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The year is 2003 and the class of 1953 is having their 50th reunion.

Mabel (Madea) Simmons and Downtown Leroy Brown are old classmates. The setting of the play is the hotel where Madea and all of her classmates are staying.

This play is filled with great singing and lots of laughs as Madea and Brown go at it. Watch the drama unfold as they take a trip down memory lane.

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  • Darryl G. Atl GA

    This Play was Made in 2oo3 on Madea's 50th Class Reunion Next year in 2o13 therefore this play was made 1o years ago and next year will be Madea's 60th Class Reunion you gotta make a movie out of this next year of course we all know there gonna be lot's of comedy (; of course! but you said Tyler that you might make a film about Madea going back to her early days well I think this will be the perfect movie to put that in ,In the Class Reunion they all talk and have flash backs to there younger years in high school.that's gonna be so funny Please Tyler you gotta do it. I can just Imagine Old people together at a Reunion and arguing about what really happen and you take us back to Madea's and her Class Mates Past. Lol Perfect Plot.

  • Hamza Belgium

    Awsome Play

    • tyler #1721275

      i know thats is cool

  • teresa south bend, tn

    For me, this was the funiest of all your movies and plays. You playing the bell hop as well as Madea and Mr Brown were never funnier!



  • makyla kansas cIty mo

    mr.tyler perry you rock I bought all your movIes&plays I hope you wrIte them your whole because meadea rock and so dose mr.brown IlIke the movIe and play of maedeas bIg happy famIly byronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the poopoo It gonna be nockIn at cho door peace and love peace wIth all my heart star

  • Stefon St. Louis,mo

    Hi Mr. Perry, my name is Stefon gunn and I have an important question, would you ever let your plays out to the public? Like if we were to show them on broadway or even a high school play?

    • Bonakele South Africa - Durban #1657792

      Hi Mr Perry I really love your movies and stage plays.Is it possible to have all of your collection as I am In South Africa?I have learnt a lot from your movies and I can't wait for the 30th March for the Good Deeds to be released at the cinemas.May God be with you as you continue to save,teach and bless you abundantly.

  • doran williams 1806 south kneer

    hi mr perry i want to be in your madea plays beacuse i been your fan a long time i was at all your plays and movies and madea is funny old woman and uncle joe need to die i didnt say that brown said that in madea,s goes jail i love you mr perry i am a good boy and i got good grades.

  • darryl st.petersburg

    When will you make a movie out of Madea's Class Reunion ? If you do make a movie out of it in the future PLEASE put ''Hattie'' in the movie that will be so funny!

  • Joshua Allen Anderson, SC

    There was 2 versions of this play, how can we get the other version

    • zack #1658227

      there's only one version

    • Tyair #1746779

      The first version is probably only sold on ebay. The cover looks like Madea graduating but with no color. But the first verison is only an hour long, that's why he really doesn't sell that copy anymore. The copies you see now days is the second copy.

  • juli miami florida

    luv all the movies plays nd shows nd stuff

  • Jordan Christy United States

    Hi, Tyler . I'm 16 I found out about Madea in 2002. And I would have to say Madea's class reunion is my favorite play to date. Something about it just continues to make me watch over and over from time to time. & I notice that this is the only play you haven't made into a movie. Are you saving it for 2013, so it could be like Madea's 60th class reunion and the 20th anniversary. I sure hope so, please don't leave out those dance moves you threw in on the play. Continue to stay bless.

  • lazurus lake city sc

    will u please make a movie for this play im 13 and absolutly love this play please make a movie

    • myiesha mussissippi #1627703


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