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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Nia Patrick Marietta, GA

    Awesome! Thanks for the "private and exclusive" tour.

  • Bruce peewee Griffin Dallas Texas

    I would like to talk to him about producing a movie that will be a number 1 hit. It's better than straight out of Compton & the Pablo escaboar movie. The Racecar Drivers Case Nascar. From 1

  • TASHEA PATTERSON los angeles ca

    hi i just want to say for starters thank you madea / tyler you saved my life at one time i was a crack addict i tried more than a 12 times.then on may 26 2004 i got tired put my self in rehab completed one program got sent to another.started to get itchy feet i sat down and started watching one of your plays and i was hooked.not on crack but on ms madea.you also need to know you gave me my self confidence back.you became my real life super hero tyler im like madea loud guess like a sailor and dont give a dam.ive been 13 years clean and i cant get a enought of you.i watch your stuff over and over once agian thank you both for having my life back and i wish i own a couple of madeas house dress they are awesome i would sport them to the tee YOU ARE MY LIVING ANGEL THANK YOU TASHEA

  • Mina Brooklyn NY

    Hi Tyler, I'm not sure if you will be the one to read this but, first I want to say great job in all of your accomplishment, For years I have watched every thing you have created and I have to say it has giving me hope. I wrote a book a few year ago and I'm just about done with the completion of my second book. I fell in love with writing a couple of years ago and when I completed my first book I was extremely happy. Not because I got it published but because I followed my dreams to write. I have been looking for a publishing company to publish my second book and thought Tyler Perry writes plays, creates movies, and I started thinking he doesn't have a publishing company for people like myself. It would be nice if that was another one of your accomplishments. I have so many stories in my head and, I just need a great company to publish what I have and thought about you. Thank you Mina.

  • Sasha Decatur

    Family looking for help we are a family of six mother father 4 kids my sister landlord put us out and we used our last to pay for a hotel. There are no shelters that will take our family and my kids father just started a new job I have tried everything I can to get help and we will be on the street tomorrow by 11 with what little we own if anyone is willing to or able to help us we would appreciate it you can pay at the hotel you don't have to give us cash we just desperately need a blessing please.

    • C Monty #2202077

      Sasha, The United Way maybe able to guide you.

    • Sasha Decatur #2202509

      I called them they gave me a list of shelters and none of them have space or don't help people with children

  • Kirk Williams Arkansas


    • Anon OC #2201916

      Create an ebook of poems and put it on smashwords or amazon. Take care

  • Latifia Kennedy Atlanta, Ga

    I have been a fan for years, no one can compare to Tyler Perry this is what black people need. Remind us of where we come from so that we can be thanking for what we have.

  • Phylicia Chattanooga

    Hi, I am a huge fan of your and me and some friends where wonder if you where looking to do a movie to house of payne , The show ended with so many questions. It was an amazing show!!!

  • Devin Andrews Detroit Michigan

    I am an aspiring actor/singer . Like everyone I suppose but me I'm moving soon from Detroit to Atlanta to atempt to become an actor for you rather it's plays movies or a series your working on. I'm going to be one of your actors I promise myself that I would. I couldn't think of anybody better to help me with my dreams and talent than you . I'm going to audition for everything that I can and I hope you read this and meet me and remember me writing this comment on your website , I'm ready for closed doors I'm ready for humiliation , I'm ready for the judgment and all which makes me ready to succeed . I will meet you and I'm a make sure you enjoy using my talents in your projects and make sure you believing me as much as I do. You'll see I hope somebody gets this to your eyes cause I don't want you to forget Devin Andrews you'll be seeing me around spring of next year . I hope I make every casting call . Thanks .!

    • C Monty #2201894

      Devin, He that's in you is greater than he that's in the World

  • Delbert Rhodes Decatur, GA.

    Mr. Perry, About three weeks ago I posted a comment and mentioned that although I have no acting experience I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. Lately, I produce video poetry. Here I offer an example of my work. Should the link not access the site, please, refer to vimeo.com (Go Vimeo) for "WithoutNoah," and other video poems. Regards, D. Rhodes

  • Kevin Curry Waco, TX

    Mr. TYLER PERRY, you are nothing less than an inspiration, and I commend you on your years of creativity and service. Whether through movies, television shows, or plays, you manage to deliver drama laced with comedy without sacrificing the message. Here are a few ideas to help continue your journey!!! First, we could use a film called something like "HALFrican Americans"! A comedy/drama that touches on how some bi-racial people struggle to identify with either side. How they struggle to find themselves in the mist of black vs. white conflicts that plague our country. Also explores the difference between having a white mother and black father, compared to a white father with a black mother. Second, a movie called something like" How To Raise A Mother"! A drama/comedy that explores the relationship between a young single mother and her daughter. It touches on how the both of them are learning and growing up together, and how their closeness in age creates many conflicts. It shows how the relationship can be sister-like, and how the daughter has to play the mother role at times. Last, a movie called something like "Childish Ways"! A drama/comedy about how teens from different cultural backgrounds deal with teen pregnancy. It confronts the topics of abortion, STDs, as well as how child support affects the parent-child relationship. Also touches on this "Having Babies For Benefits" culture that is destroying the urban community, and continuing a cycle of poverty. Mr. Perry, these stories need to be told, and who better to tell them, than you! Thanks for your time!!!

    • BB Townhall #2201815

      You can do this on your own. Hire some interns from craigslist giving them some type of IMBD credit and put up mini youtube video. I am sure you get somebody to pick up some of these shows. You are a creative, please don't sit and wait on anybody to get going.

    • C Monty #2201859

      Jeffery, The Jefferson s TV You tube, Good times TV You tube and Claudine Movie You tube, All tried to deal . with this subject. It's a new generation and your summary of it was well advance.

  • Erica Kane Tallahassee, FL

    It's funny how Blacks want others to support their ventures but they don't support others. Typical.. Blacks are okay with someone doing good as long as its not better than them. Black lives only matter when someone is killed by someone who is non-black. The Black lives matter movement should be promoting blacks supporting other blacks, especially when it pertains to entrepreneurship. If our goal is to keep our black dollars within our community, we need the community to support. Support shouldn't only be given when someone dies from a disease or is killed. Donate to worthy causes that can help Blacks such as the opening of Book Teas, Self-published Author Book Source. This kiosk caters to those who are self published and refuse to get their books copyedited for mainstream America. This kiosk are for those authors who want their stories to be told from their points of view, not the view of an overzealous large book chain who requires self published authors to change the way they write in order for their books to be represented in their stores. If you are a self published author, or if you are a publishing company who wants to get away from just ebooks only and want a book store presence, please DONATE to the campaign below: gofundme.com/bookteasopening

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