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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Mevelyn Stewart atlanta

    Hi Mr. Perry, I am a long time fan of yours and I met you in an elevator when you performed in Baltimore several years ago. I just moved to GA last week in hopes of obtaining employment with you. Please utilize my talents or degree as you see fit. Thank you in advance for considering me for employment. God Bless You.

  • Malaysia Clinton

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry my name is Malaysia Matthews can I be in one of your movie

  • Sharon Renae Dixon "Sha" Biloxi, MS

    Production is working hard. Thanks Tyler. I love you Dwayne.

  • johnson kigali rwanda

    i like your studio am filmker,in rwanda

  • Mindell Bowen

    What an amazing studio - how blessed to be able to work there!

  • Scottie Caldwell Atlanta

    My daughter is looking for a great job opportunity. She is an awesome fashion designer and stylist. She would be a great asset to your Tyler Perry team/ family. You definitely would not be disappointed.... P.S. Christianallana.com Thanking you in advance. God bless! Mom-a-ger

  • terri mcculloufh Atlanta, GA

    Hello TYLER PERRY. i was just wondering if u can find it in your heart to read my stories and help me succeed out of them like you did, i am your biggest fan, im not crazy though, lol but anyway, i really look up to u so can u please get back at me

  • AnnMarie Diaz Kissimmee FL

    I have a great idea for a show that will inspire and influence the youth in a positive way. I love all of Tyler Perry's work from plays to TV shows and movies so i would be honored to share my ideas with the Tyler Perry productions. Tyler Perry represents the community and is all about sharing real life experiences to effect individuals in a positive way. Nowadays our youth are mixed up in watching reality shows that in no way encourage or motivate them to be better individuals. Tyler Perry is known for making a difference in several lives and I would love to have the opportunity in sharing my ideas and directing our youth in the right direction. I may be contacted at .

    • montrice dillon s.c. 29536 #2145406

      hi this montricelewis im 40 years old im 6,3 brown eyes im a praise dancer I wrote 122 songs feel the spirt feel the power this is a praise and wordship song I want to produce some of my plays I wrote 24 plays this is one my play im a change man I want to meet you I need to meet somebody to help me I want to sang my songs god bless you mr . tyler perry

  • Jeffery Thompkins Las Vegas, Nevada

    Hello Ms. Mulcahy, Thank you for taking the time out of you busy schedule to speak to me, per your request here is an email you to introduce myself as your account representative, and also my company. I am looking for an opportunity to earn your business and become a carrier for Tyler Perry Studios. In order to show you the services that I can provide; which I feel can be of value to your company. I am interested in building a partnership to gain your trust and comfortability to use me in all transportation needs. I have experience in shipping Candy across the US and Canada currently with Ferrara Pan Company; as well as several other candy companies. I also work with Hamilton Sundstrand Corp, moving very delicate parts for NASA; which goes on space shuttles. So I am very familiar with the transportation requirements and the equipment needed to ensure proper and safe transit. On a side note I also specialize in moving refrigerated trailers, flat beds, dry vans, step-decks, over-sized loads and various other specialized equipment types. Here are a couple fun facts about myself: 1. I drive a red convertible mustang 2. I am a single father of a nine year old, my son is as close to a natural clone as there is 3. I was class President in High School & graduated from Jefferson High School in Rockford Il. at the age of fifteen with a 4.36 GPA 4. I own every single Tyler Perry play & movie (not the bootlegs) 5. When I grow up I want to be a singer 6. I currently live in Las Vegas, NV and have been here since I was offered a scholarship to attend UNLV I truly look forward to building a partnership and a mutually beneficial business relationship. Please let me know what else you need in order for me to become a preferred carrier. I service all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. Attached is a little bit about my company and some of the services that I can provide. Please feel free to forward this email along with the attachment to your customers as well. As requested I will put the quotes together and send them to you shortly. Jeffery Thompkins Logistics Account Executive Total Quality Logistics ext.58904 ext. 58904 Cell: 24/7/365 Fax: .TQL.com

  • Jackie Singleton Houston Texas

    I wrote a book On The Other Side its about high school sweethearts. It's on eBook, also I have a webpage Jacqueline Singleton (about the book). I would love to send you a copy. I think it would be a great movie and sitcom. I'm writing Still On The Other Side right now. I also have several other books that are love stories that would make great movies. I have been reading love stories since I was a teenager. On The Other Side I wrote when I was 18 years old. Thank you

  • Lance Marietta

    Hello sir, I truly enjoyed your play on 9/27. This was a gift given to me because it was my birthday. I am not here to ask you for anything and also wanted to say thanks for the inspiration you have been. Here's why I'm writing to you. I purchased the tickets online and yes I said it was a gift but I bought it and was paid back. Anywoo we also so got parking ticket for the parking lot across the street. The one connected to the Hotel. The online price was $25 to get the parking across and when we pulled up we noticed they was charging $20. Will $5 make or break me NO it's the principal of the matter. I know you don't have any control of this and I just wanted to let you know how they are trying to mess-up your name. If the parking was open to the public and they was announcing that I would waited to pay the $20 instead of the $25. Every cent counts and for me it just felt like I got rid off. Well thanks again for passing down blessing to the audience and for inspiring me to believe breams can come true. Texting off my phone so hope this is clear and understood. Take care.

  • nkokone sehoole South Aftica

    Oh sorry sir,the competition is on the 04 - 06 December 2015,I have tried to get sponsors from March with know luck so this is pretty urgent.

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