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  • 4 24 14 a fantastic day ! Sir Tee. United States #1946769 » Posted in: My online family

    A GOD GOOD DAY TO YOU ! O HOW TIME FLY WHEN THE TIME AND DAYS ARE BEAUTIFUL ! HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING ME AM LOVING IT, OKAY ! Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend john 1; 13 say ! oh Lord LORD let our gratefulness to you manifest itself in our action, and ways etc... love ! singing oh how i love Jesus ! okay be safe walk good ! la la h k ! gg

    • john 15 ; 13 United States #1946772

      roses or red, violet are blue, sugar is sweet ! not not as sweet as you me us what ever !

  • Angela Miami, Florida #1946768 » Posted in: My online family

    I have a true testimony about my daughter (Denise) who is 25 years old. I knew God has ALWAYS kept my family and I but he kept us from totally loosing our minds. My daughter caught the flu on Saturday, October 12th, 2013, was admitted into ICU the following day with influenza, pneumonia and H1N1 Virus in 48 hours. She was 170lbs and 7 months pregnant when she was admitted into the hospital. The doctors took the baby three days later so they could begin treating her illness. She was induced into a coma, her tongue had swollen 12x the normal size, paralyzed, taking 9x the amount of (Propofol) "The Michael Jackson killer", she required 24hours care, weighted 91lbs and on a respirator for 2 and a half months. While my daughter was in the hospital, four other women with the same condition (H1N1) as my daughter were admitted and I am very sad to say did not survive. My life was consumed 24/7 with her life in the balance. Throughout it all I kept the faith of my God because the doctors said she would not make it. I told the doctor my God told me to trust him with all my heart and give it all to him. The doctor said again, I know you believe in your God but if she doesn't make a turn around in 24 hours you will have to make the decision of putting her on life support. I looked at the doctor and began to cry uncontrollably, my legs gave way and I collapsed. I was picked up by someone and leaned over my daughters bed and said to the doctor, "my God is in control of all, I don't receive any of what you are saying." He nodded his head and said you will need to make a decision then walked out of the room. I got on the phone with my family and friends and told everyone to call anyone who loved The Lord and help me throw down some prayers... My daughter is now walking, talking, has a healthy baby boy and weights 123lbs. Ain't God good? The H1N1 Virus is real and killing pregnant women! Please spread the word about it and God's power. Tyler maybe consider a play.

  • Charlotte Simmons Hammond, LA #1946767 » Posted in: My online family

    I need to be very careful with my love, because I only love one person. Tyler, it's something about this day. This same man is singing in my soul; whereas my spirit is lifted just by the thought of him smiling. How can I say it, that my heart is singing for him and he knows it; Tyler.

  • I love you Tyler! !! #1946766 » Posted in: My online family

    Oh what a beautiful, beautiful day indeed!!! Overflowing with love and steady with patience. Swag it out with righteousness. Yours Always.

  • Alisa-Ann Whiteman Savannah, Georgia #1946765 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler Perry! I think a movie or play with Sister Odel (Steve Harvey) and Madea (Tyler Perry) will be an interesting and successful venture. They both are heart filling funny. I have a child with special needs that love Madea. Mr. Tyler you are blessed and highly anointed. May God continue to cover you in all your ventures. Have a bless day!!!

  • I love you #1946764 » Posted in: My online family

    Is all I want to say to you today Mr. Perry! Have a great day.

  • It's a Beautiful Day #1946763 » Posted in: My online family

    Embrace it! It's a good day to start something new. Following God's plan. Willing to talk about it. So many wonderful blessings. Good morning. I Love You

  • Emiliano Babarah USA #1946762 » Posted in: Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor

    Oh my God, I'm so glad to tell everyone the real thing that happen to me...My name is EMILIANO BABARAH. If i refuse to share this testimony it means i am selfish to my self and to people i love so much whom might have similar problems, March 16th about something 7:23pm after taken our dinner my husband got crazy started calling a lady name Melisa I love you, i was so mad and started crying like a baby...then my husband left home for the idiot called Melisa, and never return back home then i believed when he uthen nderstand his self he will surly come back to apology, but instead he left me So i complained to my friend she told me she was having such problems in her marriage until she was introduce to DR ORIOMON who specializes in bringing back broken homes and broken marriages DR ORIOMON cast a spell for me in May 4th surprisingly my husband came home May 6th apologizing that i should forgive him that it will never happen again, i was so glad and gave the thanks to DR ORIOMON who save my marriage, if you are having similar problem you can contact him and His email address is () you can still save your marriage if u really love your husband. Thanks EMILIANO BABARAH_USA

  • Derrick Durrell Dixon Baltimore #1946761 » Posted in: My online family

    Thank you Mr. Perry for showing me dreams do come true. You are a blessing to us all. My biggest dream is to work with you. My passion!!!!!! I have the funniest book I would love to send you it would make a great movie or sitcom. The title is "Sit your d*** a** down ". It is available www.amazon.com. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. I have a story for you. Thank you for your time and keep making us laugh cry and think.

  • Christopher Brown Montgomery, AL #1946760 » Posted in: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

    My wife and I saw this play last night in Montgomery; We were blown away. This was the best thing I have seen live in a very long time. I've not seen a play since childhood and I'm glad I saw this. It was very uplifting, filled with good laughs, a powerful positive message, good UPS and downs. The cast performance was simply out of this world, they belong with the stars...truly talented. I recommend all to go see this play. Thank you for a good time Tyler Perry and I applaud you on this play it's doing well sir, truly inspiring

  • Naomi #1946759 » Posted in: My online family

    Man of God, have a great day. You are greatly loved and blessed by God Almighty.

  • Everlasting Father #1946758 » Posted in: My online family

    In the name of Jesus Christ, I give You all seeking employment of all kinds. Many are seeking to pay off debts, mortgages, school fees, medical bills and so much more. Grant them their hearts desires in accordance to Your will so the devil can be put to shame. So many forclosures., evictions and repossesions because of shortfalls on their properties. I thank You Lord in advance for meeting them at their point of need and beyond and providing jobs beffitting who they are in You. I take this time and opportunity to pray for Tyler Perry, as You continue to use him to Your glory Lord, bless every project he had brought before You in the name of Jesus Christ amen. I have had the privilege of reading his biography in comic format and I thank You for I thank you for helping him make it available in this format and its not expensive either. Many of us have heard the proverbial saying it takes a village to raise a child. It has been published in a way to capture the mind of the adult as a chip and to the children in our homes and communities. May we remember those we can give this book too as a gift to steer them in the right direction for help and towards the healing needed in the name of Jesus Christ amen. Some were never able to Express themselves and reading his book can trigger what is needed and be therapeutic. My prayer us that it becomes a th series that can create a positive awareness in children. May Tyler Perry he blessed greatly amen. We commit our day and lives to You Lord, granting us success in what we do in Jesus Christ's name I pray amen.

    • linda w #1946811


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