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A marriage is one of the greatest institutions in the world. It transcends happiness, laughter and the gift of love. Our culture today is designed to create futile circumstances that are sometimes hard to overcome in marriage. The #1 urban playwright in the country introduces his newest stage production, Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor" to profile relationships that put the quest to the test and tells the story of how in the end "love conquers all" (or makes you smarter.)

However, before you get to the end, Tyler Perry the comedic mastermind of this genre presents stories of the essence of marriage i.e. we love, we trust and we get mad and we compromise! Roger Jackson is a hard working good man, an accountant by profession. He takes care of not only his wife Judith but his weed smokin' pop Stanley and her retired bible totin' mom, TT.

The two parents living in the same household do not get along. Judith, the professional ivy league educated marriage counselor gives marital advice everyday. But she can't get her own marriage together! The scene switches to the married couples seeking advice. Shattered, confused and broken. Dr. Jackson has an answer for them all but a turn of events causes the marriage counselor to need some advice once a certain college friend drops by the office! The surprise twists and turns are unpredictable after that. Who are the real marriage counselors? What makes your marriage sizzle or fiz?

Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor" transforms the art of marriage, life and family with this entertaining experience on stage. It is a reflection of what goes on in married life.The 10th production by Tyler Perry is truly a must see event with new extraordinary singing talent that is amazing. Don't miss the 10th stage production! Mr. Perry, a writer, music composer, producer, director, actor, filmmaker extraordinaire has had 9 successful stage productions and 2 collaborations since 1997 and 5 hit movies; and two TV sitcoms.

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  • Duncan Canada

    another sleazy adultry movie...has hollywood suck to its lowest level yet...the s*** of a marragiage counsellor will break her marraige vows , beg for foregiveness from her husbad, who if smart will throw her out...thats the story in a nut shell...same old hollywood crapola

  • tiffany rhode island

    cant wait to see this movie when it comes out i really do not care that kim kardashian is in in it who cares i love every single movie that tyler perry has made and i will support hm on any decision because at the end of the day i know i am gonna laugh cry and totally connect with the movie like i always do and me my mom aunt and girlfriends will get a great nght out of it going to the movies to see it anyone who is a true fan of tyler perry you know that who ever he cast in his movie it will be great because he is great i love him and all of his movies cant wait!!!!!!

  • Nina Talladega,AL

    Tyler Perry I think you are making a good choice picking Kim for your movie because she is a beautiful young lady. You will forever have me as a fan no matter what choice you make good or bad. :)

  • Amia Evansville In.

    I Love Singing With Lisa When She Sings.. My Mom Thinks I Sing It Just Like Her. Thanks For This Play Tyler :)

  • bruce roanoke va

    i watch this so much that it skips some this is so funny you need to watch it

  • chennel

    MEGA FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chanel

    I LOVE this play!! Definitely one of my favorite Tyler Perry play's. I wish the inspiration that you had in 2005 and 2009 would come back. I haven't really been a fan a the newer movies, and plays...

  • de'haven palmdale

    thts what u call funny .man when floyde jump from them stairs i bust out laugning tht was good also my 10 kids wanted and me and my mom and wife wanted to know are you going to make marrige consuler into a movie :)or(:

  • Tyler

    let's keep it real, the real reason Tyler Perry cast kim k is because she has a lot of followers, i really don't know why because she's not the smartest person and she's not a great role model, but anyway Tyler Perry wants to get a different audience he wants a diverse audience and more money, point blank , o and he wants to get his "message" out to these audiences

  • johnae livin lie 2 tha fullest mcgowin chicago ill

    Love the marriagew counselor . It taught me allot like try to hold on to your marriage and never give up no matter how mad things get. The vowels say for rich or poor and what your husband has isn't probably great as the next but you love anyway NO MATTER WHAT.

  • Lema Stanley Cameroon

    Tyler, you are an amazingly and super hero director of not only good films, but heart touching movies. You make everything live around the world. you give thought, hopes, happiness, just to name but a few. Am happy for you. Keep the good work. God has already seen you through. Forget about what people say. Just keep doing the good work.

  • josias nemutadoni south africa

    Why cant people be happy that Kim K is chosen 4 the part . It was not Tyler Perry s will 4 Kim 2 be on the movie it was gods will . Who are we 2 defy god . To my own opinion KIM did very well . although we are supporters and fans for Tyler we should not put our noses deep in his work because we were nowhere when he was planning the movie . Let us leave the movie job to the proffessionals

    • KD California #1674997

      AMEN! Let's leave the Movie making to the pros, especially Tyler Perry.

    • stockton,Ca #1709242

      I think everyone should leave Kim aloooonmme.Shes obviously doing something right.Just look at her success. Im excited about the new movie tyler perrys movies always touch my heart and I adore kardashian anything.For me this movie is going to be the bomb!