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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Simone Hayles London, UK

    1 day, 1 day that's all I'm saying. When I'm 18 I'm going to move to Atlanta Georgia and be a script writer.

  • Tanya Louisiana

    Hello Tyler, love your shows on TV. my 7year old wants to be on TV any suggestions for a young girl from Louisiana...hope your reading this in your spare time ...GodBless

  • Janai Marsh Pittsburgh, Pa

    I am not sure if this is the site I should be writing but I'll have to take that chance. My name is Janai Marsh, im 19 yrs old. Currently 9 weeks pregnant. All I can really say is I am looking for oppurtunity. Tyler perry has shown me that things can happen with drive and perseverance. I have been homeless in the middle of California, absolutely alone in a city of ppl. I have traveled down dangerous paths tying to find my place in life. At a young age, prostitution, stripping, dealing with pimps, and abuse that no one knows about because I have no one to share , my story with. NO ONE. at times I wonder if anyome else on the planet has felt the lonliness I have endured throughout my teenage yrs. And I am not a shabhy female, I take pride in my appearance and have tried to learn to love myself. I learn life independently. I feel ive grown up without companionship and guidance. my story needs to be told!!!!! I just need opportunity. I need an enhancement to myvoice. I can change lives.

  • Kim Atlanta, GA

    Your studio isn't accepting entries...but this cd that I have of these kids at a recital...YOUNG people KILLING it. They didn't charge for the event. They are ANNOINTED...please someone contact me to get this cd. The church is small, they are old school sanctified. You put the ministry in your work. LOOK AT THESE KIDS. They don't want money but kids need to know that black kids all aren't criminals and negative. Give these kids a platform. God will do the rest.

  • Lady Barbara Tobaccoville, NC 27050

    Brother Tyler: Our family is planning on visting Atl, GA on 7/4/14-7/6/14 & we would love to visit TPS desperately, please!please!please! How can we make arrangements to visit TPS

  • Patrice Shelley Milwaukee, WI

    Hello Mr. Perry, First I would like to say what a GREAT job you are doing and have done! I went to see my first play live 4/6/2014. I enjoyed every moment of the play "Hell Has No Fury, Like A Women Scorned! I AM A REAL TYLER PERRY FAN!!!! I hope to see many more live plays of yours! Love you much Mr. Perry, Hope to meet you personally some day. '

  • Zarra Brown Nicholson GA

    Hi Mr. Perry, My name is Zarra Brown. I recentlyOn April 8th uploaded a video of myself on my facebook page and on you tube with a remix to Beyoncé's Drunk in love, but I Titled my song Gaining Weight. It instantly went viral on my you tube , facebook, worldstarhiphop.com and also on blackmedia scoop.com. I have also been told it has been seen on several other prominent websites globally. I have always admired your work and would love for you to view my video to the song in which I wrote every word myself and if you think I have what it takes, please allow me an opportunity to audition for and work with you. The date that my video made front page on worldstarhiphop.com was on April 9th if you go on there to look for it. They have it captioned As She was Serious, I have a orange and blue polkadot jumper on and I have a long curly hairdo and a plate of food in my hand. On blackmediascoop.com they compared my remix to T.I. and Kanye West and said my remix was their favorite thus far. Please if you have a moment take a look at it.

  • Torena James Atlanta Ga

    Have you ever took a moment of silence and wonder what god thinking when he was writing the story of your life. The questions we dare not ask would pile up and float across the horizon. God am i late, am i late god has my destiny passed me am i going the right way why is everything so cluttered .....or am i right on time. A promised destiny i have , anticipation vs patience. Transformation but that takes time.......to change who you are to disregard the worldly teachings you've consumed . I find myself in a spinning marble trapped inside where all i can do is create a beautiful image to be viewed my question is has this happened to you? Inside this marble god has given me all the talents i need to fulfill this awesome life he has planned however along with me it is trapped inside. My talents are the florescent ever brilliant colors the marble where the invisable transparent part is me for I don't know who i am.just like a marble would others come to me quickly but are bounced away because marbles need there own personal space. Every body is waiting on me even the angels in heaven. Little do they know i am waiting on me also.Does anyone knock on the cacoon and tell the caterpillar to hurry.I have never seen a marble break the challeNdge is how to break a glass ball so that it can be a part of the stained window in the chapel. Marble hmm my own little world.Maybe god has to melt me down again to put me somewhere else he knows my placement but i can't help but wonder has this happened to you?

  • Daniel Rodriguez new york

    What a great facility. My dream to work there one day. God bless..

  • vera Bahamas

    Wow everything looks great wish I could be apart of it all.

  • jacob trinidad and tobago(caribbean)

    dear Mr Perry I am 11 years old. Your movies, plays and books all inspire me. I would love to be someone like you when I grow older- making people laugh, bringing and sharing smiles etc. the tour of your studio is without a doubt astounding. I wish that you continue to be the great man that you are now. Forever your fan, Jacob

  • Sharon Jackson, MS

    I love you.

    • Love Yisrael Atlanta GA #1943092

      Sharon, The Builder of this site, He is spoken for. You can love him, and He's free to love you, but until its over between us, (him and I) you may have to seek a spare elsewhere. signed "Love Herself"

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