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The Stage Play, Madea's Big Happy Family, was written, produced, directed by and stars Tyler Perry.

The story focuses on a middle-aged single mother named Miss Shirley (performed on stage by Chandra Currelley-Young), who has just received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. With the help of Madea, she assembles her grown children (and their significant others) for one final reunion, during which loyalties are tested and unpleasant truths are spilled.

Everything that happens as a result of Shirley's major announcement will either bring the family closer together or tear them apart forever.

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  • Heather Hampton, Virginia

    I got the chance to see this play at the Ted Constance Center in Norfolk, Va and it was AWESOME, I can not wait to see more live plays.

  • Kiki J** south Africa

    Mr Perry I watch all your movies over and over and every time I watch one, seems like am watching for the first time and get parts I didn't know they were there. I felt like I needed to let this go :)

  • Louise flint michigan 48504

    Where do i watch free madea play's?

  • Muriel Rosser Atlanta GA

    Love this play..I know all the characters and all the Lines!

  • Gina

    Man that was the most heartwarming play ever just like diary of a mad black woman

  • Linda Shelton Cleveland, Ohio

    Mr.Perry you are truly a blessing. I just watched Big Happy Family for the 100th time. Not only is it funny, it is so inspirational. I am a 63 year old grad school student and I know how good God is. I appreciate all the great messages and the music....oh my goodness. Best Always, Linda A. Shelton Cleveland State University

  • B

    I watch this play like 5000,000,000 times it is so inspirational and funny Betty Anne Murphy and ! Mabel Simmons

  • Kisha Detroit

    Is there anyway that this play could come back for a second round of tour, I would love to see it again live even though I watch the play a lot I would love to see the play live

  • Larry Jerome Thomas Jr. Peachtree City GA

    Love all of your work Tyler!

  • debbianna cooley mississippi

    I loved the play I watched like a 100 times can you put it online so I watch it on here

  • Thomas Watts(age 11) 109 Berry Street, Fort Mill, SC, 29715

    I thank God for Mr. Tyler Perry, he is the most extraordinary man I have ever seen. I love Madea's plays and her movies, and I thank God that if you need a message you need to go to Madea. I don't know what I will do without Mr. Tyler Perry I would love for you to come see me one day. My address is 109 Berry Street, Fort Mill, SC, 29715. Thank You always in LOVE. Thomas Watts

  • Bernice

    Heaven is Waiting for Me is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and I pray that Chandra will find much comfort in this song, what a blessing to know that Heaven is Waiting for me and for you. Is this song on ITunes

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