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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Pangit Rosario Correos Norfolk Va 23505

    Goodmorning Sir Tyler Perry, Im one of your avid no 1, fan. Wishing one day u could try to see my talent. Im jst regular small b***** at Norfolk Commisarry. At the same time flex in Nex Sales Associate.. I keep dreaming hoping coul be an actress,janitress in your facility studio,or jst commercial promo in hair because ive gt long hair. Im separated 11 years .staying hre now in the states of Va.trying to stand on my own.wishing everyday in my life that my dreams come true..i can sing but not like Ms.Celine Dione,Ms.Mariah Carey..but I know I cn sing.. Im currently staying wth my friend sissy,My Ate Terry & Ate Fe.. Im paying $300 a month renting room.. Im trying to stand on my feet again.. My xhusband dnt give me spouse support..but im nt after that anymore. Im jst standing and still hoping ine day I could be more hoping my dreams come true.. Im the person keep on wishing believing in God that one day all of this will come through.. I love all your movies I do hope I could be one of those your a small star participate in your show..pls give me a chance trying my luck It will be a huge blessing to me and to my mommy brother in my country Phils.im sending money to them..my dad pass away 2011. Im survivor in the name of God..many friends in gods spirit.. But I have to get on my feet again.tke out my low self down.esteem. I could not find the right term..forgive me.. But I do hope someday you give me a chance not to be star but at least Im maybe it will start to change my life for tjis small start in to showbizz. But for me this is way huge blessings.i humbly heavenly trying my luck... I know God is always there for me.. Someday I wish I could be in your show..but impossible because im nt capable to afford to go there in your show im tight sending money to my mommy.. I wish u can stop and check my letter to you.i do humbly reslly, an honor that u cn give a chance a small person like me...

  • ihxrem QWxahyHTrdjNOM

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  • Marcus Russell Dancil Saint Petersburg FL

    Hello Tyler Perry, My production company is called New Revelation Production Company and I have many video of my movie series called Love & Hate and some of my pass plays called A Family For Christmas & A Family For A Wedding Part 4. Now I'm trying to partnership with Clark Atlanta University coming up in July 12 2014 to do many events at the school to reach out to the community. This will be a great opportunity to fulfilled my dreams. A few years ago I dream about having my own building. You have a very nice building and continue moving forward with your gift. Nobody can't stop nothing what you own or what God has gave you. You're your own boss and you make the last decision when it comes down to your own future. If many people have this kind of mind setting they will make it. Once again your production company has inspired my soul a lot to push my vision to the top as well. Good Luck and God Bless. Hopefully when I attend Clark Atlanta University we'll meet

  • Marcus Russell Tampa FL

    Hello Tyler Perry! It's a great opportunity to introduce myself to you as a play writer. I am the owner of New Revelation Production Company that wrote over 25 plays and recorded 10 plays total starting locally at my church called Genesis Worship Center Church as a play writer back in 2002. In the year 2007 I finally decide to take my gift as serious as I start to write more which my first play were called Ghetto Grandma. 2007 the pastor wife encourage me to write a Christmas play called A Family For A Christmas Part 1. The storyline was successfully and ended up to a great 4 season's of plays lead toward A Family For A Wedding Part 4 which was one of my greatest play ever which took play in Gulf Port, FL at Catherine A Hickman Theater. September 1, 2010 I receive my production company in the state of Florida. My company started to grow towards many opportunities by finding a Music Manager & Director & Event Manager & Advertisement Manager & Talk Show Manager & Design Manager. The times was very rough staying up late at night writing plays when many people didn't believe in my dream. There was plenty of night I cried to God asking me what should I do get out there with my gift. People start to let me down by not showing up to practice. Over the period of time I decide to write many plays such called Love & Hate which the best play I wrote and it very major dealing Hiv Virus & Abusive relationships. My writing skills turn into writing play into writing movies and other plays for organizations in the community. My production company has grown a lot since I started in the church. Now I'm about to attend Clark Atlanta University to find many opportunities to get my dream heard to the world coming July 12. 2014. There many people out here in the world that tying to a solution to every problem in life. Most of plays are about problem solving & mystery solve. I have spoke to one of your actress call Tamar Ashley Davis one of your actress about setting a meeting with you or trying to find a opportunity to get lots of advice. Tamar Davis gave myself lot's of advice. Back 2013 I wrote your production company a Letter. Hopefully you find the time to meet. I really enjoy your hustle towards your gift, because without God we nothing.

  • Tolera Lynn Peek Macon, G

    Mr.Perry I am a writer by heart, and a natural comical person. I have tons of material that I think you would love. I have been writing what seem like my whole life.. I write from experience and would love the chance to have you look over some of my work.. I have done some freelance writing for True Blue online magazine. But I stopped because they wanted me to start writing about things that didn't have any meaning to my heart. Convictions over heart and my heart won.... I know this is a one in a million shot. But that's a chance I don't mind taking. My mom always told me a "close mouth don't get fed". And God rest her soul she was right.. As I write this to you I'm tearing up because for some reason I feel like I'm destined to cross your path... Life is hard and nothing has ever come easy to me but I'm determined to show my kids that dreams do come true.. I've been told I'm meant for greatness ever since I was 14. Just wondering when that time will come. I am a hard worker somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. When I start is hard to stop, I can see it play out all in my head. A gift from God I would love to share with the world. I know you say in your spare time you do read these messages. . If you so happen to come cross mind please email me if it isn't but just to say hi and you got my message. May God continue to bless you and keep you in his loving arms. Sincerely, To'Lera Lynn Peek P.S. I would like to really show my kids a world outside of the "hood" they too are destined for greatness. My mom spoke it in her last days. She said God told her and i believe her!!!! You know when God tell you something you listen. ... I'm listening with my whole heart♡♡

  • Carolyn Phillips United States

    Hello my name is Carolyn Phillips, I am a Lifestyle Model here in Baltimore, Maryland. If you are ever in need of a Lifestyle Model for any movie's please consider me. Thank you so much

  • brittany giles Savannah, Ga

    I would love to be apart of such a wonderful cast.

  • Jennifer Simmons Huntsville, Alabama

    Wow! What a beautiful studio! I hope to work there one day.

  • Janette Sarasota, Fl.

    "Wow,"isn't quite the word for the tour of your studio. Super amazing.......congratulations on a fabulous achievement !

  • Juquailaa Virginia Beach VA

    Would love to work with you all New faces New friends New location I'm in an Abusive relationship and ready to walk away and move to bigger and better life

  • Derek Hunter Memphis, Tn. (In ATL today)

    My Tribute to Maya Angelou Though my earthly life has ended I'm bound for Heaven's skies Though death would boast it had me Like Jesus, Still I Rise Can't silence a Phenomenal Woman My words they will still speak Giving hope to all the hopeless And strength to all the weak I know Why The Caged Bird Sings Cause he knows he'll be set free To sing his songs of Passion For all eternity Jesus called and I did answer Don't be saddened, cry, or moan I'm with those who went before me Found their peace when They Went Home This is not just Weekend Glory No my friends I'm here to stay When You Come I'll be here waiting On The Pulse of Morning Day Passing Time with my sweet Savior Never again to be Alone Praising God with all the elders In white robes around His throne What a marvelous gift He gave me Making words in poems flow When I wrote my inspiration I was simply His echo By Derek W. Hunter

  • Doulay Georgian

    I have a wonderful play that I believe will be a great success! I would like your input /feedback if I may,,can u please respond through my email Your opinion counts live in Georgia in the Dallas area.look forward to hear from you shortly.thank youDouly

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