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  • Deonna Lee TN #1954534 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Tyler Perry I am one of your fans from watchin your plays to watchin movies. I have been able to leave relationships as well as bad situation from watchin your plays and movies. They are touchin and inspirational and last but not least motivational.

  • Hay Tylah #1954533 » Posted in: My online family

    How are you? What's on that beautiful mind? I need some of your energy. New job wearing me down. Had to take ah moment to send shouts of hello and I love you. Too tired to think. Calm cool stary night sleep like a newborn. I'll cuddle you in my arms in the morning. Good night. Hugs

  • Gunasehare Shunmugamm Raleigh, NC #1954529 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, I have always enjoyed your sense of humor, and am glad to observe all the good things you do. We live in a world still separated by hate, ignorance, and racism. I came here from Simgpaore many years ago and have managed to establish myself well. Here we are in the 21st Century and some things are still the same. I hope more people with influence will spread the word of kindness, quality, and that we are all one in the eyes of God, whomever we perceive him/her to be. Take Care and have a wonderful weekend. Guna :)

  • Barack....Obama. #1954528 » Posted in: My online family

    Poohbear....I have been trying to reach you....I have called the white house...it was late but I don't know your whereabouts....call ME PLEASE....BABY..I REALLY REALLY REALLY ABD TRULY DO LOVE YOU..FELICE....YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ALONE...I AM HONEST..I HAVE EMAILED YOU...I'M NOT PERFECT..

    • oops...and #1954530

      Please be okay...please..I'm for real..please..I didn't know..

  • YOLANDA BALLARD Faith Tabernacle Kremmling, CO. #1954527 » Posted in: My online family

    BREAKTHROUGH IS AT HAN***** May 17, 2014***** Every aspect of your life is either made up of a cause or a motivation to bring you forth to make a decision that will either bring about My will in you or through you; but you must decide if you want to yield to My work in you or to continue to put forth your own will. For if you choose to allow My will to take place, the outcome of your decision will bring forth abundant life, but if you choose to do what you will, the price to pay will be death. For in that decision you are joining hands with the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy everything that has to do with your life. This is the day to choose life or death, blessings or curses, abundance or lack. In the words that you say and the thoughts that you have determine what your actions will be. You need to look forward and not always to the present for what you decide will effect what you will walk into. Whether you react out of your flesh or whether you respond out of My love will effect many lives. It is like throwing a pebble into the water and you see the swirls of water that flow out from it. That is how your decisions and reactions effect your life and others. So this day I want you to examine your heart whether you have put on the shelf some important aspects of life that I have taught you about. Like living the resurrected life you need to die daily. To have authority you must be under authority. If you give with a pure heart, you will reap much. To save your life you must be willing to lose your life. This is the day to count the cost whether you have what it takes to go any further. To build a house you must know what it takes to be able to complete it. For you are coming up to the finish line, and the enemy is coming on like gangbusters ready to destroy what you have built, to hinder you, and to completely get you out of the race any way he can. He’s coming on with much deception, with much retaliation, with division, with disease. Keep guarded daily covered with the power of My blood and My word. Keep your armor intact ,your sword sharpened, and most important stay behind your shield. For when you come out from behind it, you will immediately get hit with fiery darts and missiles sent to destroy your faith which is My faith in you. Beware for the enemy is out to destroy your most powerful weapon against him which is My love. Beloved, die daily allowing My love to flow. Many are wounded out there and are perfect vessels for the enemy to flow through to wound you. Be harmless as doves and wise as serpents. Pray daily for My wisdom and to know the strategies of the enemy. And remember I didn’t bring you this far for you to fall, but that you would be strengthened in the fight, to rise up as a mighty warrior, to breathe in this last wind to be able to run forth in victory. The finish line is right there ready for you to break through to glory!!!!

    • Candace US #1954546

      This is SOOOOO on point with me, Lord. Glory to Your name. You reassured me the importance of being decisive and standing on that decision. The devil is active. Steal. Kill. Destroy. Period. Thank You Jesus for loving me so much.

  • Errol McDonough, Ga #1954526 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Evening Sir. I had the honor of seeing you at "Joe Nalls" today. I felt that this was your personal time, so I gave you the greeting of the day and kept going. I served in the military for 24 years and I also enjoy Radio Control Flying. I am a member of Henry County RC Club and it would be an honor if you could visit my field to fly whenever your schedule permits. Thank you for your time and patience sir.

  • Ophelia mayes greenwood,sc #1954525 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler I am a southern girl with a lot of dreams good humor and a sweet voice I'm fluent in spanish . I know you get this kind of thing a lot so if I don't hear a response I won't be upset I know your busy. I'm going to school, I'm a mother of four. If I could do anything to help let me know. We love your shows and plays. God will continue to open doors for you. You are a blessing in so many ways to so many people.I've never written to someone that I've never met before. Lol. But I've invited you in my home and my family loves you. Inspiration. Thanks ..... Ophelia

  • Wendy Johnson Nassau Bahamas #1954523 » Posted in: My online family

    HI tyler it's been that type of day Thanks for all the love and inspiration , have a great evening try not to drink alone if you do drink much love good night.

  • jacky gettysburg PA #1954522 » Posted in: My online family

    H*** Mr. Perry I always see your movies and plays and I love them. I always see that you have a message about GOD. So I'm asking if you could do me a favor. I know you get asked for all kinds of this. I realize that asking you to come out and speak to the youth in my community would be to much to ask of you. What I am asking is if maybe you could email me about how you came to Jesus. Growing up I was raised in a Baptist family but after going through homelessness and poverty I got into drugs. It took me to realize that my son meant more to me than drugs. So I got clean I came back to the Lord and started living my life right. I felt as if the Lord left my side letting me be with an abusive man and having my children in that life. But yet I wasn't delivered. I know I had to put my faith in GOD. So if you could write even a short email that I could share to our youth and community I would appreciate it. I hope you do get to see this. Even if it's just an email from someone from your company saying you can't your to busy at least Id know you got my message. Thank you for all that you do you really are a great man! May GOD keep blessing you!

    • Jacky Gettysburg Pa #1954524

      That's supposed to say Hello Mr. Perry I'm sorry

  • Rachel B Orlando, fl #1954517 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler I am just now getting on here to leave you a comment. Thank you for bringing you play to the O we loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish you were there to make an appearance. Maybe next time real soon. ;)))

  • sharon y.Harper Hot Springs,Arkansas #1954516 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    You are a great Man of God.I hope some day I will get to meet you in person. You are just a tell it like is in real life.The Have and Have not is a great show.Can not went unitl May27th

  • M.H #1954514 » Posted in: My online family

    Soothe The Night......a baby slumbers.....through lightning and t.h.under.....why do a child don't hate.....because they are not taught that trait....when relaxing to go to sleep......don't count sheep.....think of a little baby then fall asleep....loud noises is heard all the time....but teach yourself peace and you'll be just fine.....project homes has bright lights....but inside them has people to help.....SOOTHE THE NIGHT...Good night

    • M.H #1954515

      I read this to my daughter just now and she is so relaxed.laying on me. What a gift!

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