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  • Laura Owen USA #2168592 » Posted in: My online family

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  • Clenetene Reform Alabama #2168591 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler i love your shows God really are using you to inspire and encourage others.your shows are about life experinces.its real.i love you .keep on doing what God has you to do.I truly hope one day that i get to meet and ralk with you before i leave the world ubtil ve bless.love you

  • KeviAhnna Davenport,IA #2168590 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, I am 21 years old and currently still in college for a Registeref Nurse. I come from a broken home and it has made me a stronger woman. My heart is in the entertainment business as modeling and being an actress. I have been praying and praying for guidance and help because my family doesn't support my dreams. I'm confused and lost at this moment. I'm going couch to couch and just trying to stay focused. I know God has a plan for me but right now it's so hard for me and I don't know if I should just drop everything and move to Atlanta. I have nothing to lose and I feel if I fail I will just have to pick myself up again. I need the opportunity to show how powerful I am and how my truth can help others out there.

  • Ann Williams #2168589 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler: Strangely, I was just reading about your grandmother's quilt ----- and felt like it, too. But, I'm following your counsel regarding it, because it's God who held me. I'm glad I saved your story/message. Ann

  • Ann Williams Trinidad #2168588 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler: I see February 12th is days away. Heavenly Happy Birthday, to Maxine! It's never too early to share the love. Ann

  • Ru Awake? #2168581 » Posted in: My online family


  • Cierra Johnson city, TN #2168580 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr Tyler Perry, A few nights ago, I learned you will be near me on Valentine's Day. In knoxville Tn. It is just about a 2 hour drive. I am so exited and purchased tickets that very minute. I have loved madea for years and have been your fan for a very long time. We just watched you on Jimmy Fallon and it was wonderful! I am so excited that I will get to see a live madea play. I have always wanted to and never dreamed I would get the opportunity. It would be a blessing to get to meet you. See you on Valentine's! Dreams come true ❤️ Cierra shelton

  • Lying Next To Loneliness #2168579 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler. Good night.

  • Bobby Augusta #2168578 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi I'm Bobby Brown and I decided that upon my moving to Atlanta I would like to be employed by you . I am a humble servant and I've served all my life so I know what it takes to serve I'm an inspiring entertainer through no one is perfect and we all have our faults I'm still a good person and inspire to be more than I'm a native of Augusta Ga I was the young guy who wrote you on Instagram about my manager discriminating against me and not giving me the opportunity to grow. I'm not sure if you have the chance to check all of your Instagram messages but I wrote you and explained how I planed to move to Atlanta because of a promotion that was offered to all managers within the company I explained to her that I wanted to move to Atlanta and she asked me why I explained that I wanted to be an entertainer she laughed at me I smiled back although I knew that her laugh wasn't genuine by her demeanor I said it's ok I'll still go on and pursue my destiny for I know what God has for me is for me she later sent word from my manager that she was looking for candidates to move to Atlanta when I responded to the pitch to proceed to my journey of success she said unfortunately there are no positions available I wanted to cry but I remembered what they did to god and I also remember how as slaves we were beaten for wanting to live a better life and I said you know what Mr Perry I'm no Kardashion I'm just Bobby Brown a Aftican American guy with dread licks originally from Marion South Carolina but this nobody is gonna push his way all the way to the top because my God was beaten to for me to go through this and can't no man stand in between God and what he pre ordain for your life I held back my tears and worked through the night my decision was made no more would I let the decision of another being depict my glory my god is too good for that racism still exist Mr Perry but I choose to be better I'm reaching out to you because I'm learning self that sometimes if you don't have the opportunity you have to create one yourself I'm 31 years young and I feel like a brand new person because I'm embracing my faith despite all odds and I'm more than Mr Perry I will be a successful actor and she will see me one day because my god doesn't lie he will prepare a table before thine enemies and allow you to walk on them as their were your foot stool. Sometimes God closes one door so that a better opportunity came come into play I'd do anything to start working with you even if I had to start as a custodian I'm never to good and always willing to serve please give me a chance an opportunity to prove to myself and my manager that this Bobby Brown is somebody that you never imagined in Jesus name Amen

  • Louise Barbee Arlington Tx #2168577 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr, Perry please let Candace find Oscar and get that money back so she can give war what he wants. so war doesn't kill her and please don't let Veronica get kill by Jim hit man. And don't let David find out who's the man is in the picture with Veronica. And let Wyatt get caught with drugs in his system let his plan backfire on him.

  • Raven Smith Chicago #2168576 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, You are an award winning individual who has helped so many people. I remember hearing on the radio how you assisted a lady in getting a new wheelchair after hers was taken. I told everyone at school that day how compassionate you are. I am hoping you will direct and help me also. STRAIGHT FROM THE GO.... Chicago, also known as the "Windy City", a magnificent metropolis, founded by Jean Pointe Baptiste DuSable has recently been described as one of the most violent cities in this country! Chicago was nationally depicted in the recently released movie by Spike Lee and referred to as "Chi Raq". This negative connation has profoundly impacted the image of Chicago, and more importantly the pride of its citizens. I Raven Smith, am a senior at Morgan Park H.S., an honor student/ national honor society member, who has actively participated in every facet of community service. I was born and raised in Chicago, and decided that Chicago must be represent in a positive light. Using my passion for Chicago I created and trademarked the phrase, "Straight From the Go," and had it place on t-shirts to dispel and reject the belief that Chicago is by nature a violent city that has no interest in creating a safe community where citizens can live in peace and harmony. "Straight from the Go " believes that our great city can create: Schools that effectively prepare students to become global citizens; Communities where individuals live in peace and harmony and support services that facilitate independence. I am grateful to Nick Irvin, Head Basketball Coach of Morgan Park, for launching my t-shirt in the Christmas Tournament. Eventually I would like to have the phrase, "Straight from the Go" on book bags, bumper stickers and other apparel. It is my intention to donate a portion of the proceeds from the proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts to anti-violence programs to bring to the forefront the humanitarian promise of all citizens of Chicago. Straight from the Go....All good things come from CHICAGO. Mr. Perry I need your help....I plead with you to help me with this movement. Given the correct opportunity I am confident that it can change lives. Please visit www.straightfromthego.com #straightfromthego

  • T. P. Memphis, TN #2168575 » Posted in: My online family

    I sincerely hope to meet you one day soon to share my talents and skills with you.

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