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  • Latesha Estes Chicago, IL

    Dear Tyler Perry, First, I would love to say that I have been blessed to see every last one of your movies,plays, and tv shows that you have created . Your work will always be remarkable and unforgettable . In saying this, I would LOVE to be apart of one of your projects . I am a 18 year old lost actress who can't find her way into the lime light where I belong. Even if I cant be apart of your team , I'm still writing you today because I am looking for a since of direction . If you can help me in any way, shape or form , that would be great. I'm willing to leave Illinois with NOTHING to chase my dream. I know god did not bless me with all this talent for no reason , i just do not know where to begin. I was once told ,"A person wakes up with two options; to get up and chase their dreams, or to go back to sleep and keep dreaming!" Mr.Perry IM TIRED OF DREAMING , I am ready to run! Sincerely , Latesha S. Estes

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