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  • Hey baby, #2067604 » Posted in: My online family

    You dont miss me. \♡/

  • Ms. Lady #2067603 » Posted in: My online family

    Good mornin Key, its mornin Suga! (arms folded in front of me). I'll wait.

  • Ms. Lady #2067602 » Posted in: My online family

    Key, I must be honest witchu cuz we dont do it any other way. You know Mr. Tyler Perry is my fantasy. You know I have a colissal crush on dat Mr. Ter Perry because he is Top Shelf. He is the quality of man that is stamped with the crest of Christ. Mr. Tyler Perry is an expression of God and that dont sceatch the surface as to why Mr. Ter Perry Tyler Perry means the universe to me. He is my Zenith, My Quaff, Mighty, Mighty Man Of Honor, My Mr. Goodbar, my Dreamlover. A girl has a right to dream and I breathe, sleep, eat, shower dat Mr. fantabulous, s' wonderful, sweet, sweet, kind, bold, humble, brilliant, charming, adoreable, georgeous, sexy, unforgettable, irreplaceable, irresistible, insatiable, dectable, swaggalicious, classy, styled out, handsome did I say handsome, dont wanna autha, aint anutha, dont want anutha, dont see anutha, cant ever imagine anutha, stuck like Chuck! ROLLIN'! Mr. Tyler Perry. Key, I know how sensitive yiu are and zgot sa nerves ta be jealous when yiu know Ms. Lady C, CR, CRA, CRAZY bkut chu! ROLLIN'! Lawd Jesus what Imma do!? Dont answer dat I got some ideas you wouldn't believe! OOOOH WEEEE! BUR! I am afta dat TRock, T-Bones, handcock. I'm goin hard til I get ut Key! So when you see me Key dont be shocked when you see Ms. Lady w.i.t her 4 inch go getem girl thigh high bootz on!

  • Ms. Lady #2067601 » Posted in: My online family

    Key, I am ever believing for countless miracles. And Jesus died for people who knew would not ever believe in Him or serve Him. He had a plan for people that He knew with nwcer acknowledge Him as Lird and King. He died for the world that some might believe. Key, Ms. Lady will die for you cuz Im stunnin like my Daddy.

  • Edwina Kriel Port Elizabeth, South Africa #2067599 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    what a beautiful studio, so love your work. I only watch Tyler Perry movies, reason is that you have meaning to your movies, and there is always something that you can learn from. You should really take a trip to South Africa, as you have so many fans here. your work is really great. One day I would definitely like to visit your studio. Keep doing what you do best, ad congrats with the christening of your Son, May be blessed in abundance. Take care.

  • Celia Sweden/Spain #2067598 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler Im writing you to say hello and to whish a wonderful day today. Also i have a proposal to you for your career Cáncer is very present in our lives everyday...i have a wonderful story to tell you as i have been diagnose it aswell and i won the battle an example for many people who has this desease.It will great to bring this story into the screen to help the world. Im feeling that GOD is behind this as i can feel it in my heart very strongly.I believe in the imposible in miracles and if is mean to be will be!!!please contact me.Thank you so much,GOD CONTINÚE BLESSING YOU EVERYDAY love & light Celia

  • Ms. Lady #2067596 » Posted in: My online family

    Key, good morning my love. I know it's early but we've done it early. You were so on my ♥ last night and this morning as you usually are. And what came to ♥ concerning yyouis that you saud you were scared. That pricked Ms. Lady's ♥, mind and spirit. I so respect how you feel and what affects you affects me. Considering that I see you, I'm extremely m oved by you. As I have done what I've done for you. Know! It continues because it's who I be. I am free to love you and be Your Ms. Lady whereby I am charged and I do eagerly, joyfully, willingly and freely. ROLLIN'! You said; Leave Them Boots Alone! ROLLIN'! Key, I can't. I got my go getem' girl boots on and Ms. Lady gone fishin'!Baby. Lovin' you is what I do to no end is what it is. So Key, what it is!?

    • Ms. Lady #2067597

      I went and exchanged my original s**** for a colossal s**** with a colossal fish cuz I intend to catch me a SWORD FISH!!!!!! ROLLIN'!

    • Ms. Lady #2067600

      Mr. Perry got sum supa d*** technology goin on round here! S.t.i.ck. The word is s**** for goodness sake! ROLLIN'! Key, I've only aksed you for 1 thing and my wish nor desire was never Mr. Tyler Perry, Tyler Perry's message board. Dont know where they ever got dat from. BUT! The 1 thing I did ask you for, I see you Key! I see youROLLIN'! The 1 thing I did ask you for, "YOU SAID I GOT", "YOU SAID YOU GAVE THAT TO ME". Well, you arw 1 of the most excellent listerners/student/teachers I've ever had the blessed privilege of growing and becoming with. So then as it were, listen, here me again and as you always do. Show me that you did Suga as only you can.

  • Mrsbutter Newark Nj #2067595 » Posted in: My online family

    Today's Daily Inspiration "Remember to thank God for the ways in which He gently teaches us. Lord, when setbacks come, remind me to ask You what new good are You preparing me for now?" Random Daily Inspiration "Prayer is good for the soul. It heals, sustains and lifts you. Lord, as I pray, show me more and more Your power as it moves through me and through everything that affects me."

  • Gaone Gaborone #2067594 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler May I kindly have your e-mail address please

  • Hope you well #2067593 » Posted in: My online family

    Amen so I pray that God gives us wisdom for all that he want to do....there is an obedience to HIMSELF that he wants not when we want...I pray for wise counsel from him..

  • Favored Vessel Of Honor! #2067591 » Posted in: My online family


  • Mighty Man Of War! #2067590 » Posted in: My online family

    I blow you kisses from the Son.

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