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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Christine Monty Out and about

    Raisin in the sun staring kristian Kordula of the Have and have nots Instagram, twitter and face book. the haves and have nots Own TV,com.

    • C Monty Out and about Love you Stevie N W Florida Beaches #2196735

      I just call to say I love you: Stevie Wonder

    • C Monty Out and about #2197604

      The Weekend Movie: Brewster Millions You tube

    • C Monty Out and about #2199361

      Diana Ross Live from Caesars Palace You tube

    • C Monty #2200131

      Doing time on Maple Drive You Tube

    • C Monty #2201280

      The Women of Brewster Place You Tube

  • Treece Clay Atlanta, Georgia

    I just want to say, that I was born and raised in SW Atlanta and to actually see what you have done with that area is simply AMAZING, nobody but GOD, could give such a vision and to watch it all evolve in my home town, again AMAZING, how can I be apart of something so wonderful.

  • Andrew Wilson 96706

    Hello Tyler, hope you and yours are well. Question? I'm a screenwriter as you know it's hard getting stories produced no matter what walk of life is telling it. I write from the soul and crom the imagination. I love the old style of movie with a beginning muddle and end. Im telling a story of the voiceless and yet my voice has been muffled. I'm not saying im perfect at writing but i can tell 1 h*** of a story. Link me breddren. Heller.

  • C Monty Out and about

    Major cross up in Turkey: Attempted over throw

  • Robin Hagerstown MD

    Just wanted to say Hi..I enjoy the letters that you write to your fans on the mailing list. I really like your movies, tv shows, etc. I Hope you have a great week or should I say weekend. Take care of yourself...God bless...

  • pamela Williams 134e hazel st 4 ingeles ca 90302

    Hi mr perry my husband have a movie he would like for you to read I would like for you to send me a address to send it to or you can feel free to call

    • Natasha Faison Mount olive nc 28365 #2197397

      Hi my name is natasha faison from a small town.would love for you to check out my singing video on YouTube. Natasha faison(gods gift).thanks in advance.may God bless you

  • Derrick Parks Cleveland, Atlanta

    Fellow Virgo, college educated black male seeking critique of 5 unique game show ideas utilizing intellect and comedy...award winning ideas need an expert opinion.

  • Renee' La Viness Broken Arrow, OK, USA

    I'm not sure why I'm writing. I found myself on your site and have enjoyed it. (Thank you.) Life is great. Keep up the good work!

  • Douglas a Lyons iam a big fan of yours sent dVirg. Portland Oregon 97216

    Hi Mr parry you are one of my biggest fans iam also a old school Virgo just like you I understand how busy you are but if you have time send me a email iam in to race cars and old classic wish I could put your name on my race iam the fastest brother in Portland Oregon thanks and have a good day

  • Carolyn Payne Orlando, FL

    Hi Tyler, I saw the virtual tour of your studio. Very nice. I love all the work you do. I am a huge fan. Keep up the great work! God Bless you.

  • Dr. Minister Evelyn Mae Benson-Trowsdell Ohio

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry I will be in your town for business August 2 - 6 2016. I would like to book a tour with my 3 children. I am one of your members from mailing list if this would help to identify myself. Thanking You in advance !

  • Doris Barnes, President AFGE Local 1633 Houston, TX

    I would at a the VA Hospital in Houston, TX, I met a police office her name Office Chenier, he has been working on a script for two years now, I would love to see this come to light. If we could come to ATL or you come to Houston, I promise it will be strictly confidential and private business meeting. Awaiting your answer. Doris Barnes President AFGE Local 1633

    • sylvia california #2196257

      Please proof read

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