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  • angi Tampa Bay Florida #1884733 » Posted in: My online family

    error...previous comment..My name is Angi not Tyler Lol. u can tell I've never posted a comment b4... :-)

  • Wilda Florida #1884732 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler thinking about going to see your studio, how do I go about going to see it, I will be going to Chicago in Dec. Also I wanted to go see Oprah network . but I truly don't now how to go about it. can you help me , Please, I don't wanted to stay in a hotel , doing nothing . so tell me how do I go about it.. because I don't know if I have to made an appointment or what? your fan :)

  • Tyler Tampa Bay Florida #1884731 » Posted in: My online family

    Watching the show where you were with Oprah May 2013. Wow! I love when you said you are a loner and you love being by yourself lots of times. people think something has to be wrong with you. just wanted to let you know I am the exact same way. I love being by myself coming home to the quiet after work or visiting family. Sometimes I just have a Tyler Perry marathon Watching all of your DVDs (no bootleg). Thank you for all that you have done for everyone, including myself.

  • Rhonda Parks Canton Mississippi #1884730 » Posted in: A Madea Christmas

    Hello Tyler. How are you doing? I notice that you have a dvd of I know I've Been Changed. Will that DVD be available in the stores. And when does the Christmas movie come out. Once again will there be another play with you on it as Madea coming soon. I know you have a lot on your plate to answer. I want to surprise my husband with a ticket to see you in the play.

  • Fatimata Sy Maryland #1884729 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Tyler: Trust that everything is well with you, your friends, colleagues and family. You movies make me laugh and reflect on life. May I suggest that you become more sensitive to Madea's health? She is a large breasted woman who does not wear adequate bras. You may not know that she must suffer from backache because of that. Many women do not know that they can get help help from the lingerie consultants in the department stores who can help find the right bras. Not only will it improve their figure but they will stop complaining about backache. They are not cheap but are a good investment. I am sure that Madea's wicked brother will be the first one to notice and have a nasty comment. We will forgive him.

  • Ms. Lady #1884727 » Posted in: My online family

    Why wont you let me talk?

    • Key az #1884746

      Tyler is in... CONTROL!! (doing the snake) Control! Control! You go boy!! (smiling and laughing)

  • Kay Indiana #1884726 » Posted in: My online family

    I pray for your PEACE Tyler <3

  • lisa #1884725 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler my name is Lisa and I am searching for answers so I thought maybe you might have some. I am going through a divorce again, been married twice now the first time for 12 years the second time 6 years now. The first one left me 5 times throughout the marriage and serverally abused me in every way. I was alone for 4 years with just my kids until one night I prayed to have god bring in my match and two days later I met my current husband who recently left me for a woman who is also married and larger than me. My husband and I became pregnant and I lost my job which came with alot of respect from my community i lived in since that happened he began abusing my kids from the first marriage then cheated on me and abused me. he has been gone for a year now but I am still not divorced from him he is holding it up while he pushed us out of our home and moved the other woman in. I am struggling to just make it since I don't get support from neither of them and i have to meet the other woman to exchange our child because of an exparte and to top it off this woman murdered her own baby when he was two and yet I have to be nice and hand over my son. My question is why would god allow this to happen and why would he make everything in my life 30 times harder to get done. I loved my last husband extremely and even though he did what he did and he drank extremely alot how do I move on when the thought of anyone else makes me sick. I t is terrible feeling to hate so much the person he has became but at the same time miss the man i met and fell in love with. I am confused cause no matter if he lied and hid his true self from me in the beginning or he turnded into the monster he is now it still makes me wonder whats wrong with me that I attrack the type that does this

    • Karen Philadelphia,Pa #1884728

      Lisa, I read your post and wanted to give you a shot out, but first I want to say I am a survivor of domestic violence as well. One of the first eye opener for me was, to realize that initially I was a victim, but then I volunteer myself because I am a caregiver. When I say this I am not being sarcastic or insensitive, but please seek therapy so you can learn to be in love with yourself . Peace &Blessings Karen

    • M.H #1884736

      You are a woman with wants and needs. I just got a divorce from a man with a bible name. I told myself " If I can't marry a King I might as well get me a man name King!" I always get what I want in this case I got what I regret. You know what? Don't leave him girl! Keep your man, your husband, you hold the TITLE. Girl,if he be at you up...its okay you got a man! He drink like cazy drink with him. He start cheating with someone else go in the room and F.u.c.k yourself. Go get you some imagination sounds you going to be needing it a lot! Hope this encouraged you to RULOLN!!!!

    • M.H #1884743

      But really. Courthouses provides help even financial...huh? Didn't know that did you? You gonna be alright keep praying and work with your prayer.

    • abuse is never okay #1884745

      And is definitely grounds for divorce in God's eyes. I agree with the 1st comment, if you are not strong enough to get out, seek help ASAP. Ask God what to do. But under no circumstances should you allow yourself, and especially your kids to be abused.

  • Nancy Sullivan San Marcos, TX #1884724 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Sir Tyler Perry, I am watching you and Oprah on the Own channel and I have to say that you are an amazing man, that has shown the world so much talent, care and understanding to a part of society that is often pushed aside. I love every piece of your work that you have given to the world. Thank you for giving us so much to entertain us and make us laugh. You provide us with so much emotion; I have laughed, cried, and been touched to my soul during times that I felt the saddest. You are love and truly a blessing to the world!! God broke the mold when he made you. Love Nancy!! Again thank you for sharing as you do.

  • Angela Washington Chicago, Il. #1884723 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler, I just wanted to say I truly respect and have a greater level of sensitivity and compassion for all of your posts regarding your mom. They say that you can't relate to anyone else pain unless you have personally experienced it so after recently losing my mother, I n0w share the same void you feel and will keep you in my prayers more now than before.

  • Annmarie Wylie Clovis, New Mexico #1884722 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, After watching The Haves and The Haves Not I wanted to ask where are you taking me with this. I was somewhat surprise about the young man who is gay. I don't want to sound like I am offending you however I just don't like that part, I know that it is a part of society these days but I hope it won't perlong in your show, please tell me you've got this one and I shouldn't worry myself too much about this? Like I mentioned I do like your work and just how talented you are. I am still a fan of yours at least my husband and I are fans of yours.

  • Ancella Evans Kingston,Jamaica #1884721 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry, My name is Ancella and i'm from Kingston, Jamaica. I pray to God that you will find time to read what i wrote and even consider my idea. I'm a writer, i do play writing and also scripts for mini films. I have recently completed a script which i would love for you to review, but getting the script to you directly is somewhat difficult; considering the fact that a medium wasn't provided for tasks like this, however i have an idea.... Why not set up an email address for persons like myself who have interesting scripts that could be highlighted but circumstances are preventing us from giving them to you. you could even have a 'BEST COME,BEST SELECTED' wherein you read at least 5 scripts for the month and if you like what you read then those person's are whomever you selected will be email to discuss the possibilities. Thank you.

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