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  • Madame Susie Q happy is he #1999172 » Posted in: My online family

    He loves ME FISH..anytime, anyway, sometimes in the field we play...yummy

  • Shenita Posey/Grant Fort Bragg NC #1999169 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Afternoon, I would like to know if I could get your personal opinion on career progression. I am currently in the US ARMY and I have served for 17 years now. I recently wrote my first book and I am looking for a publisher or advice on how to go about the process. It is about my life and the events up until now and it is difficult to sum it up into words because you would have to read it to get why I am so passionate about getting this message of courage and self love out to others. Well I submitted it to a publishing agency and they are interested but are trying to charge me $7,000 to pay them to publish it. Like I said I am in the military and I am a single mom going threw a divorce so I cant afford it. Could you give me some advice on what I should do to help myself? SFC Grant Shenita R. Fort Bragg NC FORSCOM EO/SHARP Team

  • Tony Evans Indianapolis #1999167 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello mr Tyler perry, my heart was broken when I saw you do the ice challenge reason being as we know white male law enforcement officers are shooting killing, and put our black men in illegal choke holds ultimatly killing them we saw the unarmed beating of the black woman on the side of a California highway, these acts where done by white men..my point is ive researched ALS and its a white mans disease, whle we're fighting raising millions to save the lives of white men, why are white men killing our black men? I love you and what you do, but this one thing the ice challenge that raised millions could have helped single moms go back to school, im not mad at you, im just shocked at our singers comedians and actors not doing thier research on this rare disease that only white men contract.

  • JC Fort Myers, Florida #1999166 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler, It is such a beautiful day today here in sunny Florida. How is your day going?Me? Work is great. Its so wonderful to have a job I absolutely love! My collage course began today and I finished my first assignment before work and responded to Three classmates while sitting here on my lunch break. So thats whats up with me. Im trying to figure out my messages on Facebook. Last month I got a friends request from a gentleman but I didnt get a chance to answer. I usually chat with people back and forth that are stragers before accepting. I went back to respond to the message they sentband discovered I couldnt access the message. Facebook said I marked them as spam but I did no such thing. Its just weird.I've been busier than a chicken with its head cut off. Ive not been on facebook last nger than short spurts of time. I haven't been on here that much either. Any who, I just wanted to stop by and see how your day was going and talk a spell. Be blessed Tyler, I am praying for you and love ya much! ((( giant bear hug)))

    • JC Fort Myers, Florida #1999170

      Typo- that should say longer than not last whatever thats suposed to be. My phone changed the word.

  • shuniia clarksdale #1999165 » Posted in: My online family

    hi mr. perry I am a huge fan right along with my grandmother and I thought that I will like to give u some ideas about madea's show's and one day I will hope to meet u ( madea's get's rob, madea and hattie vacation, hattie family reuion,, madea's daycare, and madea collect's rent) and for heads up I watch all of your shows and movies and I am only 12 years old, and even my pastor love yoor show's to but the point is don't stop making movies cause one day I plan to be the successful person god want be to be in life so im not letting ganybody bring me down or stop me so these are just ideas I came up with but maybe oneday u can come to Clarksdale because we have talented people here so until next tome good bye mr. perry. and sorry but my mother said don't give people your # but me and my family is still a big fan but please use some of my idea's I even wrote play's but please mention me and my name is shuniia W.

  • So glad you dislike fish...Tyler because its more for me.. #1999162 » Posted in: My online family

    Have a beautiful day...

    • Riley Fields Washington #1999163

      I like wheat seasonings. on my fish, my girl cooks really. well.

    • Kirk Middlebrook Texas #1999164

      My girl cooks my favorite fish dish also..but I hate it when. she dashes out before day break...

    • I'm trying to learn how to cook ! #1999168

      ... so my man won't hurt my feelings when he samples my cooking. I'm practicing on myself but it's not working because "light or heavy seasoning" depends on the individual. I'll just wait until we can get in the kitchen together and he teaches me. Fortunately, I've only been in a few long term relationships but they could "throw down" and didn't care if I cooked or not because I had a full time profession. But now, I have more time on my hands and I want to help him through his long days and sleepless nights in anyway I can.

    • Virginia Ann North Carolina #1999176

      I been cooking for my.man for years.and now he says he didnt marry me for my cooking skills

  • Uscher Morrow, Ga #1999160 » Posted in: My online family

    Look forward to the show " If Loving You Is Wrong," hope this will be a success as all of your productions have been phenomenal!

  • Tina K. Aurora, IL #1999159 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry, I need your help. My name is Tina. My husband name is David. We have nine children. No baby mama's, no step or half (we are asked these questions often) all nine children belong to my husband and myself. We are currently living in my mother's moldy unfinished basement. We lost our home. I'm not writing to ask you for a house, we'll get on our feet one day. I'm writing because I need you to help my oldest son, Tristan. He's 18 and a Senior at West Aurora high school. He is the sweetest child you will ever meet. He helps out so much with taking care of the kids. He doesn't ever ask for anything. We have an autistic 14 year old son named Sebastian that can be a handful, but Tristan helps with him so much and gives up his personal time to work with Sebastian. He never has gotten in trouble in or out school. He makes good grades. He lives by this philosophy called "straight-edge". No drinking, drugs, no pre-marital sex. He believes in this strongly. My son wants and deserves to go college. We don't have the money plain and simple. I'm begging you Mr. Perry, please help my baby! It's not his fault that his father and myself are down on our luck! He wants to major in media communications. He's hope to get into Aurora University. He's applying this week. I know asking you to pay for 4 years of college is a lot! I'm a person that hates ask people for help! However, I will push my pride aside to help him! I'm going to send this letter everyday until I get a response. Sincerely, Tina K.

  • RaVanda IL. #1999158 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry, I really thank God for you. I thank God for the gifts He has given you. I know by now you know we MISS you and YOUR Show . Please come back to us soon we need your hot stuff on TV. Now,may our God continue to Bless you richly until you are better paid, in Jesus name.

  • Rosalind Johnson 102 armstrong street perry,Florida 32348 #1999157 » Posted in: My online family

    Follow after peace with all men,and the sanctification without which no man shall see The Lord Hebrews 12-14. Be still,and know that I am god I will be exalted among the heathen,I will be exalted in the earth psalms 46-10

  • Kverity #1999156 » Posted in: My online family

    Please don't write stories about my family...healthcare is important...love you much...too personal and unhealthy at my home...but I love you and will discuss any questions personally...keeping the enemy away from my family.

    • 'k #1999171


  • Crystal Tampa, Fl #1999155 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, all I've got to say is, keep your head up, sweetheart! Your gift that God has given you will always be challenged (the devil always spends time trying to take it from you)...I'm so happy that you are strong enough to know that your works and deeds are well done and appreciated. Don't stop!

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