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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Deborah Smith Beaumont Texas

    I will get to the point, I would like to know if you would buy me a car to go to Church and to take my 82 year old mother to her doctor appointments, by now you must think I'm crazy but I'm not, you came to mind and nothing beats a failure but a to tryer. Call me at . I will be waiting on a call from you one way or another thanks and God bless you no matter what

  • matovu osman makubage Africa Uganda kampala

    Hello Tyler man you an inspiration to me they used to tell me you can ,t write ,direct ,produce and act in your production i told them Tyler has proved us wrong keep up man

  • Dejon brown Edmond, Ok

    You probably won't ever see my comment, but if there's any possible chance I can try out for your up coming TV show 'To close to home'. I would love that. I don't care if I get it or not. I currently don't have a home or family. Just something on my bucket list .

  • Tammy Craven Dalton, GA


  • Dotene Stephens Corporate

    Mr. Perry, we would to discuss with you, our involvement with the City of College Park and am interested in your continued interest in South Atlanta. Respectfully, Dotene E. Stephens ....pls google me!

  • Rodney D Sewell Sr Thomasville, Ga. 31757

    Hi Dr. Perry, I am a 63 yr. old Pastor and am determined to not leave this life as an "also ran". I refuse to be mediocre in running this race, but I must finish strong. My course is to address the institution of Marriage. Most boys and girls have no dad to instruct them and the waters are being muddied a lot lately. I wrote a book in 2006 entitled, "Marriage 101" and would like to read in myself onto cd in a studio, so as to have soft music accompaniment. I have limited funding, but many will listen in their cars. Please, can you help me. Society can be turned, but healthy, strong arriages are key to this being done. Thank you for your kind attention.

  • Harry Chimwemwe, Kitwe, ZAmbia.


  • Tam S. Covenant House Ga. East Point . Ga

    God Bless you Tyler Perry. Something has been hinting at my spirit for quite some time. I just want to say thank you for all that you've contributed to Covenant House Ga youth homeless shelter. I was one of those youth at one time and now im a little bit older. I moved from up north from an abusive relationship at a young age. I had been following you so much that when I found out that you had supported covenant house ga which was my first time hearing about , I decided to leave that abuse and take my chances on a greyhound bus since this was a program that you had supported I knew that I would be safe. I want to say thank you!!! After being homeless God blessed me with a great career through YearupAtlanta. A non profit career center that pays you to go to school. After 5 years , that career has come to an end. There would be nothing more to make my dreams come true then to work and do a great job with Tyler Perry Studios. I worked in corporate for a while and will not let you down.!!! Please get in touch with me I have applied on the site to no avail. Please .Thank you.

  • jessica kelly United States

    Hi Mr.Perry, I know you hear this alot but I truelly am a big fan of yours. We are all fortunate it enough that god blessed you with the talent he has. Your movies helped bring me light during the darkiest times in the last couple years. My daughter was 4 when she was diagnosed with ODD,ADHD,SENSORY N IMPULSE CONTROL ISSUES. Children with ODD pick one authority figure in their life. She would hit kick punch pull my hair n bite(resulting in a tetanus shot). She even broke my windshield. In 2014 things got worse. She had 7 police reports n 2 pyschistric hospital. Doctors were pushing for a long term hospital. So the next day I quit my job waitressing to live on $379 a month. At that point I could focus all my energy n fight for my child. With a counslor for her n a parenting coach for myself. It was hard work n when things got so bad i would turn to your movies n it made me laugh. I have learned I would not trade the hard part in my life because it taught me alot about myself. I hopefully will be enrolling in college in Sept. God bless you for getting me through. I may be broke and have lost alot n gone without alot I know things will work out. Xxxxxx!

  • Alexis Sears Tuskegee

    I absolutely love all of your work!!! I have watched your movies and plays numerous times. I currently am unemployed taking care of my mom in my home. It is my honor to be able to take care of her. The only down fall to it is she is on a ventilator which goes off at random times, which means we can't go and enjoy a movie or a play because it would disturb others. My mom is able to get out and go where ever she wants as long as I am with her. Unfortunately she can not be left alone, which again is fine with me because I am so blessed to still have my mom. Anyway I have written all of this to say, my mom is really starting to enjoy your plays and movies also. I have not seen my mom smile like this in a really really long time.

  • Jalen Chesapeake Virginia

    Hi Mr.Tyler Perry I'm a 10 year old I'm good singer Acting and Dancing I never did dance lessons I learn dances my self I'm so good If you ever have. Movies I could do it I'm a good at everything I want to show u how good I am I'm crying writing this because I'm so good I love all the movies I play a boy or girl in a movie I just want u to come see me please. I been waiting for this day since 3 years old I swear

  • DeAsia Whitten Lorain, OH

    Hello Mr Perry! My name is DeAsia Whitten and I am 14 years old. Every since i was a toddler i have wanted to be an actress. I know. Its every little kids dream; but i feel that i can really succeed. I sing and dance as well but for some reason acting stood out to me. Im still learning but im really coming along. I feel that if i put my mind to it, i could be a big success in your company. Thank you for the consideration!

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