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  • Celia Sweden/Spain #2057800 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler I have a proposal to you for your career Cáncer is very present in our lives everyday...i have a wonderful story to tell you as i have been diagnose it aswell and i won the battle an example for many people who has this desease.It will great to bring this story into the screen to help the world. Im feeling that GOD is behind this as i can feel it in my heart very strongly.I believe in the imposible in miracles and if is mean to be will be!!!please contact me.Thank you so much,GOD CONTINÚE BLESSING YOU EVERYDAY love & light Celia

  • Trust in the Lord.. #2057798 » Posted in: My online family

    And just Hope more people recognize that he is god.. My pastors message.. As I shared my views about the world he listened..

  • cindy reisterstown #2057797 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots


  • Patpa MI #2057796 » Posted in: My online family


  • Pat MI #2057795 » Posted in: My online family


  • Eugene Booker Goodyear #2057794 » Posted in: My online family

    Thank you for the message of the quilt,my grandmother Nadine pieced many of them,when she passed I watched some of my uncles give them all away to a couple of collectors who retired with great wealth,as I struggled to make it through college and life in general.

  • Brynen gray #2057793 » Posted in: My new Email system

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry you are amazing. I want to be a script writer. I actually have been writing one. I admire you so much. Well I just wanted to tell you that. Godbless

  • wencanigetaway #2057792 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr.Perry I have watched many of your almost if not all of your movies and your televised shows. I think that you have been a great inspiration and inspite of what pepole may say I think you should continue to keep doing what you are doing. Also I have a proposition for if you will please contact me. Thank you much and continue to be funny inspiring and a blessing for the world.

  • Atiya Currently in London #2057791 » Posted in: My online family

    I read your piece on "Do You Know What You're Worth?" Very timely and a wonderful confirmation to my thinking. Thank you for sharing. Atiya

  • Terri Lavetta Mitchell #2057789 » Posted in: My online family

    Terri's Beautiful Bodies Stars around the world. .I Am..and I have a Dream. THANKS for all of your emails Tyler and congratulations on the Birth of your son..

  • Barbara McKinney, Texas #2057788 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler I have a vision to write two books concerning family members and their life long situations. Please inform me how to get started, begin, etc. I am 68 years old, so I am serious.

  • Anonymous NZ #2057787 » Posted in: My online family

    Thank you Mr Perry, your story warmed my heart. In my case, the quilt is my dad. He grew up not knowing he had a father until his young adult years. My dad told us that from young boy up to adulthood he was mistreated by people who were suppose to love, care and nurture him. He then went on the search for his birth father (dad thinking life would better with his birth dad) however it was the worst thing he did. it was not his father but his stepmother who hated him. my grandad had bought new clothes for my dad and told my dad to go shower and then try on his new clothes. when dad picked up the new shirt and trousers, they had been cut up into strips. Yep by you know who, his stepmother. this treatment continued even till her last breath on earth. which is a terrible sadness for both her and my dad because they never resolved there differences. Dad felt lost, he had no one but his wife and kids. The emtional scars and wounds made my dad hard man (meaning he never trusted people) this effected not just my poor dad but also me and my siblings (trusting others) my dad was a very angry man. Most people who know what my dads temper are afraid of him. But as dad got older wiser my siblings and I notice a huge change in our dad (positive change). One day I asked him the quetion "dad, why was it hard for you to trust others and when we did mistakes you would punish us really bad"? I was shocked when he replied back "you know, I really love you all. Growing up I never had a real father figure around me to love, care and nurture me. So I didn't know how to show my love to you kids and how I punished you all was only minor compared to how I was punished growing up". Now my dad feels special and loved by me and my siblings and there partners also dads is adored by his grandchildren and great grandchildren. So blessed to have my dad because although he was an angry man and people judge him for this reason, what a real shame. know me before you judge me. my dad has taught me and my siblings strong Christian values, strong family values and also be true to yourself not to be a people pleaser because you only hurting yourself. Thanks again Mr Perry I felt so inspired by your story that I wanted to share my dads story too.

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