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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Delbert Rhodes Decatur, GA.

    Mr. Perry, About three weeks ago I posted a comment and mentioned that although I have no acting experience I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. Lately, I produce video poetry. Here I offer an example of my work. Should the link not access the site, please, refer to vimeo.com (Go Vimeo) for "WithoutNoah," and other video poems. Regards, D. Rhodes

  • Kevin Curry Waco, TX

    Mr. TYLER PERRY, you are nothing less than an inspiration, and I commend you on your years of creativity and service. Whether through movies, television shows, or plays, you manage to deliver drama laced with comedy without sacrificing the message. Here are a few ideas to help continue your journey!!! First, we could use a film called something like "HALFrican Americans"! A comedy/drama that touches on how some bi-racial people struggle to identify with either side. How they struggle to find themselves in the mist of black vs. white conflicts that plague our country. Also explores the difference between having a white mother and black father, compared to a white father with a black mother. Second, a movie called something like" How To Raise A Mother"! A drama/comedy that explores the relationship between a young single mother and her daughter. It touches on how the both of them are learning and growing up together, and how their closeness in age creates many conflicts. It shows how the relationship can be sister-like, and how the daughter has to play the mother role at times. Last, a movie called something like "Childish Ways"! A drama/comedy about how teens from different cultural backgrounds deal with teen pregnancy. It confronts the topics of abortion, STDs, as well as how child support affects the parent-child relationship. Also touches on this "Having Babies For Benefits" culture that is destroying the urban community, and continuing a cycle of poverty. Mr. Perry, these stories need to be told, and who better to tell them, than you! Thanks for your time!!!

    • BB Townhall #2201815

      You can do this on your own. Hire some interns from craigslist giving them some type of IMBD credit and put up mini youtube video. I am sure you get somebody to pick up some of these shows. You are a creative, please don't sit and wait on anybody to get going.

    • C Monty #2201859

      Jeffery, The Jefferson s TV You tube, Good times TV You tube and Claudine Movie You tube, All tried to deal . with this subject. It's a new generation and your summary of it was well advance.

  • Erica Kane Tallahassee, FL

    It's funny how Blacks want others to support their ventures but they don't support others. Typical.. Blacks are okay with someone doing good as long as its not better than them. Black lives only matter when someone is killed by someone who is non-black. The Black lives matter movement should be promoting blacks supporting other blacks, especially when it pertains to entrepreneurship. If our goal is to keep our black dollars within our community, we need the community to support. Support shouldn't only be given when someone dies from a disease or is killed. Donate to worthy causes that can help Blacks such as the opening of Book Teas, Self-published Author Book Source. This kiosk caters to those who are self published and refuse to get their books copyedited for mainstream America. This kiosk are for those authors who want their stories to be told from their points of view, not the view of an overzealous large book chain who requires self published authors to change the way they write in order for their books to be represented in their stores. If you are a self published author, or if you are a publishing company who wants to get away from just ebooks only and want a book store presence, please DONATE to the campaign below: gofundme.com/bookteasopening

  • Tonya Reeves Atlanta, GA

    Hi Mr. Perry, Thank you so much for all you've done in entertainment over the years. I truly enjoy your innovtive, funny, and creative way of taking everyday life with its circumstances to a level of understanding to all who are watching. You don't make light of hardship but you present it in ways that compels the audience to pay attention. You give heartfelt solutions to want something different. This is why I admire you. You are a true example of turning lemonade out of lemon. You didn't take the no's of the world but stood on the yes from God and believed you could have exactly what He said you could. I would love to work with you. I'm not interested in being in the forefront but I'm interested in working with you behind the scenes as part of business, studio, production, etc. I'm sure you receive emails, post, and comments by the million so hopefully someone is paying attention and respond back.

  • Bobby Phillips Atlant,Ga

    Tyler, you do not know me although we know a few of the same people. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!! I hear so much about how you help the less fortunate, I am always touched by how you just help people out, those that are in no position to help them selves. I was touched when you stepped up and helped the girl with the funeral for her twins. I live in Atlanta and just what you do for the community is a God's Gift. I just wanted to say Thank You because sometimes we get caught up in asking and forgetting to be thankful. May God keep blessing you, and you keep letting God touch your heart. Just a person from the community.

