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  • Ok, Ty... #1890025 » Posted in: My online family

    I'm headed to sleep now. Gotta get up soon. But have fun in ol' Paris and think of me! I love you and I pray to see you soon. With all my love...

  • Denise E. Florida #1890024 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Hello Mr. Perry I love all of your movies and plays, and I am especially a BIG fan of The Haves and the Have Nots. Keep Up The Good Work, and I'll be watching.

  • Mel United Kingdom #1890023 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Hi Mr Perry, I am a Theatre Studies student and I am doing my dissertation on the representation and the role of the black male in theatre and you would be a great source to use as my primary source for my work if only... well in some hopes I do hope you get back to me since you probably don't even personally read through these... Well love your work and just keep them coming....Ta.x

  • BLESSED & HIGHLY FAVORED United States #1890022 » Posted in: My online family

    I'm back....... Dear God, You said in your word, if a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat....all I want for my 45th birthday, is to wake up in the morning on ( November 17th ) and meet Mr. Perry, and for him to take a picture with me and then I can faint.( my goal was to make a post everyday, until my birthday, but I've fallen short due to working in Corp Am. caring for a sister with Epilepsy & her 8 year old daughter) My admiration started for Mr. Perry, many many years ago! ( with his very first movie) I use to offer too pay my co-workers to attend his movie on opening night ( my goal was to help Mr. Perry, be #1 at the box office) bring me their ticket stub, and the next day I would pay them for the price of their ticket, and buy them lunch..here's where this get good..folks would go to the movies, and the next day, we all would sit around talking about how good the movie was...when I asked for their ticket stubs , everyone would throw their hands up, and say girl please..that spoke volume to me, it told me they " GET IT" they really " GET IT" there's a message behind this man movies PLAYS & TELEVISION SHOWS...Keep in mind, I work in a department at the time had over 100 people & I was caring for the same sister, that has Epilepsy, battle " Kidney Cancer " 4 months after giving birth to her daughter, ( she now lives with 1 kidney) watching a " Tyler Perry " movie was saving grace, in a world of storms that made me wanna scream to the top of my lungs...( I had to stay strong, I had to cry in the dark, I had to press on) What I know for sure, God makes no mistakes....My cup is half full....I now get that I don't have to post everyday to get Mr. Perry, to notice me...what " God " has for me is for me..we all have a due season! and maybe one day, I would meet Mr. Perry, and maybe not...but what I'm certain of is this....I will continue to support his work..because I get his stories....My father, was born on 9-13 ~ my father was born in Monroe, LA. ( wink wink) ... I'm living my best life now....SINGLE, SEXY, CELIBATE & HAPPY..." Happy Birthday " to me...Smooches

  • watching Spike on Own #1890021 » Posted in: My online family

    Makes me remember many years ago when I was in college, I had the biggest crush on Spike. Me and the guy who I was dating used to joke about our celebrity crushes. He asked me once if I had the chance to have an affair with a celebrity, would I cheat on him. I said, yep, Spike Lee. He had already told me he'd cheat on me with Janet Jackson. We used to joke about it because we knew it would never happen so there was no threat there. Well one day be comes home (we were living together) and tell me he went to see Spike Lee speak at another college close by. We were in college and had friends at the other school so that's how he found oy Spike was speaking there. But, he just went and didnt tell me about it. Now, he wasnt a Spike fan. I said what!!!!!!!! I git super hyped, I was mad I missed it, lol. I was like, I was this close to meetng him and you didnt tell me. He was all non chalant and said awe, you didnt miss nothing, he ain't all that, lol. He said I just went to see what all the hype is, I wanted to see what you think is so good about him, he's just a lil short scrawny guy, you didnt miss nothing. I was like what!!!!! I cant believe I missed it, how are you going to go and not tell me. He still just all non chalant like whatever. He says ne walked right past me, too, I started to s**** my foot out and trip him, lol. I said oh, okay, you are wrong for that. I said you just wait, the next time Janet Jackson comes to town, Im going to see her by myself, im not going to tell you. Be was like, nawl, you cant do that! Lol

  • ladylovebug North #1890020 » Posted in: My online family

    You must really hate me?!

  • michelle R wiley columbus ohio #1890019 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    My uncle and I love UR movie & plays we will like to buy all of UR movie & play.so when is the next time u will b in Ohio

  • Laurita Colvin Atlanta, Georgia #1890018 » Posted in: My online family

    Please contact me.

  • Carol Sydnor United States #1890016 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler, I know that you read all posts, but questions don't necessarily get answered. But something is bothering me and the only one who can answer the question is you. You wrote a great drama for the OWN Network "The Haves and the Have Nots" but it is no longer seen on OWN. Have you and Oprah fallen out? If that is true that is soooo sad! That show was so good for OWN. Still your #1 fan! Carol

  • SAW Atlanta, GA #1890015 » Posted in: My online family

    My Paris moment:-)!!! I was listening to the Jennifer Keitt show on kiss014.1 fm this evening; and the topic was "Where's my soulmate?" My "aha moment" was when they said that getting/having that soulmate or connecting with that soulmate is not "magic", that is requires "working". I went to Paris in 2007 with my mother, and I will never return to Europe again unless with a man (my soul mate, my husband), because I want to see Prague one day soon!!!,but not without my husband, I refuse to be cheated anymore!!!! chat later, and kudos to you:-)!!!

    • go to Paris as many times #1890017

      As you want. Dont wait for that perfect man. Live your life as if you are goung to be alone forever. Im not saying you will and you should not expect to be alone forever. My point is dont waste your life waiting. Travel do everything that you love to do. If you dont, you will regret it later. Especially if you werd able to do those things, but didnt because you wasted your life waiting.

  • Elsa Vasquez United States #1890014 » Posted in: My online family

    you are a awesome man you're a good Christian man Tyler Perry I hope I get to meet you one day I pray

  • Ector Garcia Wichita Falls Tx. #1890013 » Posted in: My online family

    You need to out me in one of your movies.

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