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  • dominique anniston al #2168781 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi i relly like all youer show and movie and tv show i dont have money are a car and i was sheing if you can help me out whit all your movie and show and i relly need a car i am triying to go back to school but i do not have money are a car i cam fom a pore family that did not have nothing so can you please help me thank you

  • Takasha Rideout Houston #2168777 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler, I wanted to reach out to you on a amazing idea that I'M SURE God brought to me. And the first person I thought of was you. I know you are a spiritual man which is why I really want to share this with you. It's all for fun which is awsome for kids aswell and I also feel this would be good for people to learn more about the bible and bring them closer to God. . would love to hear your imput on this. Thanks in advance

  • Sheila Baltimore #2168776 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I am a super fan of The Have and Have Not's. Your writing for this series is phenomenal. Mr. Perry OMG! why did David (who is my favorite most respected character) have to become low down and dirty like Jim. David sleeping with Maggie( nothing to do with race) on last nights episode it was heart breaking. People cheat on their spouses all the time. I was hoping this character would at least maintain his integrity. Can it all be a dream Mr. Tyler? Are their any good men out there? One who thinks with his head and not his pe__s. Keeping in mind that the show is fictional I was hoping to see something a little different in his character.

    • London Winston-Salem #2168789

      Shelia thank you for your comment. It is right on time. My coworker and I were just talking about the show. I have the same sentiment as you. Let that scene be Maggie's dream and not reality. Mr. Perry, please consider rewriting the scene with David and Maggie. Be a change agent and change the view of marriage in America especially African American community.

    • Change the view of marriage in the AA community.. #2168874

      I got to get there first.. Accountability for self and actions.. building and creating a foundation to build and grow.. defining roles and the ability to submit.. So hard to fit in the definition of others and unable to define oneself.. within societies perimeters..

    • Systems built to tear us apart.. #2168875

      Unable to define self or see self in a partnership for the system encourages sepatation. Demeaning and degrading for personal gain.. Lost in the sacrifice of beauty.. safety.. limited risk.. never an option.. not meeting the standards not being worthy.. promoting friendship.. and for young men to respect woman.. working together.. services promoting families people staying together and resouces to bring them together.. in the bag..

  • Betty Ashworth 3309 mckamie rd. Stamps, ar. 71860 #2168775 » Posted in: My online family

    hi mr. perry i really enjoy your movies however i am in great need of help i live in a 7 room house but can only live in 2 it needs a roof walls floors electrical plumb the outside has holes in the walls and boards mising needs painting insulation we get awful cold in the winter time PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME

  • Shelita Hood Detroit Michigan #2168774 » Posted in: Madea On The Run

    What is the date for Detroit for the play madea on the run

  • SheFree Kansas City, MO #2168773 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    I have been watching this show from the beginning...but after last two episodes of War (not showing details, but to use your imagination) raping Candance has been a little too much. Candance plays her role well showing how uncomfortable and trapped she feels of this man basically raping her.

  • Barbara United States #2168772 » Posted in: My online family

    I love all things that Tyler Perry do.... You have inspired me to keep my head up and move forward With my dreams... I am a manager of a positive youth group called The Beauties from Cleveland Ohio ..... I write music and is working on our first book... check out our videos on YouTube one is called As and Bs and the other is called bullying... I would LOVE to work with you and be apart of your team... I have learned that a dream is a dream until you bring it to reality..... I have many great ideas yto share...... also Rich is not rich if the mind is not Wealthy... you are a great Man of God with lots Knowledge... Thank you for Inspiring me To follow my Dreams.

  • Sareeca Hoskins New Orleans #2168771 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry!! I'm super excited about your Passion of Christ demonstration in New Orleans!!! How can I be apart of it? Thank you for always sharing your faith!!!

  • Nycole WI #2168770 » Posted in: Why You Mad??

    I needed this today. Thank you! I stumbled upon your plays/movies many years ago. They are sacred to me. They give me hope. It's easy to let bitterness consume you when your heart is in agony. Sometimes we just need someone else to help us turn the page and reset.

  • bruk nelson #2168768 » Posted in: If Loving You Is Wrong

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  • Rhonda S. Randall Richmond, Virginia #2168765 » Posted in: My online family

    Yes, It was the night for them two together and I hope stay together now because, that's who she always wanted and Maggie have told Veronica in her living that she could get David if she wanted to now she got David now and David told Maggie he is leaving Veronica for good but, he is going to help her form getting killed.

  • Jean Washington DC #2168764 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler Perry - Last night I watched Have and Have Nots episode "Making Millions". I loved that scene with Dave Harrington and Maggie Day!!!!!!!!!!

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