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The Stage Play, Madea's Big Happy Family, was written, produced, directed by and stars Tyler Perry.

The story focuses on a middle-aged single mother named Miss Shirley (performed on stage by Chandra Currelley-Young), who has just received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. With the help of Madea, she assembles her grown children (and their significant others) for one final reunion, during which loyalties are tested and unpleasant truths are spilled.

Everything that happens as a result of Shirley's major announcement will either bring the family closer together or tear them apart forever.

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  • bernadette miner mccook,nebraska

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I just got done watching your stage play on dvd and i laughed my head off as usual with all your dvd's. I am not able to to attend the plays live so i enjoy your movies and plays the alternative way. your movies and plays are sit down and think experiences for all who watch or attend. this play really hit me, my dad passed away suddenly on the 21st of july in 2009 from complications of a calluse that caused blood poisoning in his blood which caused his heart to stop. But the bad thing is i never got to tell him that I LOVE HIM AND ALWAYS WILL. I was 10 minutes late, ten minutes late!!!!!!. your plays and movies are inspiring and heart felt be me and all my family now and will be always be that way.

  • Fred Price pueblo, co

    Mr Tyler Perry. I cannot say that I have seen the play. I have seen the movie. I know that the message with in is very strong. And I know the feeling in that message. With in my family my daughter has cancer that can not be cured. Sadly our family can only wait until the day that she passes and is no longer in pain and is in a happier place. Many of your movies have touched our family with the message that you have inspired with in them. I thank you for that. God bless

  • Shan tifton, ga 31794

    I love ALL of Tyler Perry's plays and movies, But this one, it did something to me and for me. The story line was great, the singing was awsome and the message was NEEDED. I have watched this play so many times and I still tear up at the death scene OMG, she sung that song!

  • rusty shaklefert piedmont WV

    madea is my fave of dem all;she are funny

  • Kim Lightford West Philadelphi

    I love this play,it very funny and emotional.

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