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  • Neciaism NY/GA/NJ #2187895 » Posted in: My online family

    I am a Mother & Motivational Speaker who has fallen off the face of that throughout 2015. It has been so painful for my family and that I sadly have been questioning my own existence. I now live in Southern NJ. Could you please help me tell my story: while we are homeless I am working on a bill proposal that if Congress accepts & signs it it can protect investors across the United States from falling victim to any more of these scams. This is our modern day Bernie Madoff (a School Owner out of Rochester NY. We are both mother's of autistic sons; she used our children's diagnosis to gain my trust & get my money. She has conned upwards of $200,000. from various US investors. I have ALL of our correspondence & speak with other investors. I am solely responsible for publicly exposing her. All I need from you is media attention please help me by relaying my story or even pointing me in the right direction. Necia

  • I get it .... #2187894 » Posted in: My online family

    A one post minimum !

  • Lakeshia Florida #2187892 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr Tyler Perry, my name is Lakeshia and I live in Florida. I'm a college student at Everst university in Orange park Florida. What I'm writing you about is the fear that I have of becoming a good writer, I have a book called the book of "David " and I hope soon and very soon it will be done. As a writer I put everything I have to make sure to let peole know God is real!! People needs to hear my story as a single mother of 3 going to college and try to make end meet. As a writer I don't want to be better then you but I want to give my Lord God my best. The fear I have is not doing the writing, failure, unsuccessful, quite, giving up. I stop writing because I, not no one else I let people get the best of me of every way sir!! I'm not proud of it but its 100% real!!!. As a pastor Daughter I want to became a better person ,I sing ,I dance, but my gut feeling telling me I need to start writing . so I start to digg about what I need to do, but first ibask God to guide me to where I need to go. God is very thing to me sir,!!! Without him I'm nothing All I want is to be a great story teller for my story. My story is about God, pain, unloved, unholy, breakthroughs, laugher, tears, joy, and relationship, family and not giving up on God's words and hes promise to us all. All I want to know can you please sir share some great tips to over come the fear that I have and to start becoming the best writer I can be. I hope one of these days we can work together. As for right now I have to crawl before I walk so I will start at my church. Thank you sir for taking the time out to reading my story I hope to hear from you very ,very soon.

  • M.H #2187890 » Posted in: My online family

    Howdy!!! Enjoy your day. I'm thinking about you. I Love You

  • Rhonda S. Randall Richmond, Virginia #2187888 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler , Tyler, Tyler Perry I love the previews of The Haves and the Have Not's so, far I am satisfied on what is going to happened on the show I am excited to watched it. Keep on bring it I love what you are doing with the shows you are really working the plots they are sure getting thicken and it is getting deeper and deeper each time and that is what is making it awesome that way. When are you coming out with some more plays because, I am eager to see some more plays because, they had a meaning to them and they were like that not only they were awesome. Well, I am going to watch the show tonight now that is always good to look at For Better or for worse show and you go into If Loving You Is Wrong show I like the way you rotate that with the other show that is fair I got to say.

  • Judi Lalla Johns Creek, GA #2187886 » Posted in: My online family

    Are there any plans to offer public group tours of the Tyler Perry Studios? I'm currently the Queen of the "Sensuous Hens of Lawrenceville," a Red Hat Society Chapter, which is comprised of 20 ladies who get together once a month on Saturdays to learn something about Atlanta and to enjoy each other's company. Our members reside in various cities in Georgia. I'm certain that visiting your studios would be interesting, fun, as well as memorable.

  • Denise F Martinez San Antonio TX #2187885 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr Perry we absolutely admire you and show so much respect for your positive love for Christ. I was wondering if you could help me raise awareness for my 13yr old daughters Rare Genetic disorder called "VHL" Von Hipple Lindau Syndrome. She is 13yr old and holds an amazing story to tell of how she has been touched by God. His presencemail was seen in her ICU room before her brain surgery. Please Help us tell the world. It could help so many parents in the dark. Thank you and God Bless

  • Angela Georgia #2187883 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning, Mr. Perry My name is Angela Simmons. My sister and I have a ministry... 2 Sisters Making A Difference. I know and understand you have people coming at you in all directions for help. Please would you make this one commitment to help us change lives. We also have a facebook page, please feel free to visit our page. We need donations to get a building to house all the food and clothes donation we receive from donors, who too want to make a difference in people lives. People can come in to talk with us in receiving assistance or resources for paying bills, family problems, living situation problems, community outreach help,etc. Please help sponsor us as we do God's work for His people who needs help. Thank you in advance, looking forward in working with you to change lives for God's people. God bless you always. Sincerely, Angela Simmons

  • Deja #2187882 » Posted in: My online family

    ((( looking around )))

    • having a cup of tea #2187887

      How about you.hopefully ALL IS well

    • Deja #2187889

      All is well. Just can't sleep.

  • Good morning #2187881 » Posted in: My online family

    I pray that your sleep was sweet and I pray that your days will be even sweeter ! Have a wonderful weekend ! ❤️

    • Andrea G Queens NY #2187884

      You have a good and God filled weekend also.

  • Andrea Queens NY #2187880 » Posted in: My online family

    I like your prayer very much. Thank you Ag

  • Letita Dorsey Chicago Illinois #2187879 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning..... Just want to drop by and say a few things. I think you you do a a reality show of wife's who have not been in the industry some type of way. Showing how much women really do for there family.