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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Mary Forest Hill, TX

    Hello Tyler, The finale for HAHN was remarkable. I knew Oscar was too good to be true for Candace but she'll get over it. Jeffrey may turn out to be someone she can always count on. Since Candace will lose her son to Hanna, maybe she is pregnant with Oscar's child. I was hoping Veronica would be axed so that the blond woman could get David. I think she is better for him than Veronica. She doesn't appreciate David. I saw the Emmy awards show and wished that HAHN could have had someone nominated. Maybe next season. Congrats to Viola Davis, Regina King, and Uba from Orange is the New Black. I was formerly ., Fort Worth, TX Thanks, Mary

  • Deborah Rivera Flores Cape Coral,Fl

    Hi,my name is Deborah and I am 33 years old,originally from Puerto Rico but living in Florida now.I am a big fan of Tyler and all his amazing work and career.My biggest dream is to be able to audition to be a singer and perform in one of his plays or movies.I have been singing since I was little,I grew up singing for the Lord.God always promise me He would use my voice for his glory only.As time and years pass by,I turned away from the Lord looking to sing for the world.Made it to many auditions,had several opportunities but never actually succeeded.This hardened my heart .But today I realize that it sometimes what we want is not necessarily what we need and the Lord knows whats best for each one of us.I came back to the Lord after many experiences and I am thankful He saved me and for his love and mercy.My dream is to sing for him again.And what better place to audition than Tyler Perry Studios.If anyone can help me or direct me on how to do an audition in person or by video.I would truly appreciate it.Thank you so much.May God continue to bless you Tyler Perry and all the wonderful work that You do.Your fan in Florida,Deb!=)

    • Rosetta M Clay #2145392

      A PLAY. How does one get one to the studio? My brother, a retired captain in the marines, I discovered, had written several plays and short stories. As a Afro-American male and officer in the 50's he had many experiences and attributes that went unnoticed. I would like to see his works developed. I have sent the manuscript twice to internet secured addresses in GA and received it back unopened. If Mr Perry read it and commented that would be a beautiful acknowledgement, but I think if he reads it he will want to develop it. Thank you.

  • Angela Hawthorne Crowley, Texas

    Tyler, we love you. I know, you know that your sooooo wrong ending the season like that, it was getting GOOOOD. I know we're all being checked into the hospital from shortness of breath and possible heart attack lol. Can't wait for January my birthday month for the next season. Thanks for If loving u is wrong my next favorite show.

  • Davonta Nelson

    Tyler when give a call that was a sick way to end the season

    • Beulah Winston Salem NC, 27105 #2144082

      Hi my name is Beulah Steele,I saw you on TD Jake Potters Touch,very touched my pastor had had, two strokes in the last three years can't do nothing, for himself right now,but we stand on the word of GOD we know he is Healed. The Manifestation is taking place, my question is November 15th this year In this year we are having a Church Anniversary for them, this is probable something you may never have s chance to do. If any way and GOD say so please join us. At Restoration Christian Fellowship Ministry 8003 North Point Blvd Winston Salem NC, 27106. Thank You. May the Blessing of the Lord continue to be in and upon your life daily.

  • Gertie Ford Ravenel, South Carolina

    Tyler, Tyler, Tyler!! HAHN is beyond excellent! I don't know how I am going to be able to wait for next season! Whooooo! You are soooo gifted and talented!

    • Diane Calumet City, IL #2144092

      What an awesome ending to The HAHN!! Can't wait until January! It's the next day and i'm still excited....May God Continue to shower you with his Love!! :-)

  • latoya pembroke pines,

    Dear tyler perry, Yelling I can't breath, i can't freaking breath. Why tyler whyyy??? Not kandis!!! My heart is broken... crying to myself all b/c of tyler.

  • Javier 265 lavonia Brooklyn new York

    Hi tyler perry I just like to say your soooooooooooooooooooooo funny no lie when your as madea you make me and my grandma Crack up inTyler Perry Movies And Plays‎ I'm 13 years old I'm not that funny but I'm a little but the most part is that I can sing so really it would be a huge deal and honor to work with you to be at least one tylerperry im meab play not shows we have most of your movies and play and some copy of them too. You can call me Harvey keep doing what you doing also we lived newyork Brooklyn 265 lavonia apartment 2C. SO it really big opportunity to be working with such an amazing actor in the world and thank you I hope I can here from you too plus if you want to call our phone number is please this is a once in a life time chance so I hope you will think about no rush or anything and not being rude just letting you know ok thankyou

  • Latoshia atlanta

    hi Mr. Perry.... me and my family look up to you and we love everything that you do from movies to being on talk shows. I have a 7 year daughter that has a lot of talent. people have been telling me to see if u had any open casting calls. so here we are asking you for a chance to let us show you her talent.

  • Ezechukwu Nwagbaraji

    Hi mr perry,thanks for making it possible for me to reach you by the way of comment.when i and my family watched dairy of the mad black woman, we fell inlove with the character madea ,and the person acting madea for being so gifted. since then, i began to search the web to reach you because i heard how talented you are .There is no body in history that has been like you .God bless you and guide you amen. Iam 18yrs old desparate to be an actor. I play foot ball for macmurry college in Jacksonville Illinois. I will be thankful if you can make me part of your team. Sincerely, Ezechukwu nwagbaraji,

  • RaVanda Terry IL.

    TYLER, we are going to miss" THE HAVE and HAVE NOT'S", but knowing your work as I think I do, I will be well pleased. Tonight is the finale to that spicy show on the air. God Bless you for making people talk to each other, it's mostly about your show. I'm in physical therapy and we are talking, in the doctor's office someone is talking about it. It's just a Hot topic that everyone wants to talk about. We know your staff needs a rest but, you got us hooked. GOD BLESS you have a Great rest of the day, in Jesus name.

  • Charles & Dee Johnson Orlando, FL

    For all that you are and all that you do. My daughter the other day made the assumption that she was ugly because of the color of her skin. I sat her down and we watched many episodes of Madea, The Browns, and other shows that you have written and produced. At the end of these shows, some serious cuddling and lots of popcorn she came to the conclusion that black is beautiful and color does not define a person - but the way they treat others and their ambitions and goals in life do. She is now determined to become an actress. She is only seven and heavily cried listening to Viola Davis' well deserved Emmy speech. Who knows? Thanks to you my child may be the next Gabrielle, Taraji or Ms. Viola herself! I am honored! Charles & Dee Johnson Be blessed my friend

  • "Sha" Sharon Renae Dixon Bryant Biloxi, MS

    Tyler production has something else for you. I cooked HAMBURGER HELPER the other night and they want you too put it in this movie I just gave you a few days ago. I believe Dwayne is there somewhere working with them. Thanks big brother Tyler. I love you Dwayne. Tell Simone Hi!

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