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  • Fee Fee Dallas #2168561 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey... I was going to see Madea but since beyonce is going on tour I'm going to have to put in the madea on the back burner and get the DVD I hope you are having a great week have a blessed one

  • jocelyn lyles Lancaster TX #2168556 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi i'm Jocelyn Lyles i just wanted to say that you are my favorite i look up to you, i started writing plays to stories etc , my freshman year in high school till now and I haven't stopped. Thank you so much for everything

  • Just Thinking #2168553 » Posted in: My online family

    & Thanking God for turning a mess into a blessing. Monday evening thoughts....BE blessed and have. A good rest if the evening.

  • melissa brailsford Alcolu, SC #2168552 » Posted in: My online family

    I believing God that you will receive this message and hear with your heart...SAVE OUR SCHOOL....www.alcolu.,org. Students who were once victims are now scholars and entrepreneurs! PLEASE HELP! /

  • Tanisha Woodstock #2168551 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, I am so obsessed with all of your shows, plays, movies etc. that I'm determined to find out how I can work with you. I was born and raised in New Orleans and moved to Georgia in 2007 after the hurricane. I've been inspired by your work she since you were doing plays. I'm not one to look for any handouts because I believe in working for everything I have. Social media is not really my thing so I never know when you have auditions and I don't where to look for this information. So the only handout I am asking of you is can you direct me where to find this information?

  • Meaningless ... #2168550 » Posted in: My online family

    • Without meaning.. #2168572

      Without purpose or cause.. Needing no be defined..

  • Elizabeth Walters UK #2168548 » Posted in: My online family

    i can't still believe love spell work being in tear for over 5 year now because my boyfriend left me for another woman,he just call me one blessed day and breakup with me and said is over without no reason no explanation. even before then we were always quarreling fighting and doing different ungodly act..and one faithful day i was looking for solution and how to resolve issues my boyfriend and as i was going through the internet i saw several testimonies about Dr Bola how he helped so many people to unite their lover back,so i contacted him and to my greatest shock everything worked out for me,my boyfriend came begging me to accept him back and never to live me again all thank to DR Bola he is a genuine spell caster you can contact him on his email: just couldn’t believe it, anyways we are back together now and we are happy, i am very much grateful to Him for restoring peace in my marital home,email: you sir Bola.

  • Rose Fort Worth Tx #2168547 » Posted in: My online family

    My name is Rose and I have watched your documentary and I had to learn about forgiveness and I wasn't ready I was still wanting to hold onto my hurts and continue to waller in my self pity but when you said that you had to learn to forgive and release and give to God that's when I had to say thank you... But I have this book of which is a true story of my very own and I wanted to fill you in about a few details. There was 3 of us that our birth mom didn't want so my dad loaded us up to live with our grandma whom was married to a sicko and than not to mentioned that my dad decides to remarry and she was just as sick and she would lock us up in a w** basement for days at a time and the beatings that we had to endure was horrific and not to mentioned that she bought a doberman pincher and named him Satan and the terrifying ordeals that my brothers and I had to suffer, I was in hopes that you could help me out if you were interested....Many thanks for the inspiration that you have been to us that needs encouragement everyday... God Bless You

  • Bryant Brooklyn #2168545 » Posted in: My online family

    I want to know when are you going to put madea on the run on CD

  • Jenni Holly Springs, NC #2168542 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, I have heartfelt tears and deep gratitude for this clip: ( You.have.no.idea. Our story (the 30 second version included here: is basically summed up that we spent 9 months in Uganda with guardianship of 2 children we called our own. After 9 months we found out that the children had been trafficked. We also learned that the children had to be returned to an abusive home life. I pray for them daily and refer to this their Joseph years...believing one day God will use all of these things for His eternal good...but it SO hard to not worry or wonder...and to ache for their little hearts in harms way. This video fell in to my lap and God used it to whisper promises I have barely been able to claim. THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU.

  • sylvia carter montgomery Columbia, South Carolina #2168541 » Posted in: My online family


  • Elaine Faucett California #2168540 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, this is true. I had a dream 3 years ago that you rode up to my school in a black SUV rolled down the dark tinted windows and said " I'm interested in your story, get in" and the dream faded out. I woke up and said Its Tyler Perry, that's who. I know everyone needs an agent to be seen but Tyler, I think God is mine. Subject: LOOK! OPPORTUNITY KNOCKING OPEN 21WAB Here is a story of Interest "21 With A Bullet- An American Story. " 21 is a deft, moving exploration of the horrors of bipolar disorder, gun violence, spiritual healing and most of all the human spirit's capacity to survive. When Ruth King who comes from a gallant athletic pedigree develops symptoms, the disease all but destroys her life. It ruins her fairy tale marriage and leaves her isolated, causing her to fall victim to the manipulative men she meets. Through it all one person offers Ruth hope: her only son, Kasey, who is a 7-Time All-American Scholar Athlete, who like his grandfather seems poised for greatness. He has nothing but a bright future ahead. Kasey is the spark of light in Ruth's darkness- but when tragedy threatens his life, that light may be extinguished forever. Ruth begs God to save her son, but will God listen? Based on true events 21 WAB is a stirring ode to God's love and the human spirit's strength and resilience. Producer, writer, director Nate Parker- Birth of a Nation says it well "I think people are ready- There is someone out there with a story, and they say to themselves, Wait a minute. I'm doing this and this about inequity, maybe I have a chance to get my project to the masses". He said he knows what film can do to effect systemic and sustainable change. Follow the link on the bottom to see my latest interview with NBC News contact info: .com Thank you in Advance Elaine R. Faucett

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