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  • Kenya Jones Griffin,ga #1896395 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr.Perry just wanted to say i love all of your work. Thanks for the inspiration which helps me keep my head held to the sky just knowing u came from sleeping under a bridge to fame. Thanks

  • petra czech republic #1896394 » Posted in: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    Dear Tyler thank you for the strory ,is puttin a smille on my face and same time ben little sad.i think you should make some picture with your pjs on and dont think of what the people will say .bless you have wonderfull christmas

  • Key az #1896393 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey the O.M.Baby! I see you in the back but I couldn't read it all I've been busy. You saying a lot as you all was do:) O.M.Baby whether you believe this are not. I love you! You make my day better than you can ever know... (singing off key) Your the greatest love of all! So easy to believe!.. LOL! Thank you. So now I got chance to say that today What it do Boo?! Today is an early day for me so much to do so little time...

    • Key az #1896396

      My bad that's the M.O.D Baby;)

  • Marie-Ange france #1896392 » Posted in: My online family

    hi mister Perry ! just sending a message to tell you that I love your movies , I try to watch every movies from you,in France it's impossible to watch your movies in cinema it so sad , you need to change that ! sto watch your I do something bad and i apologize ps : I've never download :) Marie-Ange

  • Martina #1896391 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler Please can you do me a big favor. May I borrow 10,000.00 from you and I promised to pay you all back in payments. My family needs transportation and ill use that money for Down payment of a 23,000.00 vehicle. Please! God bless you and also your career. Your number one fan in American Samoa...

  • Lodtz Jean Pierre Haïti #1896390 » Posted in: My online family

    Cher Madea, J'espere que tout va bien ? De mon cote, ca va maintenant car tu mets toujours le sourire a mes levres. Ma vie n'est pas vraiment une partie de joie, j'ai des parents tres tres stricts, tous tes conseils m'on aide. j'attends qu'un jour, tu viens rendre une visite docteur en Haiti, dans mon pays. J'aimerais te dire Joyeux Noel mais dans mon pays ce qui les fetent sont ceux qui sont des riches. Comme tu es le pere noel pour moi, je sais que j'ai fait l'effort d'etre une bonne fille cette annee. je voudrais que j'ai tous tes films comme cadeaux de noel. OH OH je t'ai laisse des cookies et du lait. Je t'aime beaucoup Madea. Je te souhaite un Joyeux noel a toute la famille. bisous !!!

  • joseph isaac oluwaseun Nigeria, Lagos #1896389 » Posted in: My online family

    hello tyler, just to say well done with good work, the Lord will strength you the more. i really enjoy all your home video, they all minister in different ways, how to keep our family united, how to care for one another, love one another, etc with best performing artist and good composition. i love your work, you are a blessing to our generation. i love you. how i wish you come down to Nigeria with stage performers, to change the life of my people. i can't wait to see you coming to my country. you are special. thank joseph isaac

  • marie valdes Culver City, CA #1896388 » Posted in: A Madea Christmas

    Hi Tyler, I can't for movie to come out so I can watch it and movies are so funny that I need to watch your movie over and over again love your movies

  • Rakeem Duckworth Collins, MS #1896387 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Role Model!!!How are you besides busy? Busy is good. Thats what I've been, dealing with school. I been waiting on the promotions for madea's christmas where you visit the daytime shows and late night shows. Just seeing you appear inspires me because I know you've done your job. Well Black Friday was good to me. I bought all of House Of Payne Volumes except the tenth one. Man I've been watching them every night! Let's see can I keep these before someone takes them off. Well, it's only 9 days away and I can't wait! Plus ForBetter or Worse is tonight so that's good too. I got to go now. You be safe out here man. God Bless you and TPS :)

  • jean claude Toran Las Vegas, NV #1896386 » Posted in: My online family

    Currently in Atlanta until Friday... Can we meet? My number is I am a 69 year old creative person at your service.

  • Corissa Bodie The Bahamas #1896385 » Posted in: My online family

    When are you coming to Nassau ? There is alot of talent here and I would love for you to hear me sing.

  • debbie pennepacker arcadia, florida #1896384 » Posted in: My online family

    hi Mr. Perry, i just want to take a moment to say what a big fan i am of yours...I have all your movies, and am excited about madea's christmas!!! You are such an inspiration to me...i really was able to relate to madea's family reunion...as i went through abuse with my mom, and abuse with my ex-husband....wish i had some grits!!! You are just amazing....♥

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