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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • susan sizemore sarasota florida

    Dear Mr. Perry, I have always loved your movies, plays and your message to the young black youth.....but turning something as special as the passion into a political issue is such a disappointment I always said Bill Cosby let us down but thank God for Mr Perry.....that is no longer the case. We have come along way.....to heal the wound is to stop picking the scab

  • Kita Johnson Sacramento

    I must tell you Tyler I was appalled at your passion show last. How can you mock God like that God's word never changes. His word is Everlasting, the Bible is not to be modernized. If you're going to do the passion you're supposed to follow the Bible not putting what you feel you want to put in and feel what you want the following you want to. Follow it when you feel like it. Going get the real passion never cries and watch it. That's what close to Bible leaving no detail on turn. Your should be ashamed of yourself leading people down the wrong path.

  • Shantae Barr Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    Hello Mr. Perry:) Love every movie, play and series you've created!!!! Stay humble and continue to Bless us with your many gifts. Love and Blessings!

  • Edna Gorham-Bey Washington,D.C.

    My Dear Brother! God Bless You! Tyler, just want to reach out to let you know that we have this incredible video that addresses the reality of over incarceration, police brutality, poverty, racism and homelessness in the United States of America. It's the true story of tragedy, love and loss backed up by a slammin' sound track! It's called "THE TRAPP SET FOR THE BLACK MAN!" You must see it Tyler and consider the possibility of making a movie to stir the consciousness and awareness of the world to suggest that we must be pro-active in changing conditions as we know them as NO ONE IS EXEMPT! In the meantime, we must spread the word any way we can! It is a must see as it speaks volumes to the reality that man's inhumanity to man must cease! We'd we honored to send you the link for the video! Let us know if you would like to see it! Keep standing strong and being all that God made you to be! Remember, to whom much is given, much is required! The Preacher's Daughter - Dr. Bey

  • Kathy ann Harris Jamaica new york

    Hello there Tyler Perry, I have watch all your shows and I have finally gotten to see one of your live show. It was so much fun and to watch your organization grow its amazing I would like to ask you for your help for my church with buying a new building the reason that I'm asking you to help me is that this church means so much to me and has bring me and my family a sense of calmness. My daughter's was being bullied at school and she wanted to kill herself so the school said I have to take her to the hospital and she had to stay overnight at the hospital to be monitored and evaluated where she almost gotten admitted to the pystric hospital for further evaluation. One that day I came home and pray and ask God not to allow the doctor to admit her and if she's not admitted I will go back to church. The next day I went back to the hospital she wasn't admitted and as I pray and say I found the church that I'm at now and it has bring my daughter's and me closer. My pastor do so much for the community like a coat drive, a food pantry, a health fair and so much more. We have been raising funds to buy a new building. I'm asking your organization if you can help us raise fund so we can expand our building and give to the community much more. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my post hope to hear from you.

  • Emmett Slay Mansfield, Ohio

    Dear Mr Perry, I've followed you for many years, and I must say its been a blessing. The words of wisdom that, Madea gives to us are life changing. My family, and I thank you for everything. You have been blessed in a way I've never seen. I would like to ask you a very, very serious favor. April 16, 2016 you will be performing, Madea on the run at the state theater in, Cleveland, Ohio. My life is about to change for the better. You seen, God has blessed me with my soulmate, and it would be a great honor if you would take a moment to allow me to propose at on your show. See, she a very special, and unique woman that I love and adore. She's my everything, and we bring the best out of each other. If you could please find it in your heart to make this happen for us we would be forever grateful. And she has no idea. I hope to hear back from you soon, I know your a very busy man, but I would like to thank you in advance. And if you don't get a chance to read this we will still be there, and I may make it happen anyway. Thank you so very much, and may, God continue to bless you.

  • AshlynJames Wilmington, DE

    Thank you.

  • traveon simmons Birmingham Alabama

    Hi Mr Perry it's me again I really need to talk to u I didn't look at passion your new movie but I am sorry about that I enjoyed the other ones I always wanted to be in the movie with u or anything u make if u read this please please contact me email me or inbox

  • Ohemaa Akosua Safowaa Accra/Ghana

    Hello Tyler, you're such a genius and it manifests in your works. I've watched a number of your movies and I love the Madea series. I've watched your series "If Loving You Is Wrong" season one. It's a masterpiece. I've recommended it for broadcasting to the TV station I work with here in Accra Ghana. I would be extremely grateful if you could respond to this so I know how to obtain the broadcast right. Thank you.

  • Cheryl P. Robinson Atlanta, Georgia

    Dear Mr. Perry, The Passion was transformational. I hope it will be shown each year at Eastertime. Further I hope you will consider making copies available for purchase. You have been blessed with special gifts that continue to expand their influence. Thank you for creating this singular vehicle of excellence. Cheryl Robinson

  • Rita Torres Pomona California

    I love your life! You are an inspiration to all who have struggled in life to be self sufficient, to those trying to be a positive contribution in society and to those who are simply on their quest for the pursuit of happiness. Just wanted to let you know that you have many Chicano/Latino fans out here in Southern Cali. My Familia LOVES you... Including the grandma that only speaks Spanish. Better believe I always use you as a perfect example of what happens to people who are resilient, work hard, are passionate and believe in their dreams.

  • Kai Ijeoma Berry Memphis, TN

    Hey Mr. Perry! My name is Kai and I just got accepted into Clark Atlanta University. My major will be Film and Video. I thought it would be a great experience and opportunity if I would become an intern for you at your Atlanta studio. I love all your work. You and Oprah will always be my role models. Love/Peace!

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