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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • PJ Morton Ms.

    I love your movies and plays may God continue to blessed you. I am waiting on another Why Did I Get Married with Janet and the Rock getting together.

  • barbara bryant bailey dayton ohio

    tyler perry you are a blessed man for helping others may God bless you and keep you in peace . thank you A woman that loves God the father and JESUS the SON AMEN

  • Audrey Cunningham West Palm Beach, FL

    Hello Mr. Perry, First and foremost, I would like to commend and congratulate you for your many, many successes and accomplishments as an outstanding actor, author, screen and playwright, producer, director, songwriter and especially for being a very loving, humble, compassionate, thoughtful and caring person. The Lord has blessed you with tremendous gifts and talents. Thanks for sharing them with us and the world at large. Mr. Perry, I have a great true life story that I would love to have the opportunity to share it with you as soon as possible. I strongly feel that it could possibly make into a worldwide blockbuster movie and book. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • KC McDonough,GA

    I am so inspired with the behind the schenes virtual touch of your studios. Congratulations on your success and many more to come. I have had this saying for years, to "All Believe",words that I have thought myself as well as my 16 year old son. I enjoyed seeing the slogan, phrased with the word believe. I have had this idea to celebrate my grandmother of 87 years, she is mother, a grandmother, great-grandmother and a great-great grandmother. She is the producer of our generation, and for that I would love to celebrate her. I have a movie idea I have been working on, I hope you can help to embellish my dream, with what I believe could be an amazing movie/show. Think about it.....

  • Sharon Jackson, MS

    I love you baby.

  • Erica Hogan Detroit Michigan

    Tyler Perry, Your studio is awesome! You are a product of many blessings and miracles. I work for Pastor Marvin L. Winans; I've been one of his teachers for 16 years. I would love for you to meet my children; Sloan, Zachary and Zion. I believe they are extremely talented and would be assets to any of your future productions. May The Lord Continue to add to your life. Blessings, Erica Hogan

  • Porsha

    I am interested in working with your company!

  • Willie Harris Atlanta, GA

    I'm Author Willie Harris please visit my website www.whosewill.com

  • Gwendolyn Raleigh

    Wow Tyler it was so awesome seeing you at women's empowerment I was thoroughly prepare to hand over my production and plays however we did not get the opportunity to meet face to face that time will come I look forward to meeting you but until then keep doing what you do.

  • Brie Virginia

    I will like to come to Atlanta and tour the facilities in person with my kids one day.

  • Ben UR MOMMA

    F*** YOU TYLER PERRY!!!!!

    • Lisa United States #1935031

      If you don't like Tyler Perry, why be elementary as post such. Just stay off is page and DO YOU!! I hope you're not of African decent and doing such petty acts . Walk in Peace!!

    • Lisa Atlanta,GA #1935033

      By the way, KUDOS to you Tyler Perry....another job well done!!! I send nothing but Good Energy, God's Grace and 1,000,000 blessing your way. Walk In Peace Tyler.

    • Storm #1935065

      That is very immature of you to post something on his page if you don't have anything nice to say the don't say it at all or don't go his page.

    • Ben Right behind you #1935069

      I'm black as far as you know

    • Laurie Stockbridge #1935126

      Ben: Aww! Poor baby :-( Whatever you’re mad about you’ll get over it. K? Move along now little person. Your race is irrelevant by the way.

  • WP Thomas Raleigh North Carolina

    I went to my first Women's Empowerment and also saw you (Tyler) for the first time. Both an amazing experience. Your stories remind me of my grandmother stories that will forever live within me. Although I have struggle in my life I can now say, "I'm free and I do understand when grandma use to say, "You don't understand now, but someday you will." I NOW understand her story, your story, and NOW my own story. Thanks for all you continue to do.

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