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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Anissa Atlanta

    Will you ever open up to the public to do tours. It's summer vacation for my teen daughter she loves been in front of camera thought a open tour would be exciting for her and give us both something to do.

  • Anaiya Council, NC

    I have to say Wow! This makes me happy to see how God blessed you with something so amazing. I bet all you did was believed him for it! This gives me hope and helps my faith because one day i will want to do what you do. I'm 16 years old and believe that I will own my own studio. I have a huge vision and not only is it my vision but I know its God's vision for my life. I pray and believe that I will get to meet you Tyler Perry and maybe for you to mentor me a little. I just keep watching your Studio tour over and over. This makes me excited to see the way God uses and I can't wait till God uses me this way one day soon. You truly do have an awesome platform to reach others!

  • Dmarcus Andrews 3706 majestic dr marietta GA

    Hi my name is dmarcus andrews and I'm 19 years old I'm a fan of film and production my whole life's goal is to win an academy award before I turn 27 I want to learn everything about film and television and I'm asking u if you'll let me internships for u and your production company. Thanks for all your hard work and your dedication you gave to us and god I truly thank you.

  • Kia Wilson kansas city, MO

    Tyler Perry is not a genie nor a bank! At least fill out an application. If you are looking for handouts, handups or handme downs the first place you should seek is the Kingdom of God and All things will be added unto to you!

  • Samantha Connecticut

    Good morning Tyler,I'm very pleased to not just only say may God increase the blessings of the works of your hands and to encourage you never to go weary even in times of discouragement but also to tell you about a movie I wrote (not scripted yet). It's my first and means so much to me as i have reviewed and criticized almost too many story lines and came up with this . I'm positive that it's something you would love and would really want to work with Please let me know,I really very much have high expectations and would go into more details with your level of interest. Thanks and remain favoured.

  • Debra Daniels Twenty nine palms,California

    Mr.Perry,please excuse my typing my hands at times are weak,I was still typing from my first comment,can you in some way can you help me with my daughter wedding,may be you have items from your movies you don't use,just being sick so hard for me, my daughter says don't worry mom,but l know this is breaking her heart,I had TIA stop me,I have prayed and I believe in prayer ,Let this message reach you. Thank you

  • Debra Daniels Twenty nine palms , California

    Mr.Perry,may I first say you tell great stories and I am a fan. This my be a o uhh t of normal request.and I can not explain why I am asking you,my daughter is having a wedding she has been married two years and he husband

  • Jackie Scott San Antonio, Texas

    Hello Mr. Perry, Congratulations on your success! I was in Atlanta for the first time and I was taken by the studio and was very impressed with the blessing God has bestowed upon you. Keep doing what you do best and keep God first so that others will have the faith you do and become successful too!

  • Christine Monty Thewoods1

    Kristian Kordula and the major players of the have and have nots return on June 30 15 own TV Facebook and twitter.

  • Angelica Brown fort worth tx

    Hello Mr. Perry, I would like to began by saying congratulations on a job well done. You continue to bless us with your amazing talent. Following your work is like waking up to Christmas every morning. My daughter and I are huge fans of yours and I would like to know how can she audition for one of your shows. Even if its just singing around the studio to keep you entertained. Just kidding. She's 14 years old & is currently working on her 1st single, she wrote, titled Out of Your Mind & throughout the Summer, completion of her album is in the works. Having the voice of woman at the age of 14 I feel is a GOD given blessing that shouldn't be wasted & I'm sure you will agree. Thanks in advance & hope to hear from you. Thank You.

  • Tina California

    Hi Mr.Perry i was wondering if you know of any good acting agents in California.I don't know who to trust anymore. I'm daughter has a agent but is not really doing anything for her I'm submitting project for her on my own. She had a manager I thought I can trust but she let her go. I just want my daughter to have a chance I told her about the struggles you had and how you made it. I don't want her to get discouraged and say she doesn't want to do it anymore. If you have any leads on some good agents in California that would be great.

  • Valerie Anderson Campbell NY

    Dear Mr. Perry, First, THANK YOU, for all you've given to the world, Thank you. The JAG Family Reunion will be taking place in Georgia on July 9-12 and I was wondering if there are tours given in your studio. My mom, the Elder in the family at 76 years old is one of your biggest fans. She has seen all of your movies, plays, shows on the WPIX Network, and all your shows on the OWN Network. If there is a cost for the tour, that would not be an issue, I would love to surprise her to see where some of the magic is made that you have created. If this would be possible, please give me the limit amount of people that would be permitted, the cost, and available times on Friday July 10, 2015. Thank you. Valerie Anderson Campbell

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