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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Carolyn Tulsa, Ok

    I am coming to see your play when you come to Tulsa on 03/11/2016. I would love to meet you. Since my birthday is on that day, maybe you will make an old ladies dream come true. I hope to see you there. Even if you do not see me. Love all of your plays and movies. I just wonder how you keep coming up with all of these characters. Keep it coming and keep doin what you doin. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Stay Blessed.

  • Amanda Garnett Atlanta, Ga

    Currently watching House of Payne like always, still funny. " Animal " came back to Atlanta from the Army and was speaking with Calvin about seeing his driver being killed I'm front of him while on deployment. I noticed his uniform was very wrong. His rank patch was up sign down, he was wearing a deployment patch, his collar was up and sleeves rolled up while on leave. It is sort of odd looking at things like that because if I seen him in person, I would be offended. I'm sure it was not done intentionally. I believe Mr. Tyler Perry is a phenomenal man. Watching that episode was just an eye opener.

    • Amanda Garnett Atlanta, Ga #2173871

      Few typos..! Sorry , new phone. Lol I promise I do have some sense

  • Monika andrews Atlanta ga 30310

    Hey how you doing. Tyler perry. I always wantee to meet you. I heard some of your life story and i am gone buy your book so i know how people come from a life without and become wealthy. I need some guilded to be successful. I have six kids single mother. It is hard atlease that is what i think. I wanna be better for me amd my kids. I also wanna help people amd give to people in need even if it is my last. I love helping people but i need to work on myself to. I jist ask you for guided.

  • Robin Long branch no 07740

    Iam really sorry but yes I like Taylor perry movies but no he has no rite to do movies he Nos nothing about it's not fair to me or to the other people that have lived the h*** episode out in real life especially me and Iam steel living this movie out Iam a single mother of 3 but lost my older daughter to my cousin just because I couldn't afford the finner things in life but yet I still have my middle baby and my one yr old!! And unless Taylor you don't no about what's it's like in being a single mother please stop making movies about what you don't no because it's a slap in the face to mothers like me that's still going threw what you made a movie about!! MR DEEDS ! And ain't no Prince Charming comming reducing me and my two daughters from social services waiting to just take my babies from me!! I no you make movies but from now on can you at least hire a real life woman and her children to play the role instead of already actors and actress who already have MONIES!! Durt duh Durt! Thank you mr perry and God bless you and all your loves ones in Jesus name I pray Amen Robin Brooks

  • Edie banks Pittsburgh,pad

    Dear tyler when will u have a casting in my city I enjoyed madea on the run I sing also you inspire me more when I am in concert.you sent Me a pic yrs.a couple yrs ago of you and your black lab love u very much be blessed

  • Minnie Webster Columbus, GA

    Dear Tyler, I have relocated to be closer to your studio. Tyler, are you looking to hire any new coming faces for the studio or perhaps your TV shows? I'm pretty great when it comes to acting. I'm a very quick learner, and a j*** of all trades. If you'll give me chance, I can prove myself to you. Thanks you, Minnie Webster

  • Kerry johnsonl Riverdale ill

    To Tyler Perry,I am a licensed professional cosmetologist seeking employment in your studio. I have over 20yrs experience. I Love what I do. I'm very good at it also. I'm willing to start at any level you would be willing to start me.

  • Rachel Foster Grenada, MS 38901

    Tyler maybe someone will see this and tell you what it said. I'm writing you to tell you of the abuse I continue to suffer from at the hands of different citizens in my country.Silently and out in public it is unbearable at time. For some reason I can not get a job when I want one. I am off and on government assistance constantly, nobody seem to know or care about my feelings and this secret h*** that has been bestowed upon me from some invisible force for eight years now. I ask you to give me a job as a writer if you can just contact me as soon as possible, Rachel .

    • CHARLENE 20735 #2173696


  • Cynthia Skief Houston Area

    Good afternoon Mr. Tyler Perry! I am so honored to write to you after viewing so many of your movies and hearing your powerful testimony. God has given me a BIG VISION and I only feel safe sharing it with like mined visionaries who believe in BIG DREAMS. I can't hardly wait to hear from you. God bless you!

  • Hamida Tualatin, Oregon

    Hello Mr Perry what a honor it truly would be to meet you in person! I keep praying and hoping that some day you will take the time to meet me. All your movies and TV shows are remarkable. You are a remarkable man! All you're movies has touched me in lot of ways! You also is my inspiration in so many ways! As I close by saying one last thing. I've been trying to get in a movie cast of yours for many years now haven't seem to have any luck. Most importantly I would there honor of you helping me write a Biography Book about myself! Please help me it's been my long time dream to do so.

  • Amira new jersey

    Hello, my family is planning a trip from New Jersey to Atlanta at the end of March. We are huge Tyler Perry fans. My question is, do you provide tours of the studio. My son is 10 years old and that is all he keeps asking about, are we going to see Tyler Perry Studios? So I just want to know do you all provide tours of the studio. Thank you in advance for any information you may have. Amira Singleton

  • Angel Terron Fl.

    Hello Mr. Perry It's always a pleasure being able to reach out. I first net you while on set of Diary of a man Black woman. Thank you again for the great experience. I've since become an author and script writer. My comment is... I've been very intrigued on the life and death of Jesus Christ. I have a modern day concept script on this story. A lot of my friends really don't know or understand the bible, so I thought it would be great to create a modern day version of Jesus. I'm very passionate about my work and my writing is a gift. I believe that God wants this story to be told. I started writing March 1. and I see this whole story coming to fruition. I feel as though I am being a witness to others and helping them understand the bible and how and why Jesus died for us. I would really like to present this to you. I heard a voice and it told me to keep pushing this story and don't give up. Angel

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