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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Kai Ijeoma Berry Memphis, TN

    Hey Mr. Perry! My name is Kai and I just got accepted into Clark Atlanta University. My major will be Film and Video. I thought it would be a great experience and opportunity if I would become an intern for you at your Atlanta studio. I love all your work. You and Oprah will always be my role models. Love/Peace!

  • Gjoe The plains ohio

    Hi tyler, my name is gjoe and i am a author. I love your movies, they hearting touching,intresting,entertaining and i learn alot from it. I am your biggest fan. I will love to talk to you oneday i will love to turn my book to movies but till then one love.

  • Jamara why does this website need a location

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, my name is Jamara. I have seen many of you movies, and I must say. Your Madea movies are hilarious. I've watched all of them and really enjoy them. I'm looking forward to watching the movie ''The Passion'' tonight! All of your movies and shows I enjoy, so I know I will enjoy this movie. You are very inspiring and inspire many ; including me. So keep on inspiring and entertaining, and God bless you and your family, Sincerely, Jamara

  • Trisann Miami Gardens, Florida

    Hi Tyler I plan to visit Atlanta, Georgia in June 2016. I want to know is the Tyler Perry Studios open to the public for tours?

  • Loretta Charoltte n.c

    Hello my name is Loretta I am a big fan of yours. I'm a singer and I'm the comedinian of my house,work, every where I needed to work and talk with you around my house they call me retta Madeas cousin you are coming to Charlotte April24 trying to get some back stage pass so you can meet me I will be at the show

  • gwenjwilliams indianapolis ind

    he yt here ilove thestio you have and how about atour of the manison of yours ok;;when you get time ok; ;wow ;well ok;

  • Glenn E. Morgan Jr. Detroit, Michigan

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry! Greetings from Detroit. The bottom line is that God is good and I shall have the opportunity to work with you. However, I have work to do on myself. Just keeping it real. be blessed!

  • gLORIA BRONNER Bedford ohio

    Hi Mr Tyler, Its me, Gloria. I am happy about your new studio. Its amazing. I am in between jobs right now.If you need a project manager let me know. I maybe getting a contract or job soon so act fast. I am in school for doctoral and so I've been up long nights doing research papers. So if you or anyone you know needs my expertise call me .I'm on FB/Linked-in. Meanwhile Ill be raising funds fo rmy new project for domestic violence and am building aor buying a INN for women to house temporary and to help them get back their soul by giving counlsling( Christian) and coaching and access to resources for job related Have a great day, Gloria Bronner MPM,MPA...... PS....yes Bishop Dale Bronner is my cousin. He was in one of your movies

  • Jacquelyn ballentine Pulaski, Tn

    Hello! Just wanted to stop and say that I love your work. You are a huge inspiration to me, you have a brilliant mind and a wonderful spirit. Seeing your work gives me so much hope, I'm from a little town and its hard being noticed here especially being a young, black talented female!! But when I look at you and everything you've done I know that one day I will make it to where I want to be in life! I think ... I KNOW that I am very talented, I sing, dance, act, and just love to laugh and be silly. Even though sometimes I have my doubts, I believe I will make it far, because I have you to look up to! You are amazing! Thank you.

  • Robert Johnson St.Louis Mo

    I am proud of you sir and may God continue to bless you thank you for the best entertainment of our times.

  • Viola Williamson Waynesboro, Ms 39367

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, Please take a look at my baby boy Taurean Williamson (Taurean la'Del), he is a muliti talented young man who needs a start in life, and I know you are a person that believe in helping young people. May God continue to bless you. Viola Williamson

  • Natisha Pittman Greensboro NC

    Rhonda D****** is the writer and Shasta Montgomery of the play Dirty Laundry.

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