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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Douglas a Lyons iam a big fan of yours sent dVirg. Portland Oregon 97216

    Hi Mr parry you are one of my biggest fans iam also a old school Virgo just like you I understand how busy you are but if you have time send me a email iam in to race cars and old classic wish I could put your name on my race iam the fastest brother in Portland Oregon thanks and have a good day

  • Carolyn Payne Orlando, FL

    Hi Tyler, I saw the virtual tour of your studio. Very nice. I love all the work you do. I am a huge fan. Keep up the great work! God Bless you.

  • Dr. Minister Evelyn Mae Benson-Trowsdell Ohio

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry I will be in your town for business August 2 - 6 2016. I would like to book a tour with my 3 children. I am one of your members from mailing list if this would help to identify myself. Thanking You in advance !

  • Doris Barnes, President AFGE Local 1633 Houston, TX

    I would at a the VA Hospital in Houston, TX, I met a police office her name Office Chenier, he has been working on a script for two years now, I would love to see this come to light. If we could come to ATL or you come to Houston, I promise it will be strictly confidential and private business meeting. Awaiting your answer. Doris Barnes President AFGE Local 1633

    • sylvia california #2196257

      Please proof read

  • Fulfill Austin, TX

    Mr. Tyler Perry How are you doing? We would like to know how we could submit some music to you. That could be used for your movies and/or sitcoms. We are a R&B group based out of Austin, TX.

    • Sonja Moore #2196268

      Hello Mr. Perry as u can see my name is Ms. Sonja Moore. I am a LPN/LVN seeking employment with your health team. As I believe you would have an immediate team on your sets or at your disposal. How can I go about applying for a position. Sincere Sonja

  • REM II Indianapolis,Indiana

    Wow,I just took the virtual tour, and your studio has the WOW FACTOR,I have worked at 20th Century fox,Warner Bros Studio,Culver City ,Disney Studio ,Carolco in North Carolina ,and your studio ,is geared for both the talent and crew .It is simple beautiful with a serene and strong ,@Spiritual Connection,that All the fire mentioned studios lack.Great job!

  • Adrienne D. Wimbush Atlanta, GA

    Are you actually affiliated with the Facebook page "Official Tyler Perry Studios Extras Castings @OfficialTylerPerryStudiosExtrasCasting?" Just wondering since it doesn't have the blue checkmark next to the name.

  • Delana Henry Chicago, IL

    Mr. Perry, my daughter (DeJazmin James) has to be your biggest fan of all times. My daughter has a learning disability but she is one of the admins on a FACEBOOK HAHN group page. We are taking a trip to Atlanta this Friday, July 15-19, 2016. I was wondering if she could possibly meet you and take a tour of your studio. I am sure this will mean the world to her. Thank You, Delana Henry

  • Bachir Diawara NewYork

    Hi Mr Perry I've been following you in the movie industry since longtime ago I'm an African born and raise in Senegal I speak several different languages I come in US for studying but for some reason a couldn't continue but i found my self a Job and now I'm a cook in a famous place between 145th and St Nicholas in NY I always been interest by the show in general since i was in my country and i used to be a manager of a designer and right now I'm working on creating my own clothing line hundred percent African and i also record a song where I'm singing in different languages Well I'm looking for somebody like you to give a hand Thank

  • Esther Lee Gift/the Unknown Artist San Diego, California 92101

    Good Morning, Mister Perry! Thank GOD for another day of life. Pray for my family. We buried my Baby Brother (C.B. Sanders Senior) in Fort Wroth at the Veteran's Cemetery, Monday. He was an African History Teacher, who graduated from Bishop College in Dallas, Texas. Sure miss him, as you did your mom. Thanks for being a friend. I sold one of my paintings for twenty-dollars, last month and some coloring books. May I place your picture that I drew in one of my coloring books? Thanks for listening to me. A friend, always, Esther Lee Gift/the Unknown Artist. Do not work, too hard. I did not know that the Potter's House was in Dallas. Got to see this accomplishment. Guess I will go to my church home, Saint Stephen's with Bishop George McKinney, where I was baptized, again, under the water. Formerly a catholic from Saint Peter Claver Academy w hen I could not go to the white schools in the fifties. The Have and the Have Nots is really getting good. Watched that, last night at my daughter's, Terri and her husband, Marlon's home in Odessa, Texas. Will be going home in a couple of weeks to our fam bam (family re-union). See Ya! 10:01 am 7/13/2016 Hope we have a gbood meal at the senior center, here in Odessa, today.

  • Tiffany K Birmingham,AL

    Hello Mr. Perry. I would just like about five minutes of your time. I have a WONDERFUL DINING EXPERIENCE that I KNOW will be successful! With a name like yours behind it, I believe that it would be an even greater success. I have everything planned and drawn out. I just don't have the financial backing that I need. In addition to this, I have a few more spin-off ideas that are AWSOME! Please Mr. Perry! Just FIVE MINUTES!!!

  • Laneque Texas

    I just love your energy, creativeness, character, style, and most of all your brilliant mind. I am coming to your studio to meet you one day very soon. I will fly in and I want to have lunch with you. Your an awesome man! Can't wait for that lunch. And I love to eat!!

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