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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Shay Bell meridian,Ms

    The studio is amazing and I would do anything yo visit in person love Tyler thank u and God bless

  • Gladystwo New York

    What a beautiful studio !!!! Good luck

  • Imani NYC/NJ

    Dear Tyler, Tyler Perry Studios is simply a dream come true for all of us. The world was waiting for you and here you are. I always said that once, our "Black Men" get in the game and begin to chart a new course for our future, it was going to be different, dynamic, progressive and overwhelmingly successful - and that is what you represent for all of us, Tyler. Just wondering if the facility is designed to accommodate short term lodging - and if so, what is the cost of the accommodations? As far as I'm concerned we were a wounded people who never received an apology, reparations, or therapy. You, Tyler is just what the doctor ordered - speaking truth to power - helping us heal! Thank you. Peace, Love, & Imani. God Bless You, Always.

    • quantilicia omaha,nebraska #1933947

      thank you for everything your movie is amazing you are my inspirationtyler perry

  • Cherry Southaven MS

    Tyler I would love to get a personal tour of your Studio one day! It is beautiful. I never had the time nor the courage to write until a few years. ago!! :0) I'M A. SCI-FI FAN! My dreams are vivid and in 3-D so I write about my what I've dreamt! And I've had some goodones! ;0)

  • Connie Taylor Marietta, GA

    Hey Tyler, that studio is a masterpiece, now what if someone wants to tour it in person?

  • Mamie Plainfield, NJ

    Hi Tyler, Look what the Lord has done! your are bless and highly favored, I watch just about all of your movie's or TV programs. And I also saw you and Oprah Love you both, on one of TD Jakes sermons. I love TD Jakes & his Wife Serita they truly bless my soul, praying that God will bless me one day to be able to visit his Church the Potter's House. I'm a single mom, with a son in Graduate school, it can be done. God has blessed me to play / beat / a Tambourine, you just got to hear it to believe it. when you are doing those Christian play's and singing those songs ohhhhh MG, you just can't sit in your seat . I make that Tambourine walk, talk, sing, & shout. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • shae dallas,ga

    Hey, I have a huge favor! We need a sponsor to get West Cobb Xplosion 10.*AND UNDETto World Championship in Panama City Beach Fl in July. Please help us. we would love for you to come to some of our games I can email you the when's and where's! So you can see how awesome these girls Are, Thanks!

  • JACQUELINE BIGGS shelby, ms

    Hi Tyler, Just wanted to let you know that the play at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Tn was a blast! I really enjoyed the play! The cast was great,Momma Hattie was hilariously funny. This was my first play and it was worth the cost. It was our church women ministry outing and my birthday weekend celebration. Had a wonderful time--only thing missing-MADEA--WAS HOPING YOU WOULD BE THERE! Nonetheless, keep doing what you're doing-relaying the message of God and making it fun while you receiving it. Thanks ! Last but not least, tell your cast in h*** has no fury than a woman scorn--Great Job! The singing and the acting was excellent!

  • Yvonne Staten Island, NY

    Hi Tyler Just read your email and I think it is terrific that you undertook this subject matter. So, don't worry about the negative. Your huge plus is that you followed your heart and you took it upon your self to make this film and there is no negative that can cancel that positive!!! Congrats, looking forward to seeing it and most important...Tyler, always follow your heart, otherwise you wouldn't be you!

  • Rhonda loganville GA

    Mr Perry. I am a single mom who raise three boys by myself and Ive experience all the drama of being alone. I have a voice that I will love to share with you am not done with my sons yet. But I do not a penny more to go on. I know God did not give me this voice to go to waste. So am asking for an oppotunity to sing for one of your productions.please give me a reply. I live here in Georgia in a motel. My # is

  • Jeanette Clinton, Maryland

    Awesome! Can't wait to visit one day with my daughter Kianna, aspiring Model, Actress, Singer & Dancer.

  • C. Edward Minor Omaha, NE

    would like to submit a manuscript for my new novel 'Oops...I've Come Undone' how would I go about doing that?

    • Aven Toronto #1933635

      It will be an answered prayer to have Tyler Perry attend our movie premiere "WIND from AFRICA" on May 17 in Toronto. Thanking you in advance for attending.

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