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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Andrea Atlanta, GA

    Wow, a few months ago when I decided to pursue an acting career I stated "I'm going to be on a Tyler Perry show", little did I know that it'll be the FIRST set that I would be a part of! I thank you all at the Tyler Perry studios for the opportunity that I had and I definitely look forward to MORE. I would even love to work there at the studio rather it's acting or not. The environment was lovely. Keep up the awesome work Tyler Perry AND staff, you all are amazing !!!!!

  • norma's bath and body United States

    And By the Way, I LOVE your Beautiful Studio. you GO!!!!

  • norma United States

    Tyler Perry, I am Soooo o Proud of you! you are truly a Hard working, and DOWN to EARTH kind of Man. I love that. and you give God all the Praise in all that you do! I Just seen a Video of you that was done a few years back on FB about you telling others on how to be a "Success." you said by Gods Grace. and to Focus on one Thing. remember that? Well I have been in Small Business since 2004. and it's HARD work. I still work from home and have Big Dreams. and there has been many times I've wanted to Quit. the Lord has Blessed Me, but Still I am at a Stand Still. I'm asking nothing from you but more Advice. I'm between a Rock and Hard Place. I Cannot quit Now. you are a Blessing! Continue to Be a Blessing to Others! -Norma

  • Roberta Hall Union City, Georgia

    Good morning Mr. Perry. My Uncle has written a book the he would like for you to review could you please send me a mailing address for that department, thank you for your consideration. If you contact me I will give you his information

  • Wendy Mac Powder Springs, Georgia

    Page after page, I just read over the most pathetic display of, I dont even know what word (s) I could use to accurately describe all of the comments I have just read. To all of you who have shamelessly posted publicly on this website and to Tyler Perry, begging for any form of handout. ...... SHAME ON YOU!!! MY GOD, THIS MAN HAS WORKED FOR ALL HE HAS!!! Just a suggestion to you all, GET A JOB, if you still cant make it, GET A SECOND JOB!!! Where is your pride? Yout dignity? Stay off this man's website, making a fool of yourself! !! If he called you tomorrow and said sure I will give you a job, I need my septic tank repaired or my yard weeded by hand. Pulling individual weeds while on your hands and knees...... dont kid yourself and even say you would take the job. The only thing stopping you from freeway ramps and holding will work for food signs is the Southerm heat!!!

  • Cora austin, tx. 78753

    Hello Mr.Perry, my husband of forty one years and I really enjoy all your material that you put out. You are a very talented person. We would like to visit your studio in person and meet you and Madea. Would you please email us and let us know if you can make this happen? Thank you and keep up the good work. May God Bless You!

  • Noelle Alabama

    These people are serious with these post people don't really care that you are only human. Help these people that are starving in our own neighborhoods. I am 27 and we are loosing all of our black leaders with no one trying to continue to push because the struggle isn't over. Why not ask about any programs or something we can do to provide in our own community. We still are on limits with them even if you are black with money that's why when we get to where we want to be we have to continue to shout.

  • Jai'Da Hickey Albany, GA

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry and Staff, I am 17 years old coming from a Single Mom household of three. I would love for you to watch the play that I will be performing in. The play begins July 25th and ends Aug. 2nd. Look out "Tisha Campbell" :). I will be playing her role.

  • Michael Dorian Califorina

    How may I summit a stage play for your review?

  • vanessa wilson nc

    Hi Mr. Perry! They say u r a way maker! I'm a 49 old single mom of three grown men ages 32,28,27! My family says I'm nothing n A will never have nothing! Can u help me prove them wrong?

  • Terrell McCoy Raleigh NC

    Mr Perry, how are you doing I'm Terrell. I listened to a facebook video that was posted with you saying do one thing and continue with it and plant the seed and believe and keep on believing. I have a t-shirt company that I started but of course it's small and hard to get people to believe in what I'm doing. I have several custom designs that are christian based and I have sold many. I was hoping you could give me some information on how to get this shopped to stores that would benefit from my products. I know if the right people see it they will like my product. Please respond with some information if you would please. I would love for you to even see my shirts and see if you like them and would possibly consider wearing one of my designs or use some in your events.

  • lou United States

    Would like a job

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