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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Lloyd Smith Brooklyn, New York 11233

    Hi Tyler Perry, Have you read Brooklyn Chronicles by Lloyd Smith on Amazon. com.

  • Diane Sheffield Dallas Tx

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I wrote a play/movie that might interest you. It is Christian and I believe it will bless the saved & the unsaved! If you want to learn more please email me or give me a call from my info. listed! Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry! Mrs. Diane C Sheffield

    • Jordan M. Bridges Charlotte, NC. #2152849

      Need a cast/ extras? I'm willing to get your project off the ground. You can email me anytime if you're interested. Jordan Bridges

  • Sharon Renae Dixon "Sha" Biloxi, MS

    Tyler production has me with Dwayne. He wants another I love you. I am trying to get away from it, so my movie can be worked on. THE ROSE OF SHARON. Thanks Tyler. I love you Dwayne and you know that, just like you are in love with me.

  • Christine Monty On the road again

    Christine Monty signing off: Need repairs on chrome book.

    • C Monty On the road again the road is my friend North FL Beaches #2152732

      On the road again: Aloha

    • C Monty #2152734

      I'm gone

    • C Monty Out and about #2153448

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours: Andy Griffin, Man in a hurry, Youtube

    • C Monty On the road The woods, and trees is peace #2153900

      Free your mine and the rest will follow. En vogue song

  • Saquida United States

    I can't wait to pray in the Chapel. God your will for me will be completed......Tyler we are going to have to much fun doing RevBigBelly taking Madea to Church and joe and Cynthia renewing there Vows.

  • Samuel Wanjohi Nairobi, Kenya

    Tyler Perry! I am from Kenya and a fan of your works. You are an awesome director! I just graduated from film school here in Nairobi with a diploma and currently I, together with two friends, came up with Shark Films (www.sharkfilmsblog.wordpress.com), a film production company that we hope and believe in a few years time will be a household name here in Africa. You are my inspiration. Your love and commitment to God also helps me believe that this gift God gave me is to be used for Him. My dream right now is to learn as much as I can, whether from a professional film school out there or in an established production house like Tyler Perry Studios or any other. I know my dreams will come true. God bless you always Tyler, you inspire us!

  • Terrence Trafton Columbia, MD

    Hello Mr. Perry, First I would like to say that I am a fan of your work as well as your life story. God has blessed you beyond measure but most of all your hard work and self belief has kept you traveling the road towards an unassumed success. I currently am a new author. I wrote a book that is based in medevil times, with all African American characters. I would love for you to read my book and maybe consider adapting it into a screen play. Well, if you read this or one of your interns (I know you are a busy man) just let me know where to send the manuscript. The name of the book is "The Future Lies In The Past" by Terrence Trafton. You can find it on Amazon and Kindle or you can email me at I can send you the digital copy! I am not look for an handout, but just an opportunity! Thank you!

  • Dan Valparaiso, Indiana

    Dear Mr. Perry its time to make a talking Madea doll, not for kids but adults who our Madea fans. I think this would be a cool Collectable for all Madea fans. You could even donate some of your earnings to breast cancer or a charity of your choice, or just stay with your earnings. Either way this will be a sought after item. Thank You Mr Reyes

  • Erica Ruth Snellville, GA

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! You Rock Tyler Perry! I am so proud of you. I cannot wait to see what TPS will look like at the new location coming soon. Now that is a tour me family can't wait take. Congrats!

  • Malissa Bahamas

    Good night Mr. Perry I trust you and your family are well. I have an invention that I believe that you would be very interested in and would love to share it with you. If you have to the time may you email me so that I could send you the URL to view it? God bless and continue to be an inspiration to everyone.

  • Gertrude Marshall Flint Michigan

    We are having the worst time here in Flint Michigan concerning our water. For the past 18 months we have been given water with TTHM's and high lead levels in it and only God knows what else we. Our political force are playing games with our lives as far as we are concerned. They knew these problems exsisted many, many months ago and this is a proven fact, yet nothing was done. Many children if not all have been tested positive for high lead which will cause them to have many problems. Now they are yet spinning the wheel but it is still a smoke screen we fear. We need help Mr. Perry very badly. Please at least check into this issue for us. Thank You G.Marshall

    • Christine Monty On the road #2152341

      I spend a lot in nestles and other drinking water, I was so concern about the water I was buying for my beloved mother before she passed away. My son T J puts ice in his drinks, He prefer Juices most of the time with no ice. He is a government man and a Florida State alumni. Like tennis great Venus Williams. They finish in the same year, not the same school or class. I go to work like a doctor, Kool Moe dee song.

    • C Monty Out and about #2152402

      Here I am Rick Ross song, Avery Snow, Nelly

  • Mark Charlotte NC

    Hi, My name is Mark I was curious to know, how can I get updates , and listings on when Tyler Perry is doing casting calls for his movies or plays? He stated before that all of this was free and he'd never charge for an audition.

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