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  • kimmy williams #2146640 » Posted in: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

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  • George D. Jones Stone Mountain Ga. #2146639 » Posted in: My online family

    I would like to forward you my resume as you have acquired this existing property my expertise is safety osha 30 competent person, Hazmat all abatements and remediations of asbestos, mold, and lead. As you contract the removal to local companies I personally offer my ability to assure the work is done as regulated by EPA an EPD REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES

  • #Keep Tremayne Free Connecticut #2146637 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler - here's a story of a young man who find himself setup for a crime he didn't commit for defending his sister from bullying. Spreading the word is so important. You can help support #Keep Tremayne Free at or Thank you! #Keep Tremayne Free

  • Aprelle Mitchell-Smith Jacksonville, FL #2146636 » Posted in: My online family

    Greetings Mr. Perry, 21st Century: Woman With An Issue Of Blood (an issue of blood 16 years), is my personal testimony. It is not your typical read! There are extreme details of how this condition has affected my self-confidence, sex-life, and career. Some of my Chapters names are: "I lost my virginity to a Pap Smear", and "Who's Keeping Count?" (where I state that I've worn over 15,000 diapers and sanitary napkins). There is so much more to my story (for example, I've overcome a horrible skin condition that forced me to take extreme measures of using bleach and alcohol as a desperate attempt to scrub the "darkness" away. I would love to mail this book to you. Please provide a mailing address. Or if you desire you can find this book online... It is available on Amazon-Kindle, Barnes & Noble-Nook, iBooks and the Xulon Press Bookstore. I look forward to having contact with you soon, Aprelle Mitchell-Smith, Pastor & Author

  • Clint September Cape Town, South Africa #2146635 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler. Trust you doing really well. I just saw your post about buying Fort McPherson Army Base to use as studios. I'll get to the point. I run a small graphic design and communications company (JC Graphix & Communication) and we are looking to do business abroad. Long shot? Haha. We confident we can produce as this will be an opportunity to work with you guys and bring our strength to the projects. We love media in general and believe its the most powerful tool which needs to be utilised correctly. We believe in what you do and therefore would love the opportunity to possibly work on a project or more together. Why? Because we would love to take the next growth step and we definately willing to do our part :-). Really hope to hear from you soon. God bless, Clint | Link to portfolio:

  • johnfaith usa #2146633 » Posted in: Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor

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  • You did change the vote to... #2146632 » Posted in: My online family

    Favorite female character on ILYIW from #HAHN thank you!!! You go Kelly!!!

  • ADOMAKO LETICIA KUMASI, GHANA #2146631 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr.Perry, please I want to hear from you.

  • Ms.T Good morning love... #2146630 » Posted in: My online family

    Man, I just read the disclosure of the plans you have for MILRA...So, I won't have to worry about a place to live or a job, huh? I like your plans for your 330 acres, and for the homeless development, and you leaving 144 acres to MILRA for development...you drive a hard bargain...The property tax issue was sort of unpleasant over the next 20 years... But, are you keeping both studios or selling your current studio? Anyway, I didn't see any plans for SENIORS, but I did read how plans were being made for all those army barricks, to house your talent... In case they'll need a place to live to get the job done, instead of that hotel bill that you've probably been getting... Just layed out your stake in the matter...You're such a smart man...An amphitheater, theater, and outside properties that will develope restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers, like Home Depot mentioned... You'll have to have a hellava staff babe, and a tour of MAB, I'd love to be a tour guide!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! LOL... And the jobs to be created about 7,000 too!!! Can I have one??? Seriously, though...It's gonna be a while before it's complete with new piping and replacing etc... Hellava project... This is what you wanted to have, other than your own network? Oprah got lucky doing that before you, but I'm glad you're on board with OWN...Can you sleep alright??? With all these things going on...And the noise ordinance clause was ~~funny~~. Like you gone raise the roof off of South Atlanta!!! I'm w** cha, and do call me for anything...I'm a pretty good planner, but, I am still teachable... And, the best of luck to US!!! Love you too always and forever, you'll be my boo, Gone w** cho bad self, say it loud "I'm Tyler Perry !!! Black and I'm Proud"!!! I'm proud of you!!! I say a landing strip too, didn't I??? Where will you live though Tyler? Or will you have another home built? Kisses, ummaaha!!! Squeeze hug!!! ~Gime kiss~ Thank-you!!!

  • BARBARA EASTER Gulfport, MS #2146628 » Posted in: My online family

    Good day Mr. Perry. Let me just say that I truly admire your life's journey and your compassion for others. That is why I am posting to you. I am a retired, disabled navy veteran and am having a very difficult time. Though the Lord blesses me every day that I open my eyes, I still struggle daily, as so many do these days. I care for my older sister who has severe medical issues and is not able to work. She has applied for disability, was denied, and is now in the appeals process. I become distraught on many days because it just seems that life is beating me down at every corner. I beseech your compassion in making a monetary donation, anything that will help me to breathe a little bit. I know you probably get this from people all the time, but I am very sincere in my plea. May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors and all the good you do.

  • groria sweden #2146627 » Posted in: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

    My name is Gloria from Sweden, My boyfriend left me a month ago and he was leaving with another woman who is 7 years older than him,i feel like my life is completely over so one day as i was browsing searching on the internet for help I read over the internet how a spell caster have help several people to get there love back. I have been depress for the past one month and what i need is to get him back and live with him happily. so i decided to give it a try so i contacted the spell caster called Dr.Adodo and explain my problems to him and he cast a love spell which i use to get my boyfriend back and now my life is complete and both of us are very happy with the relationship. and i am really grateful to this man for what he has done for me and my family, Thank you very much and i will continue to say my testimony over and over again. for those you need help or having same problem as me should contact him on his email address call his mobile number +928 or through web

  • G Williams Houston Tx #2146626 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr.Perry I was trying to see how do you do your hiring I would love to try out for any of your movies plays etc. I have so many dreams an goal just need someone to belive in me like I belive in myself.

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