Prayers and Hope to Heel and get through life with some dignity. I would love to have any information or Doctors names that might be of help to my daughter as medical attention to Mental Illness I feel is brushed under the rug with over medicated patients as to not have to deal with them. I miss my daughter, she is now much like a 12 year old at times and other times looks of anxiety and despair are in her eyes. It truly hurts me to see her suffer through this as we have faith in our GOD above our truth we live daily as do many others. WE PRAY I THANK YOU as a Mover and Shaker and a True Doer in Life. TB

  • Zelda Arvie Gonzales LA. #2182892 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry.. I pray you continue giving us all the love and laughter and tears throughout series, movie, etc....I pray to one day be a part of your team.. Dreams do come true.. Love You GOD BLESS

  • M.H #2182890 » Posted in: My online family

    Fresh Bottom Roses...... I love you with all my thoughts..... I love you to the bottom so you can make it to the top...... I share many of my love expressions..... Not for your heart, just for some affection..... The wind breeze with your voice..... I hear you my love of course..... You are my Moses...... I love you darling just like....FRESH BOTTOM ROSES

  • brittany childress GA #2182889 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, you are a HUGE inspiration!!!! It is wonderful to have such a huge icon display his belief in JESUS!!! Matthew 10:33 He said deny me in front of man and I will deny you in front of my father. I am from a little small town that doesn't have much going for it but one day I hope to meet you or even talk to you. It would be a fantastic experience that would never be forgotten. From diary of a mad black women I have loved everything you put out there. Keep it up ( Touching the hearts of America )

  • April Charlotte, NC 28277 #2182888 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Tyler :) I'm SO sad!!! I love, love, love your work and I have NEVER ever missed a play of yours here in Charlotte. I even went on the night of the Super Bowl a few years ago! The last time you came through the play was cancelled and I was so disappointed. So you can imagine my sheer delight when I heard you were coming back!! And, then, it happened....I woke up seriously ill the morning of the play last Sunday. I was devastated! It looks like you will be in Winston-Salem this weekend, which isn't far, but I can't afford to buy two more tickets, I spent a ton on the first tickets and Ticketmaster will not refund or let me transfer my tickets. I know they have their rules, but even God makes concession for his people sometimes..lol! Praying for a miracle so I can see you this weekend!

  • Nisha Chicago #2182887 » Posted in: My online family

    Do u know of any single workin mom programs for homeless if so can u please send information need help asap

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