  • Paulette cain Cornelia Ga

    Hi Mr Perry I love working as an extra on your shows. The last one Aired last week Love Thy Neighbor I was the blonde lady in the booth looking like Lucy when Mama had a fit That was a great day on set. I hope to come back soon, as the new casting people sometimes do not know us older ones who have worked and are reliable. I hope to get back soon when casting starts as your set is my favorite. I was going to be pearl's stand in,but it never happened. I just wanted you to know how much us older retired actors appreciate you. Sincerely, Paulette Cain north Ga Cornelia

  • Sylvia Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Mr Tyler, Every Tues. I am glued to the tv, beginning at 8:30P.M to review the previous session of The Haves and The Have Nots--What a wonderful and suspenseful show!. I trust to be in Atlanta on the weekend of Sept. 1st and would love to view the inside of your studio. I am a Sr. Citizen, as well as, a retired teacher too. Thanks for giving my request consideration. Sylvia

    • VBROWN california #2201678

      is there a way to but CD's of this particular show. if so where love the show

  • Jillzybean Jacksonville, Fl

    First off you are truly an inspiration. You have achieved so much and still give back to the community. Thanks for all you do. My daughter is a senior in high school and had taken theater all four years. She aspires to continue her education in acting but isn't sure what colleges to apply to in order to obtain a BA in drama/theater. Any suggestions would be helpful. Again thank you!

  • Egypt Atlanta

    Can you please bring back the House of Paynes, I appreciate your talents and movies and shows but this was really my FAVORITE show to watch it hit home on a lot of situations in families everyday. PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK!! Thanks be blessed.

  • Ciny Cruz FL

    Hi!,Mr. Perry,I have written and sent you several letters of applications. I am interested in working with you at your studios. I have taken some acting courses in college and I received from each course "A+'s! I know that does not make me a star overnight but being a, Special Education Teacher sure does. I taught in New York City,the Bronx. It was not an easy task! I had to have order in my court!I also had to let the students understand that, if you carried a'Gorilla' on your back, you'd had better leave him outside my door! Why? I was a Gorilla Tamer! This was a school and not Burger King. You won't be having it, your way! Therefore, if you or your mama had a problem with the rule of this court, by all means, you and them have the right to remain silent and you can remove your lovely demon seed out of my court. Mr. Perry, the students I was asked service were students no other teacher wanted! I was they're last hope! I had to love unconditionally but with a firm hand and a soft heart. i have letters that parents wrote to me thanking me for loving their grandchildren and children. most of my students were (Crips and Bloods) ! Need I say more? In order for change I had to change the behavior then and only then was I able to teach. Hard Love was the first lesson I taught every student that crossed my path, to love him or her self first! The hardest part was getting them to trust in God! Many of them moved on believing that Jesus is alive and he gave them a second chance in life. All of what I have have written can be proven. I did not choose teaching, teaching chose me! I did my best to bring change and hopefully, have made a difference in the lives of my students! My MS.,ED, is in" Adult Ed/Human Resources Development. I am looking forward to working with you Mr. Perry. It's my turn to do something that, I have always loved; and has had a passion and desire to fulfill. This is my Prayer and Declaration, In The Name Of Jesus. Amen

  • Karlye Price Union City, GA 30291

    Hello Mr Perry, I am a single parent of 4, two grown and 2 minors. The youngest being a 11 1/2 autistic boy. Ever since I moved here in March, I have been told to get my son to a casting call with you because he is incredibly funny , smart, and full of life. Well I'm stepping out on faith. We call him by the nickname Fizzle. I would love for you to meet him and see how he is and will change the face of autism which I'm am a huge advocate of. Hope to hear from you!!! God bless

    • Vanessa R Washington Atlanta ga #2201860

      I love all your your place Tyler Perry and the work you do for people in the world you a good man to all God is going to bless you

  • Rebecca Marks Boyertown

    Hello. My name is Rebecca. I am a 25 year old single mother to a beautiful baby boy.. I have struggled through most of my life.. I need to tell people this story too.. I need to inspire people to keep going.. when I was young.. I traveled everywhere because my family was military.. I had to make new friends.. I had tons of fights all through school.. and was bullied by teachers as well.. but I stuck through.. after school I met someone whom I had strong feelings for.. things were okay.. but we ended up homeless.. and things went more sour.. I went back home.. I have been in between jobs.. I got pregnant last year..the father isn't around as much.. and I have tried child support.. but they won't take the case because he has been sick and out of work.. and I currently work for a service that helps the disabled people.. now during all of the stuff that I mentioned above there was a lot more stuff I didn't mention because I wanna keep it short.. my life has been chaotic.. and I believe that all the experiences I have from my past has improved me to become the person I am today.. I would like to visit your studio.. please contact me back..I just want someone to understand everything.. and just inspire people to stay strong and keep going through whatever they are going through. I have so much more to tell you.

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