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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Lavunda "cookie" Anderson Lansing,Mi.

    Very beautiful and inspiring Studio Tyler

  • Ratiya Allen Thomaston, GA

    Beautiful studio! I would love to visit or even be a part of it one day. Your a wonderful person and I look forward to seeing many more of your works of heart!

  • Deontae Daniels Dover,DE

    Hello Mr Perry, My name is Deontae Daniels coming from Dover,Delaware and I always wanted to start a acting career. I am 22 years old i go to school for Medical assisting and i recently just came from Atlanta on a mini vacation. I pray to get the chance to start off by working for you. I think it will be a great start and a new beginning for my life.

  • Konia Haynes Summerville, South Carolina

    I Really Enjoyed Seeing Single Mom Club

  • ACR Houston

    Mr. Perry, I just read some of the reviews for "Single Mom's Club". The reviewers did not specifically tell where the disappointment was, which is not helpful. All I can imagine is that you have set the bar so very high in excellence that the critics’ expect the summit from all your works. Fortunately, the summit will not been determined by those who judge. If they are using box office proceeds as a measure, there again will be impressive but will never be enough money to satisfy some. Your work originates from the fruits of life experiences, both yours and others and is a culmination of creative genius. You blend teachable moments with spirituality, reason, and humor all for the gift of entertainment. As I have said before , you as an artist are the Man of The Year, and last year and next year. Continue to do what you do best. I support your efforts and talent. Remember me and what I have offered over the years, (Check the files). I would love to hear from you personally in a professional capacity. Thank you.

  • Anthony B. Batie America

    I am a freelance screenwriter who have great visions for your sitcoms, and would love too be a part of Tyler Perry Studios.

  • Barbara Washington Augusta, Georgia

    Hi! I'm one of the people that just want to say that you are a jewel to society and I am so happy that God has blessed to you in a mighty way. I have bought all of your movies and plays and when I'm home one of them are forever going in my dvd player. The Lord has blessed me to become 66 years old and I hope he will continue to bless you even more. Keep up the good works but as you always say don't forget to put God first. Love Be Blessed always

  • carlisa Toronto

    Hi Mr Perry, am just gona get to the point.I would love to be in your next movie, I know I have what it take am hard working and love to act, I enjoy what i do, i have a Jamaican background and love what I do and want to work with you on your next movie, would highly appreciate it.

  • NR South Africa

    Oh my God i so love Tlyler's work.I wish i could act on one of his movies one day .May God keep you Tyler and increase your gift every day.keep up the good work.Not only do people lough when watching your shows we also learn a lot about love and life as a whole.

  • Duke Nukem UP YOUR A**


  • patricia Gaborone/ Botswana

    given an oppotunity i will love to meet tyler perry, i am a script writter and an aspiring film producer, though film production is not yet much of a thing in my country i have passion for int and i intend of reachng maximum level. Tyler has always been my role model, and a scale for me to reach wherei wana go. wish i could meet and share my ideas one day. though i know it can never be possile but only if wishes were horses,

  • maelyn United States

    I have a movie about the Debarge family i would like for u to do, especially on their brother tommy, all about incent and their father, bunny wrote a book on it called The Kept one, n their mother wrote a book to called Other Side of pain, Love meeting with u and I do love the studio, U r a God sent, I will c u in person, soon, Thanks for reading and listening to Jesus, I am on twitter, facebook one of ur fan :) My Phone number is my offifce is my other email address is

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