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  • Big L Jacksboro, TN #2203865 » Posted in: My online family

    Are you doing any plays this year in or near Knoxville, TN?? If so, when does the tickets go on sale?

  • Jordan #2203864 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    Please text back

  • Keith Johnson Camden NJ #2203863 » Posted in: My online family

    Please don't ever stop making films, I love your work Big Brother and Madea is for ever please keep it up and can we have some more of the pain family please that's my favorite T V show and also can we have some more meet the Brown's please , I truly appreciate all that you do and much much Love to you're success Mr . Perry and God Bless You. Amen Amen Amen.

  • Sharon Evans Bronx, New York #2203860 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, I saw the movie "Southside With You" today about Michelle and Barack Obama's first date. I thought it was a beautiful story and the actors did a great job portraying our President and first lady. I loved the way the scenes were filmed. This is a movie worth seeing.

  • Dissapointed in canada Canada #2203859 » Posted in: Too Close To Home

    Hi so i live in canada! Ans it says to close to home is on mondays on tlc canada and its not!!! I would love to watch your show however it is not playing on the designated time slot! Instead its my 600 pound life!:( maybe you can ask tlc canada why its nit playing?!? Sincerely dissapointed in canada

  • Building upon Love.. #2203858 » Posted in: My online family

    Growing on its foundation.. you being the roots..

  • Hey. #2203857 » Posted in: My online family


  • Sandrad Donaldson Maryland #2203855 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    08/27/2016 Hello Tyler, I have always admired your body of work, you have put out some great inspiring plays and movies that has help many of us. I want to share an idea with you for a project that I have. Without hesitation, I strongly believed that you can put wings to this project. The end result of the project will be remarkable. I know that you are a very busy person, and your plate is over flowing with other demands. However, please take the time to reach out to me and I can give you more details about the project. I know you will make all of us happy, meaning your fans to bring this project to the big screen. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I hope to hear from you soon. Please continue making inspirational movies. Peace and Blessing ~SD~

  • Tap tap tap tap. #2203853 » Posted in: My online family

    Anyone near?

    • Anyone here.. #2203854

      To lend an ear? Learning how to do nothing.. Let go.. let God and let it do what it do..

    • Let it be what it be.. #2203856

      Leave it alone.. not your battle not your storm.. only intended to be the first one.. and lead others..

  • Cathy daniels Louisville ky40272 #2203852 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Mr.Perry thank you for your love of god and all the laugher and tears u rock.my husband a Vietnam vet passed Feb 15this yr.married 42yrs I said I can't say I love u any more then to unplug u on valentines day then let u go to heaven .we watched and cried as he passed the next morning. My grandson whom will be 18 in Feb is a drummer and is really good .plays perfect to his favorite band blink 182,.he needs a break to get in a band as we are struggling to make ends meet .can u please in Jesus name get him in somewhere that will love his music as much as him.he is self taught drummer and really good .this is my dream to see him on stage before I leave this world .thanks Mr perry

  • Angela St Louis Mo #2203849 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    I love u an u inspire with everything that u have done

  • Jachin James Harrisburg, Pa #2203848 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, We need to connect Sir. My wife is a former Sugar Hill Records recording artist, Mrs. Brenda Reynolds. Brenda was the lead vocalist and co-wrote 90% of the album released by Sugar Hill entitled, "Positive Force". I'm currenlty forming an Indie label to re-launch her career in the music industry, and have a number of tracks that are ready for film featuring her voice. Additionally, my daughter Alanna Cammack recently talented graduate from Temple University with a degree in Strategic Communications. I believe my team has a lot to offer your company, and look forward to working with you to help make your company even better. God bless. Jachin James

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