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  • Jeanette Arthur United States #1862976 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi! When do you plan to release the Season 1 of "The Have & the Have Nots" and "Love Thy Neighbor" on DVD? Jeanette (Madison, WI)

  • anthony minneapolis, mn #1862975 » Posted in: My online family

    i have been watching your plays for a long time. i have a question do u think you can make a play with a g** themed character. i know it a weird subject but sometimes there are alot of trageties of suicide and rejection when a person comes out. rejection come from family and friends and my being a g** male, i know how bad the rejection can be. i know its a stretch i just want to know your take on this subject.

  • Dianne Gretna louisiana #1862974 » Posted in: My online family

    This show is real life it hit home keep it real Tyler.

  • Barbara Blackmon Dallas Texas #1862973 » Posted in: My online family

    my friends birthday is next month on the 27 can madear wish her a happy birthday every year i try to get that request made now we are not talking but i still would like to make that happen i know you are very busy. this is the first time i will be able to try to make her wish come true she wishes that madear can even talk to her about her family

  • Mary Colorado Springs, CO #1862972 » Posted in: My new Email system

    Dear Tyler Perry, I have always loved your plays and movies. Being as Madea, you have always made me laugh so much. You have always been such a blessing to be a part of these productions. May God bless you. Mary

  • P.C.F.T.P #1862971 » Posted in: My online family

    Dude, you are fine! That "Men's Health" November 2012...Should I say forgive me Lawd or thank you Lord! My, My... Was that picture airbrushed or is that all you? Can I work out with you? No disrespect intended, Can I?

  • Shelly Bklyn, NY #1862970 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler: I have about $30,000 in debt and about $5,000 owed in back rent. I'm looking for an opportunity to work(preferably from home) in exchange for debt-forgiveness and the ability to stop owing my landlord. I'm great at research........ I hope that my message stands out to you in some way and that you'll want to hear more........ Testimonies I have many!!!!

  • Felita Louisiana #1862969 » Posted in: My online family

    The Haves and The Have Nots -- one word-- AWESOME!!!

  • Adonna Houston, Tx #1862968 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Genius, I think you are a brilliant man, and I do not know how you come up with the plays, movies, etc. I thank you for coming up with The Haves and The Have Nots, and do not like that it only comes on once a week. I do record your show so I can skip the commercials, because I am so anxious to find out what will happen next. Please and I hope you continue your blessings in writing and acting. I really wish you could meet a special person in my life who is an excellent writer for plays. She has written several plays for her church and another organization who has won outstanding awards. I really would like for you to see or read the play she is working on for November 8,2013. I would really like to see her plays go to more places with some guidance from you. I tell this special person in my life, "If Tyler saw your plays I'm sure he would help you get started" I tell her... "Just like Tyler, you have a gift and do not stop using your gift. Take care, Tyler

  • Mary Jo #1862967 » Posted in: My online family


  • Fatimah Dallas, GA #1862966 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Dear Mr. Perry, I have always made a practice of giving out compliments because you never know what someone is thinking about you, and just one word of wisdom can carry a person on for a lifetime. You are such an inspiration to me and I thank God that you share you gift with the world, and benefit from it too. I don't know you personally although sometimes I feel like I do because I can relate soo much. I know you are very successful already but in case you read this I just want to say that I love your work and you have no idea how much it has an impact on my life in a great way. I recently moved to GA on my own and sometimes when things get rough I recall different messages in your work to get me moving....so I am saying all this to say THANKYOU!!

  • Gray Florida #1862965 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, Just reading and watching you and how you have survived all the obstacles in your life gives me courage. I have wrote on this site before about the problems I am facing; my son who has suffered an brain injury and I now facing foreclosure. I pray that God will hear my prayers and help me and all those in need of blessings. Mr. Perry, if you can survive hopefully my family and I will with God's blessings. I have learned a lot during my triumphs and sure their is more to learn and appreciate. I never thought I would be in this shameful position in life, but God had other plans and everything happens for a reasons. I pray that God will bless my son and help us save our home and help all that need helping. Thanks

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