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  • Caroleen Rice Port Richey ,Florida #2129018 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello and how you doing? I have a question, have you every thought about making a part two to Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Would Love to see a part two with the same actors and actresses on diary of a mad black woman. Take care. Sincerely Caroleen Rice

  • Good Day Tyler United States #2129017 » Posted in: My online family

    Thinking of you

  • Ray Charles #2129016 » Posted in: My online family

    Sings...You know the night time...Oh! Is the right time...To be with the one you love...(sing it Rudy)

  • stella usa #2129011 » Posted in: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

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  • RU Awake. #2129010 » Posted in: My online family

    Talk to me please I need hear your words..

    • I am here My Love. #2129020

      Right here.

    • GN . #2129021

      Sweet Sleep.

  • t csahaw San antonio, TX #2129008 » Posted in: My online family

    ok Tyler so i am truly in love with your work. I really want you to bring i know i've been changed back to the stage one more time and on film. I know i am probably not the only one who has asked this. you probably get asked tons of Times. Also, the next time you do a play can you stop in my neck of the woods and see us military folk. lol I really think the active duty and retired/veterans would love the opportunity to sit and watch one of your productions up close and personal. most of the military families would love to be able to enjoy but for most that is not in the budget, or like me you are do to disabiltiies or other things you aren't able to travel as much as you like. but if ever your in texas please give me and these wonderful soldiers marines air force navy members a shout. signing off with the greatest thanks and warmest wishes. Mrs T. Cashaw

  • Ms.Neon GB #2129007 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello how are you? Keeping in touch, so you never feel alone, with as many praying you keeping it together . The sun yet shines and in time you'll arise to the occasion. Now still believing your best is here and greater on the way. To all your friends, family, and madea holla, eeeerrrv justeck amen,lol

  • Penda SARR new york #2129004 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear tyler perry My name is penda i am 13 year old african american girl i always thought that becoming an actress was about fame and fortune but i learned watching through you thats its so much more than that to me its about being creative, original and using your imagination to bring the character to life you have inspired me to become a better actress and someday i would like to work with you. Btw i love madea thank you

  • Michael Gooden Jacksonville, FL #2129003 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, you're not going to keep giving me palpitations over HAHN. Whewwwww. Lawd Angela and Tika.

  • sapawin indianapolis #2129002 » Posted in: My online family

    i just want you to know i am sorry for your loss in bobby kristina

  • Kristina Beaty Harper woods, MI #2128996 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, I want to invite you to Detroit to see an original stage production, "My Hair, My Story, My Glory- African Royals at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History, Sunday September 27th 2015 @ 4 pm. this is the second installment in a series of productions created by myself Kristina the Glamtech and co-producer Marsea Mitchell. You will be entertained with music, dance and artistic narrative on the history and culture of african royal hair styles and headpieces. check us out: myhairmystorymyglory.com and on Facebook

  • Kelly Charlotte, NC. #2128994 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    TYLER PERRY ... TYLER PERRY.. you are incredibly brilliant to have as much shows, movies going on all at once. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work... extremely exciting and amazing much so it's just totally unbelievable what you are capable of doing. And, I just can't get enough of the HAVE and THE HAVE NOTS!!! You are the best writer and producer I've ever known! You are Hollywood Mr. Tyler Perry!!!!!! ~ Much Love in North Carolina, Kelly

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