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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Felicia Weatherford Tennessee

    I have a movie idea based on my life. My life is very similar to Pursuit of Happiness. The only thing is that he was a man and I'm a woman. Interested. Please email me.

  • Rapheal Herring Fayetteville North Carolina

    Hey Tyler how are you doing I love your movies and plays I watch them all the time in watching some of them right now..um I am writing you cause I always wanted to be on apart of your plays and maybe have my own TV show most people say I'm funny and I also dress up as an woman an act as well at least try if you can or have an open spot please contact me eather email me or feel free to call me at looking forward to hearing from you thanks and god bless...and may god keep on blessing you more and more..

    • C Monty Out and about #2193981

      I like dreamin You tube

    • Christine Monty N W Florida Beaches #2194076

      It's The Fourth Of July Weekend: Take it easy on the road out and about.

  • Michelle Savoy

    Hi Tyler! I hope you & your family are well. I am sure this new journey as a father has been awesome for you! I know you don't remember me but I met you some years ago at one of your plays. (which I don't remember b/c I have been to all of them). It was so funny because I didn't recognize you right away w/o you being in character as Madea. When I realized who was speaking to me I almost passed out but it was too late lol. You would not have seen it anyway! haha. Anyway, I am writing to ask your advice. for years I have wanted to dive into the world of theater & film. Out of fear of people and my own limitations (not thinking I was good enough etc) I never fully pursued it. I have done a few plays here & there. I have lent my talent on a local level but never anything major or paid. I love it. When I am acting/ singing/ or dancing, I feel alive. I feel free. I feel like, me. it may sound strange but its the place I feel safest. How do I establish myself? I am no theater major, I just have raw talent & it is something that has always come easy to me. Without formal training most people won't even let me audition & my resume doesn't exactly scream superstar or even one in the making. How do I get the audition? by the way, if you have anything coming up I am very interested in auditioning. More than anything, I am open to learning and perfecting my craft! I want this badly. What do you suggest. Thank you for your time. I know it is very limited, so any advice at all is greatly appreciated. Blessings to you and your family Mr. perry Sincerely yours, Michelle Savoy

  • Anthony Booker Lithonia, GA

    Hi, I'm looking to learn more about the film industry and I plan to go to SCAD when I graduate in 2018. If there are any internship opportunities here would you kindly let me know.

  • Vee Texas

    Good afternoon! I would like to present my idea for a possible movie...Diary of a widowed black woman. I lost my husband at the young age of 45. He was a retired vet with the US Army. After he passed on, it hit me that now, after 17 years of marriage, I am a single mom at the age of 43!!! I move forward with our Loving God first and foremost. But, let me tell ya, you find out who your true friends are. Let me know what you think. Many blessings to you!!!

  • RosalindJohnson 102 Armstrong street Perry,Fla.32348

    Hi brother Tyler Perry just wand to say good morning and I know the faith you have all is well and I am still keeping my brother in Christ in pray and keep Looking to the hill where all your help come from the Lord God bless and have a bless weekend in Jesus name.

  • Cassandra Young Columbia, SC

    Hello Tyler Perry... I just need a shot and I hope you give me that opportunity. Thank you

  • Mrs. Lakisha G. Louissaint Troy, Alabama

    Mr. Tyler Perry, As a writer, I would love to work with you to make my dream come true. It would be a blessing to have five minutes to present my movie script to you. Continued Blessings, Mrs. L. G. Louissaint

  • Steve Nashville

    I have a story that I think you would be interested in. I would like to know what steps I would need to go through to get the story to you. It is about a small town in West Tennessee, it involves arson, insurance fraud and using the governor of the state, because he is a relative of the perps, and yet no one really knew and a little house and cat sitter to Col. and Mrs.Tom Elam. The little cat sitter knows everything.

  • Mechico Hart Nashville, Tennessee

    I would be a pleasure for me to tour the studio. Peace and Love!

  • Christine Monty Out and about N W Florida Beaches

    The Weekend: Movies, The beach, and Music-I love music, Kenny Nolan - I Love dreamin You Tube .

    • C Monty Out and about #2193498

      I love dreaming

    • C Monty Out and about #2193517

      I Love Music: The O'Jays

    • C Monty Out and about N W Florida, Beaches #2193790

      Mr. Melody You Tube: Natalie Cole

    • C Monty Out and about #2193792

      Sing a song: Earth Wind amd fire

    • C Monty Out and about #2193800

      Paul Davis Cool Night You Tube

    • C Monty Out and about #2195240

      The Jacksons: An American Dream You Tube

    • C Monty Out and about #2195735

      I just call to say I love you: Stevie Wonder youtube

    • C Monty Out and about #2196864

      The king of comedy and Friday Movies makes me laugh.

  • Jarvis Jeffries Memphis TN

    I've just finished the first season to my drama series and would love to email the storyline and script to you to see what you think of it and possibly audition for season 4 of your TV show

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