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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • achu evelyn cameroon/africa


  • Sandra Donaldson Maryland

    08/12/2014 Hello Tyler, I have always admired your body of work, you have put out some great inspiring plays and movies that has help many of us. I want to share an idea with you for a project that I have. Without hesitation, I strongly believed that you can put wings to this project. The end result of the project will be remarkable. I know that you are a very busy person, and your plate is over flowing with other demands. However, please take the time to reach out to me and I can give you details of the project. I know you will make all of us happy, meaning your fans to bring this project to the big screen. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I hope to hear from you someday soon. Please continue making inspirational movies. Peace and Blessing ~SD~

  • Sherita Saint Louis mo.

    When you been blessed, feels like Heaven. In my (Patti LaBelle voice).

  • Barbara Chicago

    Just beautiful. So proud and glad for you...

  • Debra Henderson Lawrenceville, GA

    Dear Mr. Perry, I am a Fashion Designer and I have heard you are opening up a new studio and are looking for people. I am very interested in designing costumes for your plays or what ever please advise how I can apply. Thanks in advance!

  • Amber Cannon New Haven CT

    Hello my name is Amber Shanel and I recently published my first book called "Love:When It Hurts So Bad But It Feels So Good". It is real talk on love ,relationships and becoming a better you. I would truly appreciate the opportunity for my book to be reviewed . My purpose for this book is to encourage,motivate and inspire. My website is www.loveambershanel.com.Thank you

  • Rasheen Campbell LA California

    Hello Mr. Perry i was wondering if you could help me to get more out there acting wise i have always wanted to be an actor but never really had the chance, i pay all this money at barbizon school for acting lessons but never made it anywhere from there, i have the look for it and im good at it, i even sing as well. i really would appreciate it if you gave me a shot i wont disappoint you. please reply back or email thank you one love

  • Angie Hulsey United States

    I just heard you were going to buy the Fort McPherson property for a new studio. I would love to work for you, Mr. Perry. I would consider it an honor. I believe you have made a difference in the lives of so many people. I heard that if you love what you do for a living, you will never work another day in your life. I have seen what you have done in this world. I want to assist ..... please read this and consider me. I would love to send you my resume. My phone number is . This would be a dream come true for me. Respectfully, Angie Hulsey

  • Melvin Joseph United States

    Hello Mr Perry. I would really love to visit your studios some day. Is that ever possible. Please let me know. Thanks so much

  • Shay'Breyana Griffin Orlando,Fl

    I'm a young and filled with positive vibes I'm a multi ranged singer and actor .I love singing and acting so much it's what I live for it's my passion.I would love to have a chance to work with you and be used to showcase my talent .Im 14 and will be 15 August 24.Thank you for taking the time to read this I just wanna showcase my talent and help those in my situation .All my life I've been told I can never make it out the "hood"and I won't be much .I believe god has bigger and better plans for me then what I'm told and what I see.Thank you for taking the time to read this .

  • Gloria United States

    Hi! I was going to say more but looks like you have your hands full. Have a great one!

  • Ronald Jones Atlanta

    Tyler, I am a Vietnam era veteran who uses the Fort McPherson VA medical clinic. The only medical center in metro Atlanta is in Decatur and I dread driving accross town to get to the medical center (a real hospital). Why don't you buy property for a movie studio outside of Fort McPherson and use your influence to get a Veterans hospital built on your tenative. Studio site. Thank you,

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