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  • Tracy Johnson Hollywood, Fl #2004265 » Posted in: My online family

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Romell Stokes Milwaukee, Wisconsin #2004264 » Posted in: My online family

    Can you please bring back House of Payne??!!

  • Marcela Garcia Edinburg, TX #2004263 » Posted in: My online family

    I have a question. I'm probably out of line, but I've had this speculation for quite some time. I amazed and your a big inspiration to anyone including myself who's gone through a hard life. With everything that you went through as a child and the great big man you are today, I can't help but think you are Christian Greys, fictional character. Are you Christian Grey?

  • Haleema Lagos Nigeria #2004262 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, I spent the whole day watching your films and plays to celebrate your birthday.Enjoy your day brother you are an inspiration to to all of us.Happy birthday and many more years.

  • elena Obame Accra-Ghana #2004261 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Sir,I do not know if its allowed here,and to be honest this really embarrasses me,but I've got no choice,because I've been seeking for help,but in vain.I live in Africe Ghana,I'm a student in international relation,I'm to complete this year.lost my parents when I was a kid,my brother who has been paying my fees also can't dothat anymore.this is my last year,wish I could work or do anything,but nothing that I could do would would help me pay 3500USD,and without a certificate,I cannot get a good job,things are not that easy here.I don't know what else to do than seeking for help,please I'm begging you not to ignore my message.thank you.elena

  • lisa johnson yonkers, new york #2004260 » Posted in: My online family

    i love you more than chocolate cake. how do you feel? like a bowl of oatmeal? i hope not. you look fresh and fly. hey tony i mean "T" for tyler. have you read his book and her heard sermon about cookies. i was shopping at the grocery store and had you on my mind somebody loves you baby. happy birthday. much love

  • Lynn Stafford United States #2004259 » Posted in: My online family


  • Anita Rowland akron, ohio #2004258 » Posted in: My online family

    Happy Birthday to you, may God Bless you with many more. It doesn't seem that I have been following you for this many years. God Bless and have a wonderful birthday. I looked for my invitation in the mail, and I checked with the postman, maybe you forgot it. Maybe it was misplaced in the mail. But I will be waiting on the tarmack of Cleveland Hopkins airport waiting for your plane. Have a happy birthday

  • Anita Oregon #2004257 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Mr Tyler Perry Happy 45th Birthday to you. May the lord bless you and don't party to hard but do enjoy your self Much love to you from the west coast Love Anita

  • Pauline Brown santa cruz calif. #2004256 » Posted in: My online family

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I will also since it is mine also, just a year younger but all the same thank you for all you blessings and incredible talents Pauline

  • mary wright chicago #2004254 » Posted in: My online family

    I thank God for sending an angel like yourself. I am honored to share a birthday with you. If I could get one birthday wish it would be to meet you, to say thank you. Happy birthday.

  • TG Pennsylvania #2004253 » Posted in: My online family

    You are such an inspiration! I have so much respect for a person that started from scratch and build himself to this level of success. I'm not sure if you will read this message but I wanted you to know that I hope my son will learn that there's nothing in this world that can stop him from being successful like you. Your mother must be so proud of you! Happy Birthday!