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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Antoinette Johnson Delaware

    My sister in Christ is an up and coming writer, producer. Janelle Wright-Middleton (icecreamkiss)'s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share. . J. Wright Middleton jwrightmiddleton.com ABOUT JANELLE; PRODUCTIONS; BOOKS & MEDIA; SHOP; On The Inside TV; Like Mother, Like Daugter, Like Me Promo. ... J. Wright Middleton copyright 2015 ...

  • Alvin Hall New Castle, DE

    Good morning Mr. Perry, I am a 33 years young African American male. I hope you or whom ever reads these emails is having a productive day! I am writing today as most of the post I have seen on this page showing we are all searching and praying for that one shot. I was in a musical about 7 years ago called "5 guys named moe" where I played "Little Moe". (singing, dancing, acrobats) really fun show. I also have and am doing internal videos for Comcast cable, my first video I did about 3 years ago is on you tube under (Realistic job experience with Alvin COMCAST) I think I am almost up to 60,000 views which is great right? Because yeah I don't know that many people lol. My more recent videos I have the links too upon request, the video is from 12/2015 where I acted as a Correspondent asking regular people what television , phone, internet, and home security mean to them also did the voice over work for project as well. The most recent video I will be flying to Atlanta 6/20/16 for a 2-day shoot for the company, when the project is done I will have that link as well. To whom who ever is reading this is concerned I thank you for your time and best of wishes to everyone that deserves a shot at A DREAM BECOMING REALITY.

    • Mr Perry #2191091

      Am just looking for someone to help me put my story out to the world

    • Keisha Ellis-Hornen NY #2191092

      If I need a job how do I apply

    • Christine Monty Out and about NW Florida Beaches #2192766

      Alvin: Could be a double for Jeffery on the haves and have nots Own TV You tube

  • Noel Clark Atlanta, Ga

    Do you believe poor children deserve love, hope, and a safe place to live, play, and dream? Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer was MURDERED, because she believed this, and she stood up to CPS and DFACS. She stumbled upon a case where a child was placed in the care of a known pedifile, the child stated he was being molested,and still to this day this child still lives there. This is one of many cases dfacs has wrongly taken children out of their home and destroyed families,children have even died. There's more to dfacs and CP's than meets the eye, some even believe the FBI killed Sen. Nancy Schaefer! I know this seems crazy, but I can't get any newspaper to even do one small story and I don't want recognition or to be famous, I do, however, wish someone would finish the fight Nancy Schaefer so bravely died for! PLEASE LOOK UP NANCY SCHAEFER.....shouldn't we stand for what's right, even if we stand alone! Jesus did! Amen!

  • Terion 113 Kenna Court Jacksonville North Carolina 28540

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am a 22 year old African American female, I love singing, and writing songs. I live in Jacksonville NC, I just graduated with my Associates degree and I really want to be an actress/singer. My Dad retired from the United States Marines Corps as a Captain and he and my Mother are giving me a year to chase my dreams, if nothing happens for me within a year I agreed to go back to college and finish before I can continue chasing my dream, please please give me the opportunity to share in your dream which will make my dream come true. I dream of this every night and If you give me the opportunity to show you my talent I will not let you down, I was born to do this. I have one year off from school to make this happen, please help me live out my dream. I appreciate your time in advance sir!

  • Abria Morton Spartanburg,SC

    If I had to describe myself in one word I would say "Hungry". I want the best for myself and I'm willing to start at the bottom and work hard to get there. I have goals set and I will not quit until I reach those goals. I am highly creative, passionate, and personable. I have held internships at B. 93.7, the Hawk and Tom show and also interned with WYCW on Studio 62 with Jamarcus Gaston. I just recently graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and would like to put my skills to work. I'm willing and ready for a opportunity to prove myself.

  • Juanita Blakeney Charlotte, NC

    What amazing talent God really has favor for you . It goes to goes to show hard really pays off hats off to Tyler Perry . You teach us all how to stay connected in whatever we want to achieve. Thank you so much for being my inspiration !!!!

  • Briant Gaines New Orleans l,La

    Im a Firm Believer In God An Based On My Past God Didnt Send Me Here For Nothing.A Year Ago i Wouldnt Even Have The Courage To Even Tell People In My Nighborhood I Write Movies.But Now I Feel Like My Destiny Is Closer Than Ever.Wether Its a Career With You An If Not I Will Take It As God Breaking Every Chain For Me To Be Able To express My Thoughts Without Judgement.Thanks For Reading Mr.Tyler an for the Record Your Plays Are Awsome Its Funny But Also Reminds Me That Thiers A God An He Will Never Give Up On Me.

  • Tremayne Hardeeville, sc

    Hey Mr. Perry i wish i could show u my true talents, because i am very good at what i do.

  • vivian ann moore greenville sc.

    Dear Mr perry I am looking forward to fitting in to your cast._I am willing to go to every extreme to get hired on.my life is at a standstill after my family's death. I'm trying to gatherall the ruggish tthat's left and that's myself.

  • claresce fortoen South Africa

    Good day Mr. Tyler Perry, My name is Clare I wrote a book that is based on my true life story. I would like for you to review my book, as this would be a great honor for me, and tell me what your though is on it. With my book being self published I am limited to getting my book out there. This is a book that both parents/teens can relate to as many of them have experienced the same situations. I want this to be a motivation to teenagers/parents as my journey made me stronger and wiser in the end. I feel that this is a message that I would like to get out there, as not many teens see it this way now but they will see that there is lessons beneath my word, as well as challenges that i faced as a teenager. I hope to hear from you soon, thank you for taking time to read my post. I hope that you will have a blessed day. Regards, Clare

  • david knox Philadelphia PA.

    I need a job and I have the greatest idea ever 4 film and a franchise I have worked on this dream for 10 years after I spoke with Will Smith God has told me you would be the man to produce it. I've been a ballet dancer for many years this dream has nothing to do with ballet but it will uplift all people please give me an opportunity to present it 30 seconds an elevator pitch that's all I will need.

  • Inia South Africa

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry, I can see you turning my books into great movies-as well as starring in them as the male lead...how can I get you to read them? They are available on Amazon as ebooks but I can send them to you personally if you prefer. It is a multicultural novel/story spanning two books so far, the first one is called Visions of Blue and the sequel Visions of Rain. A Jamaica/South Africa connection. Please let me know what you think. Warm greetings from South Africa. Inia

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