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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Sheron Callahan College Park Georgia

    I don't know if I would get this email read or not I'm not asking for a handout I'm just asking for a job on my kids are grown I'm tired of working these dead end jobs in my life so all I'm asking for is a job I start at the bottom and work my way up I don't need a hand out I wanna the be able to look back and say that somebody gave me a chance and looked at that thank you

  • Love Hollier

    Greetings in the Name of Jesus Mr. Perry, I have moved back to Atlanta to be a Blessing to You or for You to hire me in any area to be a Blessing like you are. I am from Louisiana and I Love Blessing People in anyway God says for me to do. Next week I pray that I find housing in a securedarea. I am a single Abused Domestic Volent Running for my life and HomelessGrandmother of 10 that's trying to build a Generation INHERITANCE for them before I die. I would like to know if you have any openings for volunteering in Your HR Dept.for me to prove my Professional in the Employment areas that I am Certified in or Experience in. Please forward any information to my email address at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much. God continue to Bless Us to be a Blessing. I PRAY that I hear back from your HR Dept very soon.

  • Sylvia Drayton Clyde, New York

    My husband and I enjoys all your plays and movies. God has blessed you with the gifts of wisdom, laughter and the fact Jesus is number 1. Keep making the plays and movies and we will keep watching until there is no more. Blessings be upon you forever.

  • Veronica Lindsay Atlanta, GA

    Hi Mr. Perry I have tried everything trying to get my very talented son seem by the right people. I must say most casting calls only end up asking for a great deal of money. My son is talented by way of acting, singing, dancing, he plays the piano and write music. He truly has all the making of a star. I don't know if this message will reach you but if there's but a small chance I would love for you see him in action. This is his passion and dream come true. His stage name is kev2real he's humble, respectful and is dedicated to hard work. He is born and raised right here in the ATL if you meet him you to would agree he has the x factor. He is so deserving of an opportunity and I really want to see his dreams manifest into reality. All of his social media sites are kev2realmusic. Thank you in advance. PS. I know you would really love him... He's that awesome. Thank you again signed A Mother's Love.


    I do not know if you will recieve this Mr Tyler Perry I would like to have a chance to audition I really want to be actress. I know you are one of the people to come to. If you can make my dream come true I would really apperciate it thank you so much. I know you may never receive this but its worth a try. Thank you. Ashley Brandon

  • Raven Thompson United States

    Hello Mr. Tyler my name is Raven Thompson and I'm a cancer survivor of a rare cancer named synovial sarcoma 1 of 3 million people are diagnosed with this type of cancer. Please allow me to share with you my testimony. YouTube titled " 1 of 3 million rare cancer story " I have been keeping a journal since day 1 . I believe I have a remarkable story for you and your staff. Thank you in advance

  • Anthony P Mack Jr Baton rouge, la

    Hi, Tyler Perry its me again big dog how u and the family been doing that's first God has worked through me threw mysterious ways and I have been ah blessing to many people so as u have and have continued. I have ah new script I have been working on I currently am in college and off of work so I can persue my dreams of being ah writer and promising actor I'm working on ah new script called Blessed ah man who came from nothing,and its about ah young man from Louisiana and go through hardship death and life and ah man who believes in god and has ah gift good personality to help people and be ah successful businessman/ entrepreneur. Just thank about it I know it would be ah success and u play ah godly mentor much love man.

  • Rev Fred J. Powell, III New Orleans, LA

    I'd like to invite Mr. Perry to preach one Sunday at 11 am during Lent (Feb 14-Mar 13, 2016) at First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans; our church is supporting "The Passion" here in NOLA (March 20, 2016) that he is hosting and starring in, and I know that he'll be here for some weeks before that. FPCNO is a diverse, progressive church; we are active in Social Justice issues and would welcome him to our pulpit. Our church website is www.fpcno.org

  • Esther Lee Gift Thompson/Writer 1455 Second Avenue #704 San Diego, California 92101

    Good morning, Sir! What you have is beautiful, but just remember that family is better. I still would like to become a r****** though. (smiles) Love Ya! Here is one of my coloring books. Going to eat in the senior cafeteria, in a minute. Esther Lee/The Unknown Writer.

  • Linda Georgia

    Hey Mr. Perry, I was always curious as to how things turned out with Diary of a Mad Black woman. I'm curious as to where Brenda took the boys. Did Debra make a complete recovery, making Brian regret jumping the gun so quick. Did Helen marry Orlando. How did Charles take her moving on. And of course Madea and Joe. Could u do a part two of it please? It could be titled The New Chapter of my life.

  • Wednesday Boulware Fayetteville, NC

    Hello, I have an idea for a movie about the air force women pilots of WWII. The movie would be called "The Wasps" the untold story of woman pilots. Look up their story and you'll find there's a story to be told before someone else does it. I love your work, congratulations on your craft and on fatherhood; may God continue to bless you. Be Blessed

  • Charla Atmore, AL

    Hi Mr. Perry! You don't know me...YET! But my dream is to work at your studio doing hair and makeup! I'm preparing and planning! And I'm praying my dream comes true! See you in the future! #NamingandClaiming P.S. I really hope you make a "Why Did I Get Married 3" in the near future! Love you! God bless!

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