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  • Karla Baltimore #2202874 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, 'Just watched the trailer for "Too Close to Home." Thankfully I missed the first episode. The trailer was enough to make me ask, "Has he lost his way?" You first came on my radar the year you stepped up and whisked a day camp of kids and their family members to Disney World when the campers were denied scheduled access to a country club swimming pool. I learned about Madea and her humor but most importantly, the lessons that she taught. I was sold. I am an educator and a firm believer that the only chance people have of doing better is first to see what they are doing wrong and then to learn what to replace it with. I saw you do sooo much of this through the humor and teaching of Madea, Curtis and Ella. But these other lines of entertainment... Have you lost your way?

  • Catherine Plymouth, MN #2202873 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning Tyler, God has truly been good to you! I love all the things you put out in your plays, movies and sitcoms. You have some imagination and it is great, because you keep us laughing, crying and thinking. I also like the way you are bringing out the unrecognized stars who are full of talent in the cast you have. Most of all, in your shows and movies, you touch on everything that is really happening in our world, without making it a burden or disappointment to watch or recognize what's really going on around us daily. You just keep doing what you're doing, because it makes us go Hmmm! :-). I love your work, determination, and your special gift from God. You are so awesome and I would love to meet you in person one day! God Bless you and never stop revealing the things that need to be known.

  • PRECIOUS Zimbabwe #2202869 » Posted in: My online family

    Dr Perry yep I just watched the speech wow well said. You inspire me so much through the work you do. May God continue to bless you.

  • mary sims Covington, Georgia #2202868 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry, I love what you are doing for yourself and others may God continue to bless you in a special way. I wish I could say this another way I am 75 years old. my daughter is about to loose her home. she is a single parent one son who has just went off to college. she tried to keep her home but her income change when she no longer get child support. she is a hard working women she want to keep her home so she and her son will have a place to live. can you help Mr. Perry she needs help right away she has no place to go. will you get in touch with me right away and let me know if you will help. call me Please Please!!

    • C Monty #2202898

      J P Morgan Chase Bank maybe helpful. The United Way a nonprofit organization maybe able to guide her and connect her with other Agencies that can offer her affordable housing,, and subsidize energy assistance.

  • Juanita Tischendorf Rochester New York #2202867 » Posted in: My online family

    I am a writer and so I do love to see the change that comes over time in all writers. I have seen it in your works and it makes me an avid reader and watcher to see how your characters take on more 'life'. I loved all your earlier movies, which I watched when they were videotapes without all the fancy scenery. Now, with the funds to develop not only the characters but moving from video stage productions to movies, watching everything you produce or star in is always exciting. Your talent amazes me and I hope that someday I can see how it feels to take one of my books to movie.

  • Mrsbutter Newark NJ #2202866 » Posted in: My online family

    Today's Daily Inspiration The way to freedom is the belief that we have the ability to choose. Lord, help me make good choices and never be blinded by the false idea that I am a victim of circumstances. Random Daily Inspiration When life seems hard and filled with troubles, look for reasons to be thankful. Lord, Your beautiful presence is always with me.

    • C Monty #2202902

      Very motivating ,and inspiring

  • Terecita Lee Stone mountain,Georgia #2202862 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr.Perry, I am with the comment by Christa, and I commend you, for reading these comments. Some are harsh, and others have the nerve to use this opportunity to chat back and forth. Everyone should read your biography before they comment, so they may realize, how busy you are and that this is a privilege, not a potium for obscenity and jokes. I am sure Christa one who made a beautiful comment, defending Kim K. would agree, deserve respect and an apology. We apologize for them,and some of us appreciate more than you know. God Bless you Ms.Christa, Mr.Perry,and your staff as well. Thank you.

  • Good Morning, MyTy #2202858 » Posted in: My online family

    Where are you?

    • I'm right here looking for you. #2202859


    • When you look #2202861

      I've always been apart of the whole, in spirit. Time to touch what is real & true

  • Carol #2202856 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi! Mr.Perry I watched your new show last night To close to home I thought it was great ant wait to next Monday looks like you got another hit. God bless you on everything you do you are the best.

  • gina bell United States #2202853 » Posted in: My online family


  • Ora Richman Little Rock, Arkansas #2202852 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler here is a poem I wrote inspired by your play H.e.l.l Hath No Fury, it is called A WOMAN SCORNED: There is nothing like a woman scorned...Be aware now that you are warned...Like an animal pent up in a cage...You have yet to feel her rage...She walks around with hidden hurt...Please think twice while doing your dirt...Although she is nice and kind...Thoughts of revenge is running through her mind...A woman scorned will go about her day...She will make you think everything is okay...Bitterness is in her heart...Knowing that you played games from the start...Your relationship now have no hope...She is a woman scorned and she can't cope...You struck a cord of jealousy...She is a woman scorned just let her be.

    • i pray over last night dinner.. United States #2202904

      Do i have to pray over the leftover chicken wing's today. ?

    • Ora Richman Little Rock, Arkansas #2202922

      Yes and every time you get ready to eat.

  • JeJuan Henderson Nashville,TN #2202850 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler Perry, I know you're always looking for new talent and I am currently in Tennessee so acting opportunities especially for young people of color are far and few. If you could take the time to view my links I would greatly appreciate it. I love acting and it will forever be a passion of mine. I would appreciate just some feedback about what you like and what could use some improvement. Thank You for your time , links are below: I have a reel if you would like however, I do not have anywhere to upload it.

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