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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Kinshishi Mathis

    Mr. Perry my name is Kinshishi Mathis I graduated from Albany State University in 1996 I have been working at the police department since I was 19. Over years I became a police in 1995 I made my way to female lieutenant and life took its just on my husband is a good man and doing the best he can but last year my life caught up with me I lost my job of 19years and this year my mom had a stroke and died at 54 and my mom had a stroke and is still recovering. But i have lost faith and feel I have no favor because i have almost lost everything I have and even though my husband is doing his best I just do not know what else to do Im asking that you pray for me so that I can try and find god again Mr. Perry I'm so lost right now and cant find a job because of my own demons and have lost my car and can barely pay my bills but my husband is my hero. Thank you for listening.

    • C Monty #2203115

      The Community Action agency maybe able to subsidize electric bills and The United Way may be able to guide you. Read Mrsbutter Daily post on the Tyler Perry studio talk to me page

    • C Monty #2203116

      The Tyler Perry talk to me post Kinshishi

    • C Monty #2203117

      Tyler Perry my on line family

    • loretta felder #2203311

      Mr Perry you have another hit show on your hand Too Close To Home was surely a big hit in the Felders household,May God continue to bless your family staff and the many new actors and actress you have hired,good work.

  • Eboni Lacey Buford, Ga

    Tyler Perry, you're such an inspiration! I want my daughter to play Medea's granddaughter, niece, or goddaughter! Y'all would be a perfect match!!!! Love you Tyler Perry

  • Sherrill Glover Sullivan Decatur

    As a triple threatl ifelong performer writer chorepoet. I would love to share my works in progress as a choreographer poet and my life lessons as a baby boomer that was groomed for showbiz since the early 60's I've seen the front of the stage back of the stage film works and production being I come from a legendary family on both sides paternal and maternal Being a accomplished child prodigy and a humble servant of God i can say I've been through the storm and have a story to share .I have been performing in NYC. and Ct. my home state the last few yrs. but after returning to Atlanta two weeks ago to work in studio's dance my forte as a tap instructor former Greg Hines Hatchett LeTang dancer I can and would love to be a asset to your circle of entertainers and can be a novice once again ready to learn to be the best I can be as a entertainer or production staff. Hope and pray we will met sooner then later Sherrill Glover Sullivan

  • Frances

    Clinical trials show Low-DIALYSIS remedy to be effective lowering eGFR in KIDNEY DISEASE patients

  • Olivia Georgia

    I watched the new program,"Too Close To Home" tonight. Really good, kept my attention, the story catches you and you are brought into the character's lives. It's themes within the show are what real people deal with. Tyler Perry, you are one smart man with all of your productions bringing insight into the plight of people with a moral to every story. Madea is our favorite!

  • Denise Coleman Greenville Al

    I'm very interested in a job with you all. I'm a huge fan so is my son he love madea lol!!! Also wanted to become an actress so please help bless me with the opportunity. Thanks have a blessed day!

  • Latoya Winston Georgia

    Mr.Perry, my sister Tamika (Disabled) is your #1fan. Tamika has all your work and knows every part to each one of them. Yes, even down to the credits. I would love to bring her to meet you and or tour your studio. Anytime someone pass up cable, outtings and family functions to stay home and watch Tyler Perry....thats says alot!

  • Darren Jones Chicago, IL

  • Mr Jones Fort Pierce

    Mr. Perry you have an outstanding gift to bless others through many words of encouragement, songs, careers most importantly the faith and wisdom of God , I believe in keep fighting for my dream . I grew up in a little house with my grandma who reminds so much about Madea a God fearing women who prayed her way through everything. Acting is going to be my dream one day thanks to you for believing in young people such as my self and all across the world.

  • Kim GA

    Hello Mr. Perry, I know another way you can make money. Can you start a studio tour and charge. You can designate areas for people to see and maybe charge more money to sit and eat with you. Maybe you could say words of encouragement. Please think about the idea. My daughter is looking for professional work, but your site doesn't indicate what jobs you are looking to hire. Can you let me know another way of sharing a resume and cover letter with you? Thank you

  • Denise Wilson

    Please give me a job, I really want to act thank you you will not be disappointed, thank you

  • Lawrence Sullivan (Mural, & Canvas Artist) Rex, Ga

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, My name is Lawrence Sullivan, & I'm a mural, & canvas artist, & I've been in business for over 20 years. I've done works in several parts if the country. I've painted murals in several homes, & various businesses. My wife, Jan, & I just relocated to Atlanta from Ca. about 3 months ago. Ive got a very extensive portfolio to show you Sir. We are also Christians as well. I would love to paint a portrait of you, and paint a mural in your home, & in your awesome studio facility. I'd like to email you some photos of my work. My contact info is:. I really enjoy your drama shows, movies, & plays. You are truly a artist in your on right, & to God be the Glory! Look forward to hearing from you Sir! Thank You, Lawrence Sullivan ( Mural, & Canvas Artist)

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