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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • keon childress fort worth

    dear tyler perry my name is keon known to everyone else as ki ki there are several other comments but i believe mine could change both of our lives. Mr. Perry i am 36 i just lost my mother this pass september. When i lost my mother i lost everything house cars and myself. I could not find my mothers insurance policy so we were left with funeral cost. Right now i am homeless i have moved to at least 4 different homes family membes have turned me down ribht now i just moved to my grandmothers who does not want me hear treats me like im a stranger. Mr perry i need help the last house i was at i believed someone was violated and it coulda cost me my life are my freedom i have been through so much i hate to beg but if you would just give me a chance i would not let you down i am writing a book about my life but between me lookin for shelter and my job shut down i dont know what to do i sing and write i do a little hair i attended cosmtology school back in 1999 but my passion is my music my best friend is music i am not looking for sympathy but i am looking for a way out you ever been goin through so much at one time so fast u feel like you are about to crack up God is the one who keeps saying go to tyler perry iv watched you for so long you have helped people from my hometown like tamela mann and david man i have sung with kirk franklin in high school at OD wyatt back in the 1 i plan to leave fort worth to come to your studio my back is against the wall i am a believer in god my father and i am moveing in the direction he is sending me all i can say is help me Mr Perry my number is

  • David Beatty Princeton,Wv

    Amanda Buchanan is a very talented young lady who works with actors and models for Christ... She is a bi-racial multi-talented young lady from WV...She is an exotic looking young lady who will be in Orlando soon...She is raising two children ,one with special needs, and hold down a full time job while trying to follow her dreams!!! She knows your story and is trying to make the dream come true.... Get a rep. out to see her....You will not be disappointed!!! Thank You

  • janene United States

    My name is Janene Shipley aka ms. Facts I along with two children were shot in Chester pa on May 21 2016 one child died. In Chester we are under fire and I need help with getting the stop snitching motto out of our youth! As well as stop the violence respect each other motto within our youth! Please call or text me @ no youth no future

  • Chantel Clark-Fortunat New York

    I want to thank you for this vision of a dream fulfilled... Viewing the video of your studio is awe aspiring.. Its a glimpse of the possibilities of God, Faith and hard work.. I am so inspired! I Thank You

    • Lisa Plaisted Dover #2189850

      TYLER IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TOME IF I COULD MEET John On MY Birthday which is June 21 or in 13 days it would be so cool if you could make thatpossible

  • Ruthie Chisolm Yonkers, NY

    Mr. Perry, What a beautiful place work each day. I have spent my working years as movie publicist in New York City (Warner Bros Films) Nothing in New York compares to what you have built in Atlanta. A place to work and Pray. God is AWESOME! I hope I can visit your studio one day. Your employees are BLESSED!

  • Jessie Cleveland Birmingham

    I wrote an inspiring autobiography about my life and really need your support. The name of my book is The Life of Luxurious is an inspiring book about a country girl that learned how to trust the unseen God regardless of the situation and the patience to keep God first. I desire to have my story transformed into a film or movie with your help. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a blessed day.

  • Juliette Gosier Morrow Ga

    Oh my God Mr. Perry, first and most important lets give honor to God who is ahead of our lives'. Mr. Perry I will just like to thank you for being such an inspiration in my life, being able to laugh,laugh,laugh that is right up my alley, I lost my son, May the 30th made three years and I thought I couldn't pull through but,from the help of God, and being able to watch your shows doing me a lot of good....I love you Tyler keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.

  • Susie Nacogdoches Texas

    Hello Mr Perry I would like to say I love everything you do. Which is why I'm hoping you would make a movie about who and what we were before slavery. About the great king's and Queen's of Egypt which is Africa. Or maybe even the life and death of our saver Jesus Christ. I truly believe you would make it great. The casting for it only you could truly pin point the right actors. THINK ABOUT IT if you haven't all ready

  • Sheena Barrett Greenville

    Tyler Perry listen you have been through alot and have made it through but you still struggle through life. I no we would love to meet you. Keep doing what you do.

  • sherone rankine Jamaica

    Good day i am seeking some assistance from. Your campany i am living in Jamaica you can contract me at 5 my house was burn down

  • Tony proctor irvington,nj

    Wow.studio tour on this site is awesome.i love it.i wish I could be an extra in a play or movie one day be I get to old. I'm 45. I work for United airlines.been with company for 24 years to date.i hope to be able to come to Atlanta one day to see the studio in person.

  • esperanza Adelanto ca

    I would like to be interviewed for a play or movie tyler please call me

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